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YES! I AM NOT DEAD! And I a new pen-name=D Based off of the oh-so-awesome anime Jigoku Shoujo. =3 Ren pwns you. Alot. -coughcough- Anyways, what I mean to say is, I am SOOO SORRY for not updating any of my stories in sooooo long... But I have horrible writers block on all of them.. X.x Yeah... Uhm, I'm terribly sorry, I know I promised it a LONG time ago, but my email screwed up and I lost the entire third chapter to Things aren't Always What They Seem... And actually, I'm thinking of discontinuing that story for the moment, as I don't know enoygh Harry Potter to do a good job at it. X_x Maybe after I re-read the books I'll take it up again... So sorry to all who enjoyed reading it!

Name: Ozuma. Well, not really, but you don't need to know my real name.
Nicknames: Ozuma(Of course), Alex, Anime-chan, Ted(long story), Shinkai, and Ozzie(Another long story)
Age: 14

Random things that you should know about me:

I WORSHIP the druggies from Gundam SEED, especially Shani, because he is the best thing to ever grace the world with his existance. Yes, I am a fangirl/stalker. What are YOU Gonna do about it! -cough- Uh... yeah... O_o I also LOVE Ichimoku Ren from Jigoku Shoujo, as he is the second best thing to ever grace the world with his existance. Oh yeah, he rules you. I find sane people to be boring, and evil, perverted psychopaths to be interesting. Yes, I have rather odd taste... I have a strange attraction to very twisted, demented characters, such as Envy from FMA, Creed Diskenth from Black Cat, and... well, I don't think I've ever found a twisted, psychotic male character that I DIDN'T Like... Well, Except Azrael, but he doesn't count 'cause he's just creepy. O.OI absolutely LOVE writing(Duh) As well as roleplaying, though I only roleplay on neopets.(I know, I know, it's a kids site. But hey, the boards move fast so it's a nice place to roleplay.) I have a twisted love for torturing my favourite characters, especially Yzak for some reason. I HATE Fllay Allster, and think that she deserves to rot in hell for all of eternity. I also hate Lacus Clyne, and think that she is really an evil robot slave controlled by the haros so that she can take over the world with her awesome influence and total perfect peppy-ness. I mean, come on. How ELSE can she be so perfect like that? Yeah. It's the only logical explanation. Athrun and Kurama fangirls seriously scare me sometimes, especially when they get angry. UHm... Yeah... I'm not the hugfest fan of slash, though I do like a few pairings here and there... -is guilty of being an AsuNicol fangirl- Yeah... ReyGilbert and ReyRau are ok too, in small doses. It just makes sense...I actually LIKE Kuwabara from YYH... DON'T KILL ME! hides Uhm... yeaaah... I am a VERY Rabid ShinnStellar fangirl. So yeah. Ph33r meh. Ph33r. What else to say... -thinks- ... Thinking isn't my strong point... X_x

I love the following pairings:

DeaMiri(It's so cute... how can you NOT like it!)
KiraRaku(For Kira's sake... NOt Lacus'...)
AsuCaga(I shall seriously murder the creators for breaking them up...)
ShinnStellar(Another reason why I want to murder the creators...)
LunaRey(A tad odd, yes, but oh well.)
TrainSaya(You have to be blind not to see this...)
AuelStellar(One word: Awwww...)
GilbertTalia(... Nothing to say 'bout this one...)
SaiMiri(What! I think it's kinda cute... )
Mwu/NeoxMurrue(This one is just obvious...)
EveTrain(Er... o.o If she was a bit older...)
SvenRins(... o_O I like odd pairings...)
KiraCagalli(ONLY AS A SMALL PAIRING! X_x And only if they weren't twins...)
LunaxHeine(O_O Just don't ask...)
HeinexStellar(O_o Once again, just don't ask)
AsuNicol(One of the few slash pairings I like... -luffles it-)

Future Story Ideas:

Broken Promises: A ShinnStellar Angst Story. Basically, Shinn reminiscing on when he first met Stellar, how their relationship progressed, and how everything he loves is torn away from him. Now left with nothing in his life, he contemplates ending everything by commiting suicide. Will Shinn make the ultimate descision, that will not only change his life, but the lives of those around him?The first chapter of this one is in the works, and will probably be up soon enough...(In other words, about a month or two...)

We'll Meet Again Tomorrow: Another ShinnStellar fic, with more of Shinn's reminiscing, but this one is a tad less dark. What did Stellar mean when she told Shinn in the last episode that she would see him tomorrow? Yeah, Shinn doesn't know either. But through a strange, twisted series of events and what could be considered a miracle, he's definitely about to find out. Is it possible that the blonde pilot survived when Destroy exploded? Yeah. This one won't be out for a LOOOOONG Time... It's still in the planning stages...

-Unknown title-: There is no possible summary for this one yet, but I know that it will be a CSI fic. Now all I have to do is figure out a possible plot, characters, and attempt to write the first chapter. >.>;; Yeah... That's gonna be fun.

Feelings: Uhm... A Jigoku Shoujo fic. =) It will likely just be about Ai's feelings about being the Jigoku Shoujo, and her possible plan to get out by using Tsugumi to--Oh wait, I dun wanna spoil it, so you'll have to read for yourself once it's out. =3

Current Stories:

Things Aren't Always What They Seem: ~ This one's discontinued for now... SO SORRY! ;.;! ~And, despite all the vote people have made on the pairings, I have decided to contradict them all and make it... NOTHING! Ha! No romance at all! Because I think it'd be too hard to make it KiraRaku and AsuCaga, as Kira and Cagalli are the only actualSEED characters that are appearing. Also, as some people have been asking, NO there will NOT be ANY Gundams in this fic. It will focus more on the characters than the giant colourful explosions for once. That, and it takes place during the time of peace. Why would they even need the gundams? O.o

Not Your Average Highschool Romance: Yeah, I need to get off my lazy butt and update this one. But the thing is, I have the whole third chapter planned out, I'm just having trouble putting it into words. But oh well, you can expect the third chapter to come sometime, and probably in the near future when I FINALLY get my inspiriation back...

Yeah, I write more one-shots than chapter fics, as I have an incredibly short attention span, and don't stay with an actual fic for very long...

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