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Author has written 27 stories for Phantom of the Opera, Gundam Wing/AC, Tales of Symphonia, Harry Potter, Star Wars, Sailor Moon, NCIS, House, M.D., Sherlock Holmes, Labyrinth, and Disney.

An Angel's Tears: Will be rewritten and reuploaded, possibly with a new title. Unless I decide I like the current one.

A Lost Soul's Plea: on Hiatus until further notice. Will likely be rewritten when AAT is done.

12 Things: On Hiatus.

Unbreak My Heart: On Hiatus.

Golden Afternoon: On Hiatus.

Withdrawal: On Hiatus.

Now, I'm gonna put my pairings up here again. I haven't really gotten any flames for my chosen couples, but there's no telling when that will start up, concrete pairings you can expect to find in my stories, and ones I'm avoiding at all costs.

Gundam Wing/AC

Heero/Duo: It makes sense if you really think about it...There's even a few episodes where there's obvious chemistry between the two. If you don't believe me, rewatch the series.

Trowa/Quatre: I probably won't write this one. I don't know why. I love it, but I can't write it. I tried.

WuFei/Meiran: I did try to write this one...I did have something here a while just didn't get any response, and I hit a huge snag, so I may or may not try again in future.

Heero/Relena: EWWWWWWWW! No! I will NEVER write this pairing without a very very very good plot and lots of angst and plot twists. I just cannot see those two all. She's too clingy, and Heero doesn't strike me as the type to stay very long with a clingy woman.

Harry Potter

Harry/Draco: I don't know why, but it seems to work. I just noticed a LOT of UST between them in the books.

Harry/Ginny: You will not see this pairing at all in any of my stories...not even in flashbacks. If I feature Ginny in any of my stories, she will be a close friend/secret admirer of Harry...NOT his girlfriend/wife/secret lover. I don't like her...she reminds me of a stalker.

Ron/Hermione: There's just no compatibility here...I don't care if it is canon. There is NO way these two would work together, and so I won't use the pairing.

Hermione/Blaise: I love exploring Blaise's character, and Hermione has always struck me as the type to explore the unexplored. I've actually used this pairing once.

Ron/??: Ron is most likely going to be a secret gay in most of my stories, just because he can't seem to get along with women at all.

Sirius/Remus: MoonyPadfoot=True...It's obvious there's something there...

James/Lily: Canon. Without them, we wouldn't have Harry...and without Harry...well, we all know what would happen without Harry.


Tony/Kate: Never. It was more a brother/sister thing between them.

Tony/Ziva: This is one of my NCIS OTP's. The chemisty and UST is just too juicy and tempting to ignore.

Tony/Jeanne: It was all wrong...It was cute, yes, but it wasn't what Tony needed.

McGee/Abby: Another OTP...They just work so well together, and they were dating at one point, I think.

Gibbs/Shannon: Canon! One of the only women I will pair Jethro with...though it will most likely be only in flashbacks, unless I decide at some point to write a pre-series fic.

Gibbs/Hollis Mann: Most probably will be avoided. See above reason for the Heero/Relena pairing and change the names.

Gibbs/Abby: Personally, I see the relationship as more father-daughter than anything. If I write it at all, this is, without a doubt, how it will be portrayed.

Gibbs/Jenny: Perfect...the only other woman that I will pair Jethro with...that was true love right was canon, at least that's how it seemed to me...and I have, like 20 songs dedicated to them :) This is my #1 NCIS OTP. Almost all of my NCIS stories will be Jibbs.

Gibbs/Kate: It's...possible. That's all I'm saying.

Kate/Ari: There aren't enough of these here...

The Phantom of the Opera

Erik/Christine: It would have been canon...she really did love him.

Raoul/Christine: Raoul just couldn't give Christine what she really wanted and needed...she needed her music, she needed her Angel.

Sailor Moon

Usagi/Mamoru: OMG! Past, Present, and Future, they stay together...Love that transcends time...

Haruka/Micheru: This is the ONLY femmeslash/shojo ai/yuri pairing I will EVER write...they just look so good together.

Star Wars

Anakin/Padme: only pairing I'll write for the prequel trilogy

Han/Leia: I doubt I could do justice to Princess Leia's personality...but Han Solo would probably be fairly easy. Don't know if I'll write this one or not.

Tales of Symphonia

Kratos/Raine: Will be avoided at all costs. No bribes will be taken...he belongs with only one woman. Period.

Kratos/Anna: Now, THIS is what I'm talking about. If it wasn't for Kranna, we wouldn't have our precious Lloyd, now would we?

Lloyd/Colette: Will probably feature quite moderately in my stories

Lloyd/Presea: Probably will never be posted under my account.

Lloyd/Sheena: see above

Lloyd/Raine: shudder ewww

Genis/Presea: OMG! The AGE DIFFERENCE! No. And for those who would use this argument to discount the Kranna pairing...It's not the same. Kratos and Anna are physically, emotionally, and mentally the same age. Genis, however, is visibly younger in all three aspects of age than Presea.

Sheena/Zelos: Frankly, I like this pairing. I can stand it, but it probably won't feature too heavily...I hate Zelos.

House, M.D.

House/Cameron: Not even worth considering...

House/Cuddy: Yep. You guessed it. OTP. It should totally be canon...and it would have been if last season finale hadn't been a total cop-out...

House/Stacy: Only for pre-season 1. The affair in season 2 spoke for itself...

Cameron/Chase: It's Tuesday!

Wilson/Amber: Maybe...if I feel like it, or someone asks really really nicely...

Foreman/Thirteen: I -hate- this pairing. It's taken up way too much of the show since they got together. I highly doubt I'll write it

If you enjoy seeing Lloyd Aurion with Cruxis alongside his daddy, copy and paste this into your profile and add your penname to the list: The Sage of Spirits, Li-chan0767, GundamDelta6

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