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Hey CurlyQGurl here! (And if you ever meet me, you will know when I call myself CurlyQGurl, I'm speaking literally, I have curly hair.)

Okay! Here is some basic info about myself.

I love toreadwritedrawsingwatchmoviesgoonhikesseeelephantsvisitthezoohangoutwithfriendsplaylacrosseandmostofalliliketoreadeveryoneelse'sfanfictions.

Thats all! Goodbye!!


I'm just yanking your tail, sorry about that, for reals now, here is all you would possibly need to know about CurlyQGurl. I am essentially a nerd. Not really, I mean I have lots of friends, I am very outgoing and hardly ever am left out, but I am the type of person that would rather read at lunch by her friends then actually join in the sensless babble about "Who so and so likes..." or "What he said!" I really a not interested in everyones personal life. Unless of course they are my two best friends!! (Who I might say, are awesome)

I'm actually suprised I'm friends with those two at all, I mean one of them, is super skinny, a strawberry blonde that is way into sports and has about twenty guys lined up to be in her presence. The other gal is calm, cute, sensible, very, and I repeat, very strong in her religion, (Well all of our religions exactly, we all go to the same church) she plays the sax, loves bears, (Well, loves all nature really) and is very sensitive.

Me though? (Get ready for this I feel a long paragraph coming...) I am crazy, ruled by emotion more often then not crying, (Yes... I am the crybaby of the family... I hate it. :( ) I love all sorts of Manga, (niether of them do... They listen to me gush about the latest occurence in my favorite manga though withought feeling too much ill will so... I hope it is a little bit interesting for them...) I speak Japanese, travel everysummer and take acting. The only sport I am interested in is Lacrosse, but other then that I am basically the artsie type. I have been drawing since before I can remember, I always sing... (sometimes it gets on the families nerves, but hey! I have to practise sometime!) I love reading fantasy and my favorite acting role is currently Queen Gertrude from the play Hamlet which I recently participated in. I really like music, My favorite band/artist, is Mika, with Grace Kelly and Love Today. I adore reading, for so long it was my escape from the cruel real life. My favorite book would have to be Howl's Moving Castle by Dianna Wayne Jones, or Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer, Movies also create a similar get away so I watch a lot of those. My favorite movie is the Tenth Kingdom but I also love all of Jane Austin's books which have become fabulous movies.

So looking at our differences, I really dont understand how we all became best friends, but we probably wont be seperating any time soon. In the two states I have lived in I have yet to find a girl like me... I dont really know if that is a good thing or a bad thing, but it is what it is.

Here at fanfiction I will definatly be working to improve my writing skills, the most concentrated area of writing I imagine will always be in Manga. My favorite series is most definatly Skip Beat! and because of that my favorite pairing is RenxKyoko.

Well Ta-Ta for now!


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