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Mbus55 is not one person. It is a group fanfic account. We are all insane and posting under one name even though most of us have our own accounts.We Never Knew is written by Girl Scout. Other writers are enigmagirl2727, looking4clouds, and ogreatrandom, (this is ogreatrandom now). If you're interested in checking out our other stories enigmagirl2727 and I are on the favorite authors list.We all have our little problems! Eomer rocks! Harry Potter deserves to die! Sirius is not dead!

What Can You Do? Not Much.

I, Girl Scout, would like to take this oppertunity to acknowledge an exemplary and talented writer and friend: ogreatrandom. Although she will no longer be riding the bus to her school each day with myself, enigmagirl2727, and various other characters, she will be attending a finer, non-Catholic academic institution in the fall, better known as college. We will miss her daily presence greatly, but are scrambling to purchase our phone and note cards (and tapes to record her television shows) to talk the heck out of her every chance we get. Ang, congratulations, we will miss you, yet we will be stalking you!

Revised Graziella Fransesca/ Now Known as Girl Scout Hot Dog: (aka The reason why I have not contributed to Fan Fiction.net since "We Never Knew")

Hola! Due to being compromised during a deep cover operation, I entered protective custody under the United States Government. I have recently emerged into the public alive and whole, ready to spend my accumulated vacation time writing for Fan Fiction.net. Meaning, school sucks and I don't have time to work on Fan Fiction during the school year.

I have taken a new call sign, Girl Scout and will hopefully be finishing "We Never Knew" and submitting other Fan Fics.

Do YOU have friends that will... a) Suprise the crap out of you for you 16th birthday? b) Actually seriouslly offer to drive over to your house at 9 o'clock while missing her favorite televisionshow when you have been rendered seriously disturbed after a television episiode? c)Attempt to explain EVERY SINGLE MOVIE/TELEVISION SHOW you have ever watched together... and actually try to hide their annoyance? d) Reconize you severe grief after your beloved guinea pig/s died? e) Go randomly walking with you? f) Not COMPLETELY make fun of your rather interesting tastes in movies and music? g) Listen to you even when you don't make sense when you talk?

Well, I do and they are AWESOME! "Thanks to the ones who are saner than they have any right to be!"

This is Girl Scout Going Radio Silent...

Fear not now, my young friends, the voice of reason is here. After setting up this spectacular account I went on hiatus to my own world (that of enigmagirl2727) but I have returned to set my two insane compatriats straight.

You see, we all go to various independant schools and as such used to ride an adorable little eight seat mini bus named Bob who is provided by the Methacton school district. (Tragically Bob has been replaced with the yet unnamed Bus 57, but we decided not to change the name to avoid confusion. Oh, and most luckily we're all together still). Thus we spend a good chunk of time together each and every day on bus 55/57 with amixed crew of non fanfiction-ing people who are generally speaking a great deal saner than ourselves.

I, Sarah of XR and ATTWSLTTA fame, am the resident vampire slayer/expert and supreme X-men and most things Marvel expert. Angela the Demon from the seventh circle of hell (I was once unwise enough to read her excerpts from Dante's Inferno on the way home) controls our werewolf army and knows most of what there is to know regarding X-men evolutions and Van Helsing, to say nothing of EVERYTHING Lord of the Rings related and Pirates of the Carribbean-esque. She's also OGreatRandom.Girl Scout the Broadway star who has sadly no account of her own hence posting that bizarre bit of drabble on this acount is an expert on all broadway musicals as well as our assassin for hire and Elektra fanatic.

A collaboration between myself (EG) and Angela (OGR) resulted in a curious piece known as 'Why Killing Yourself Is A Bad Idea'. Posted in the crossover's section, this tale recounts the adventures of a would-be suicide who is punished not with hell, but with preventing some of fiction's most deranged characters from killing themselves. Featuring LOTR, Le Mis, Troy, and Harry Potter characters.

That weird thing Girl Scout wrote: I dunno, ask her. Lol. It's not bad, but she didn't finish. I will finish!

All right ogreatrandom here. Anyway I just want to say that WKYIABI does not in any way intend on poking fun at actual suicide. Just book and movie characters who go a little insane and do stupid things. Real suicide is a very serious problem that should not be taken lightly. The story enigmagirl2727 and I are writing is not meant as an opinion on real-life suicide. Just had to say that.

Boone is very hot and I still grieve his death even as the second season of LOST begins. Some people, (cough cough), celebrate at his death are heartless monsters.

(This is Girl Scout formally Graziella and I don't CARE if it ogreatrandom's "special block"... get a GRIP! I myself have suffered at the loss of fictional television characters, but I have not made Mass Cards and Grave Stones in honor of thier memory because sorry to put this to you they never EXSISTED. I am pissed because I cannot SPELL)

Girl Scout is mean!

No she is not!

She is insulting me! Make her stop! And she is speaking ill of the dead.

This is comming from the grandaughter of a MORTICIAN. I WIN!

Only I can win!


See I WON!

Things As They Should Be By: Legolas--My other story, the Lord Of The Rings one. Yeah, umm it's supposed to be funny but people have questioned my sense of humor ever since the time I laughed at my uncle because he cut off his finger. I hope you think it's funny (the story not the whole finger thing). enigmagirl2727 did the betaing. Why? Because she's good at knocking sense into me. I posted it on mbus for two reasons. One: I only wanted to have two stories going at once and since I have two going on my own account already I decided that posting it on another account was a loop hole of sorts. Also if I get bored I can hand it off to someone else.

all others involved in mbus run for their lives

"Guys wait, where are you going?"

And That's Why We Should Leave These Things Alone by enigmagirl2727 reviews
SOMEONE has messed up the SpaceTime Continuum... again. Comedy and a MarySue epidemic ensue.
Lord of the Rings - Rated: T - English - Humor/Adventure - Chapters: 3 - Words: 5,263 - Reviews: 23 - Favs: 7 - Follows: 6 - Updated: 7/27/2005 - Published: 4/24/2005
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