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Hey, hopefully I'll be back on this, and those copywrite problems are no longer an issue. Just gonna do Fanfiction as opposed to bringing in my own characters... Well, they wont be involved as deeply as the last arch I did.

Name: Dylan Mathew Macri

Birthdate: Jan, 7 1992


Hair: Brown, but I want it blue again!

Eyes: Greenish Blue.

Interests: Drawing, writing, surfing the net, and am currently working on an event in my personal writing.

FavoriteShow: Heroes

Favorite Movie: Lord of the Rings, Return of the King, though I'm looking forward to Iron Man.

Favorite game: Halo 3. Bungie has multiple of my idols working for it, including Joseph Staten (Writer) and Shi Kai Wang (Covenant artist). There are more, but it goes on and on.

I'm not sure who I'll piss off by saying this here, but on December 16 2008 look out for Scoped Comics, an online comic book distributer. Little under a year to wait for it, but might as well advertise now. I'll be writing and drawing for the main comic page, and have a friend who'll do a little comedic comic and some of his own writing. (Note: If I'm not aloud to advertise here, then just message me before sending a complaint, please.)

To all of those who were reading my Halo/Kim Possible crossover, I'm sorry I had to delete it and I wanted to finish it, but my Halo 2 disk went missing. I'll try and do a Halo 3 crossover (No way I'm losing that one. I gave up a lot of games just to get it back), but no promises. Right now I'm looking towards an Assassins Creed crossover. Probably with Heroes, but I still need to work out a few kinks.