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Author has written 3 stories for Dark Tower series, Highlander, and Star Wars.

Original characters don't have to be so-called Mary Sues. In fact, I don't particularly enjoy writing fics that feature too much of canon characters. The reason for this is simple: I don't like to fuck with canon. First, I can't write canon characters as well as the original author did, and I'm not presumptuous enough to try. Second, I don't believe in writing AU and I don't want to screw with continuity of the original story. It's more fun to write original characters anyway.

I am currently working on three projects: Into the West, which is a story that parallel's Stephen King's "The Stand". I'm making good progress on it and have been pumping out a couple thousand words every other day or so. The other one I'm working on is "Highlander: The Phoenix". It's the story of a young girl born to immortality far too early in her life. This story is going along far more slowly than my Stephen King fic is, probably because I'm a little bit more obsessive about it and want it to be perfect.

Also just as a note: If you find anything that I write in your reviews offensive - I sincerely apologize. My goals are to create better writers, not to be a sycophant to make you feel better by telling you what a great writer you are and how I can't wait for your next chapter. I suggest you seriously consider what I wrote to you before you decide to flame me for suggesting something about your story is bad. Nobody is perfect in their writing; not you and not me.

Author's notes for "The Past Never Dies"

This story has been waiting to be written for years and it's not entirely of my making. While I was still dating my wife she was playing a game called Star Wars Galaxies. She was a roleplayer and part of the roleplaying server that goes by the name "Starsider". I have played mmorpgs for years but had not interest in roleplaying until she introduced me to it and what enchanted me was the stories she told me about her and her friends playing star wars.

Every night for weeks we would go to bed and she would tell me a tale of star wars, all created in the minds and the talents of hundreds or roleplayers as they etched out their own little world from their desktop computers. Every night I would listen, enraptured at the artful beauty of these nightly bedtime stories she would tell me. The imagination that went into these tales was breathtaking and from the moment I started listening, I knew that one day they would have to be put into print.

Much of this story I have rewritten and changed to make it more cohesive, to make it go on paper better. Many names have changed, places they have happened, order of events, but the story is the same.

The story of Nichola Toora is a beautiful one, through my wife's telling I have both laughed and cried. As my wife and I write this story together, I feel that Nikki is the third person at the computer with us, that the more we write about her and her life, the more real we make her and the more credit we do to the combined efforts of everyone who logs onto SWG for no other reason than just the desire to spin a good yarn. And to those people - to the players of the characters in this story - this is every bit your story as well and though I don't know any of you I thank you for the parts you have played in this great spectacle. My wife thanks you too and invites you to email us if you happen to read this, we would like to hear from you.

Author's notes for "Into the West":

I had originally not intended to make any kind of introduction to this story. However, I have come to notice that I’ve been stalling, trying not to place any information into this story that might give away the year this takes place. I did this because I feel that, much like it was when King republished the uncut version of the stand, that the story had become a little bit dated.

Because of this, I have decided that I’m going to write this story as though the events of The Stand began in June of 2002. I hope you will all forgive this, hopefully minor, trespass and not be too bothered that I have included such things as cell phones and the Internet into this story.

More than once I have gotten email asking about my inspiration for two characters in particular - Andy and Claudia.

Andy is probably my favorite character in the story. From the very beginning I was mortally aware that although the idea in my head was nothing even close to Harold Lauder, that's who he would initially be perceived as unless I did something to set him apart. This is why the conflict within his family is in the foreground rather than the conflict between himself and his peers. As for external inspirations - none that I'm consciously aware of.

As for Claudia, she most definitely had an external inspiration. I became aware after the first ten chapters that something was missing. I figured out that I had one more main character to make, and this was accomplished in the form of Claudia. In my head I picture her as a cross between the Sarah Conner of the first Terminator and the Sarah Conner of the second Terminator. Though she has moved away from that template in many way, it's still the picture I have in my head.

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