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HI i'm fire77 ( well i couldn't think of a better name anyways)
Sex: Male
Location:Best place in Canada...VANCOUVER!
And i'm a nice guy

Well thats all i'm gonna give out bout me, here's some things that i like

Anime i like& Characters&T.V Shows
Inuyasha:Inuyasha, Sango,Shippo,and Kirara(kagome & miroku i'm ok with cept i don't like them that much)
Pokemon:(Is it a game or anime?)Ash,May,Brock,Max(I like the hoenn season)
Cardcaptors:Sakura,Syaoran,Tomoyo,and Eriol
Gundam Seed:Kira,Fllay,Lacus,Athrun,Cagalli
Beyblade:Ray(he rocks! and i don't know why all those people out there write gay stories bout him and and kai or others)
Bleach:Ichigo,Rukia(Is that how you spell her name?),(the girl that tried to kill ichigo for saying shes cute when it was really kon in like episode 5 i think)
Chrno Crusade:Chrno,Rosetto,and the perverted professor( he's funny)
Digimon:Tai,Sora,Davis,Takato,Takuya(all the other characters i like'em too...EXCEPT T.K!..when he's older)
Dragon BallZ:Gohan(all the other charactersare ok)
Escaflowne:Lord Von
Fruits Basket:(can't remeber their names but i like the cat one)
Full Metal Alchemist:Edward,Alphonse
Nedisco:Yurika,(totally forgot his name well its the boy that yurika likes)
Gundam Wing:Duo Maxwell
Pita Ten:All characters
Shaman King:Yoh,Anna,Morty
Teen Titans:Robin,Raven
Characters I hate:Misty(pokemon),Kagome(inuyasha(not technically hate, i just think that inuyasha deserves sango or Ayame)),T.K(Digimon(when hes older)),Tyson(Beyblade)
Pairings I Hate:Inuyasha/Kagome(inuyasha), T.K/Kari(Digimon),Guy/Guy(any stories, same goes for girl/girl), Robin/Starfire(Teen Titans),Raven/Beast Boy(Teen Titans),Raven/Cyborg(Teen Titans),Ash/Misty(Pokemon)

Get ready for my very first story which is called "Hoenn's Life" I hope that all you guys/girls will enjoy it and if you want to give me any ideas please review it so i can make a better one thanx alot


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