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I'm annoying.

And unimaginative.

However, I'm trying again... yes, yet again.

Apparently, I am incapable of committing to a story. For this, I apologize. I'm not sure who I'm apologizing to but... there you go.

Anyway, so I'm thinking I'll just stick to one-shots for a while. That might be all I can commit to because I'm just so damn flight-y when it comes to fanfics.

I'm not going to lie to you... Recently I've been reading a lot of Degrassi fanfiction. So... that might happen. I'm very much for Eli and Clare (EClare, as it's known to the hipsters) so if I wrote one - or some - that'd be the pairing. Actually, I might go write one now.

Also - I might re-edit my HP fic because I love HP (Who doesn't? Answer: crazy people) and I like the idea of continuing with it but it needs re-editing because I just re-read it and it's slightly horendous. But... you know... give me a break, I wrote it over two years ago.

Two things about me that you prbably don't care about but I will waste my time telling you anyway are:

First: I really, really like referencing other things in things that I write whether it be directly or in a more hidden way. So, if you ever think you see a reference to something, you might be right. It's very possible. And if you review with your guess at a hidden reference, I will give you a virtual cookie... Eat up! You deserve it...

Second: Music is a BIG influence on what I'm writing. Even if what I'm writing isn't a songfic or anything like that, I'm ALWAYS listening to music while I write. I think it sets the mood for what I'm writing. I also like to listen to music that sets the mood when I'm reading fanfics, personally. And - not to toot my own horn or anything, but - I think I have good taste in music. So, yeah, I might tell you what I listened to for chapters and stuff like that so if you want to listen while you're reading, you totally should.

Hey, who wants to bet I just re-wrote my profile for nothing because I'll give up on posting more fics anyway?

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