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Heyzzz! Yeah here is my profile...duh..I cleaned it up a little...

Name: Sher (Just call me Sher)

Hair: Black

Eyes: Brown (Hazel brown)

Height: 1.54

Gender: Female

Other comments about features:

Lots of ppl tell me Im cute but they usually dont live very long. Muahahahaha...I hate being called cute...


Im super lame and super crazy. Im a phsyco...yepps but it usually helps when u dun wanna talk 2 ppl then you can act like ur not in the right frame of mind and dey refuse 2 talk 2 u...hahaha...I do that alot...My temper can burn you though...

Fav Chars:

From Naruto:







Ten Ten


From Bleach:












Most Hated Chars:

Sakura (I hate Pink and I hate squealy girlsand i hate weaklings. Sorry Sakura lovers, its just me.>

Ino (EEEEEEEEEWWWWW shes as bad as Sakura though a little stronger.) SorryIno lovers, its just me.>

Neji (But only sometimes when he's being an asshole.)

Fav Animes:






Writing fan fics.(I have a super weird imagination which is forever working overtime.)

Drawing. (Ppl like Gaara, Hitsugaya, Sasuke. Hell i even drew Sasuke, Hinata, Yachiru and Hitsugaya on my Design & Technology project. I couldn't fit Gaara in anywhere T_T)

Gaming (Yes I am really a girl but if any of you guys wanna go a few rounds in warcraft HeroLineWars or X hero siege or some RPG map I hate building pls>or PVP in Kaz3ro server of RO or fight in gunbound I gotta install first if you wanna challenge.> or even intro me to a new game just email me. I don't promise that I'm a pro but i can put up a fight.

Fav Pairings:


Gaa/OC (You have got to have someone that actually fits his personality)

Ita/OC (Refer to Gaa/OC comment. Cut and paste here)

Naru/Hina (They are so friggin CUTE!)

Sasu/OC (Refer to Gaa/OC comment. Cut and paste here )

Shika/Tem (They are so perfect, i mean both of them has pineapple heads come to think of it and she seems to be the only one who can control him)

Ino/Chou (Ok its wierd but i would like to see them craziness at work. Don't mind me)

Most Hated Pairings:

Sasu/Saku (Ok I know that i reviewed some Sasu/Saku stories to be nice but in the animation, absolutely not. Sorry but i totally refuse to write a fanfic about Sasu/Saku even if i can change Sakura, shes too weak.)

Shounen ai (If i ever reviewed any shounen ai its becauseI changed the characterI liked lesser of the pair and mentally thought of it as a female.)

Les Pairings (ABSOLUTELY NOT. Zen zen.)

Yuppz thats about it...I'll write when i can think of more.
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