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Learning Curve: A multichapter Pre-Ranger SPD fic focusing specifically on Bridge, Sky and Syd as they start to come together as a team and form the D-squad.


Name: Norah Elisabeth Reaves

Age: Seventeen – Senior in High School

Appearance: I’m short, with medium-length brown hair. I usually wear it up with a butterfly clip though. Brown eyes, glasses- I alternate between two pairs. My first pair looks just like the ones that The Doctor has, and my second pair are thin, light purple- and they don’t have a bottom!

Location: United States of America – State: Maine

Other Fandoms: Doctor Who, The Chronicles of Narnia C.S. Lewis, Code Lyoko, Digimon: Digital Monsters, Kingdom Hearts, W.i.t.c.h., X-Men, Thunderbirds, Sarah Jane Adventures, Fruits Basket, Avatar: the Last Airbender, BBC's Robin Hood, Sky High, Transformers (2007 movieverse), Spiderman, Runaways, Disney, Labyrinth

I'm an odd duck who prefers sibling fluff and platonic relationships over romantic melodrama any day. :) I enjoy a good h/c fic every so often, and have been known to write a few mysef. I like science fiction, fantasy, and childrens media.

My ideal outfit is- my glasses, fuzzy pajamas, and brightly colored mismatched socks. Comfortable in all sorts of Maine weather. Hehe.

I collect Disney plushies and my favorite is the one I own of the Beast. He's just so -squishable-. My second favorite is a Panda Bear (She's a build-a-bear if anyone's wondering :3) named after Rose Tyler.

I'm the sort of writer who writes short-ish chapters, and sometimes they take a while- but I do try my hardest to make them all worth the wait. ;)

On the Rangers

Power Rangers was one of the earliest things I can remember writing fanfiction for. (My first was based on the movie “Hook”. It was a Digimon/Ninja Storm crossover and I was way too proud of it. I may not be as much as a fan of most. (I haven’t seen every series yet… but I’m working on it!) However, I felt like it was special enough to deserve it’s own account to host a whole bunch of fic that seems to be coming from my muse now.

My first Power Rangers series was "Time Force". When I was twelve-eleven-ish I had to have an oral surgary, so my Mom went to a bunch of thrift stores and picked up kids movies for me. (She was hunting for "Digimon" acutally, which was my favorite as a kid.) And she found some other things she thought I'd like. I must have watched that Time Force tape so many times, to the point where I could act it out with my stuffed plushies. (I actually never had any of the toys.) But it helped me through a rough patch, and I've been watching it ever sense. :P


First Series I Remember Watching: Time Force

Favorite Series: Ninja Storm, followed by SPD
Favorite Series to Write For: Power Rangers SPD
Favorite Character: Bridge Carson (SPD)
First Favorite Character: Princess Shayla (I was TWELVE when I started watching Wild Force - of course I liked the princess!)
Favorite Weapon: Undecided so far ;)
Favorite Episode: The "Thunder Strangers" Arc. (Power Rangers: Ninja Storm)
Favorite Theme Song: Ninja Storm Opening
Theme that Gets Stuck In My Head Most Often: Wild Force Opening

Norah Reccomends...

First Impressions - Seren Meris
Rating: T - Word Count: 7,857
Genre: Angst/Friendship
Characters: Bridge C. & Sky T
Summary: Sky isn’t too happy about the newest recruit to D-squad. A Sky/Bridge friendship fic... eventually. Complete!
Norah's Rating: !! - I love the way this author writes the characters. This is my first experiance reading anything by Seren Meris but she does a wonderful job on even the minor characters, who can be difficult to write. :)

The End

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