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Xiaz: Most our stories are gonna be weird and humorous ones, so brace yourselves.

JemaK: Keep in mind, most of our material is done between 12 and 2 AM. So, if you dont like it, you have three choices, 1)You'll accept my challenge of RoShamBo (I'll go first)
2)You'll have it out with my alter ego that awakens whever I drink my own body weight in caffeinated beverages and decide to poop out something funny.
Or 3) Write something better (other wise said as: "Screw off".)

Xiaz: Don't mind my partner he's just a bit pissed off right now. But he's right y'know.

JemaK: Shiggity Shiggity Shwa... *collapse from fatigue*

Xiaz: *pokes body with stick*...he's out cold folks...bye!