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Author has written 6 stories for Yu-Gi-Oh, Yu-Gi-Oh GX, X-Men, and Huntik: Secrets & Seekers.

Hello my name is Nicholas, or Nick for hobbies consist of Writing Drawing and taking Photographs oh and playing Vanguard.

A quote I've come to find true with myself is that:

'It's not the man in the fight its the fight in the man'

My favorite anime's are:

-Cardfight Vanguard

-The DragonBall's (Regular Z and GT)



-G Gundam (yes i like that one over the others becuse i was able to understand it!)

My least favorites are: -Yu Yu Hakusho, they give the main guy WAY to much power over the others even though Ilike Hiei he is the only reason i've sat there through that tortureous half hour.

Favorite Super-Heroes are

- X-Men



-Iron Man


FavoriteQuotes: (Note Bold Italics mean a quote that like a lot)

Ren- When we formed a team, I decided that I would protect them. I'm prepared to put my own life on the line for that.

Yugi (Jap joey vs espa roba) - "Don't give up until the last moment. Where there's will, there's hope."

Joey(Jap version after yugi beat rare hunter w/ exodia)- "No, I can't take it right now. If I take it back so easily, I won't be a True Duelist. The Red Eyes wouldn't accept it, either. You are a True Duelist. You're always with me. When I dueled you at Duelist Kingdom, I was fighting for something. That's why I came here. You always play honestly with any opponent. You really gave me a lesson—what I lacked is the player's self-esteem. The Red Eyes Black Dragon is my special card—he is always my partner. That's why I can't take it now. If I did, the Red Eyes wouldn't be happy."

Yami/Yugi- "A lot of times the duelist chooses the monster, but sometimes the monster chooses the duelist."

Yugi/Yami- "Power without strategy is just an empty threat."

Joey- "Next time I'm dueling someone with talent I'll remember that."

Tristan- "Next time warn me when your about to save yourself!"

Joey(To Tristan)- "Your cheer-leading skills need work!"

Joey- "To me the game is about striving to be my best. It's taught me to trust himself, and to keep trying, no matter how tough things get."

Now its Time for my Favorite Sayings by my favorite original characters from these fic's (The ones in bold i own the others no)so if you find its your character and don't want him/Her in here tell me and I WILL remove it.

Adam- “If your going to play the game don’t insult others cards they could turn around and bite your butt.”

Malachi- “It’s time to make way for the Monarchs.”

Kai- “The fun has just begun!”

Kai- “You’ll never understand why you lost unless you treat your cards with respect.”

Eli- “Ow, How did Davis land feet first? That was a long fall.”

Ibrahim- "You should not forget that no ones power comes from themselves but is given to them as a gift from above.”

Malachi- “Nobody has a monopoly on good or evil, no one. The Catholics had the Inquisition, the Algonquin and the Iroquois were constantly at war, The Nazis tried to exterminate an entire race, the Aztecs cut the hearts out of people. The only thing that any of us mere humans can do is try to show the best of what is in our hearts. Your thirst for vengeance will only lead to more suffering. Vengeance begets nothing but a cycle of further vengeance. Duel your best, Like a true duelist, put your skills to use and let the best duelist win.”

Aiken- "You mean the old Aiken You love right!"

Daniel/Rikuo- “I never understood why these things were meant to happen to me. No matter how hard I tried I could never convince the world that I wasn’t meant for this kind of greatness. I don’t want these supernatural thinks to happen my family and me. I’m not meant for this, I know it…However…Malachi showed me something…He showed me something that reminded me that this is bigger than just me. He showed me that you can accept this kind of power and still lead a normal life…maybe even a fun one. For that I owe him a debt in the form of vengeance. I promised Hokkou that I would become a hero for the world. You might think yourself clever Herour, being able to adapt to this world…But you forgot something important to this situation…You attacked and killed someone who is important to my human. It’s now personal…and when it comes to vendettas, I never fail. Listen closely Herour; these words will ring in your death. Out of all the things in the world I could say to you, these will make it all to clear to you who will be the true victor if we battle. If there is one thing that your must remember about me it is that you are weak and I am strong.I am the wolf demon general you insolent fool. Do you think that this tournament was yours from the start? Then clean your ears and think again. You are a minor player in this game. Amongst mere humans who are your betters. Whoever faces you will not fall, regardless of what cards you play. That is the heart of the hero and the underdog. Two things that you will never have.”

Joey Wheeler-(The Last Episode)- "I guess there are some things we aren’t suppose to understand, just look at me I go through half of my life not understanding what’s going on. But I know that true friends are hard to leave, but are impossible to forget. Even though his stay wasn’t as long as we’d like but we’re lucky we knew him at all.'

For those who have MSN, Yahoo, or AIM EMAIL me and I will give you my names for each.

Yugioh Fanfics:

-Knight Wars (Completed)

-Knight Wars the Movie: Shadow's of Justice:Kai Knight has a little brother that is one year old, unknown to him that a group of dark duelists want something that his brother has and kidnap him. Kai Knight has the job to save his little bro as the Card Guardian & as an older brother.

-Knight Wars Archangels: (Deleted!)

-X-Men The Cronos Story: The X-Men find a new mutant(OC) and this new mutant leads to a new foe. Can the X-Men save both the human's and the Mutants before it's gone.

Now on a final note: If you reveiw me, I review you sorta like you scratch my back I'll scratch yours only in reviews. SO REVIEW!

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Between Two Worlds by royalfortressmeadow reviews
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Sort: Category . Published . Updated . Title . Words . Chapters . Reviews . Status .

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