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Okay, after more than 3 years of being registered and doing nothing but lurking a lot & reviewing less than I ought to (though I have bettered myself much in that respect recently), I've finally decided to put something on this page.
That has to be some kind of record.

Random stuff about me:

I'm a twenty-three-year-old female currently in the last stages of working towards a university degree. Wish me luck. (Fair warning: This also means that I'm rather slow with updating, and the situation will get worse once uni starts back up for good in October.)

I'm from Austria, which means English isn't my mother tongue, which means some of my grammar etc. will probably be wonky. Please do point out if you see anything especially glaring - I certainly won't be offended.

Random fandom stuff about me:

My favourite stories usually contain massive amounts of H/C and/or angst (or at least massive for me - it's a rather subjective term, after all), which is funny because I don't at all go in for visual violence on screen. During movies, I've been known to spend minutes on end with my eyes closed if I thought the situation required it. What can I say, I'm a chicken ;)

When I like a fandom, I usually glomp onto one of its characters and hold on for dear life. Though I've noticed I've lost that tendency a bit in the last few months; I've got no idea how long that will last.

I'll read almost any crossover, no matter how unusual the premise. That's also often how I change fandoms - I got into HP via a crossover with Buffy without ever having read a single book by JKR.

I don't care much for romance in fiction. Never have, and probably never will. But I'll read or watch anything with a prominent love-based storyline if I like the other parts of the plot.

Everything I write invariably tends towards silliness. (You may have noticed this if you've come here via one of my stories.) I might try my hand at something serious once I've finished with Childish Experiments; we'll see how that turns out.

Past and present fandom interests (in loose chronological order):

Hercules-tlj/Xena: Will always hold a special place in my heart for being the fandom that introduced me to fanfiction. Glomping character (henceforth known as GC): Iolaus. Nowadays I usually only go there when I'm feeling particularly nostalgic.

Buffy: Back in the times when S5 was news and Dawn a blip on the radar of most fans that they hoped would go away eventually. I had no opinion one way or the other as they weren't past season 2 yet where I live. GC: Willow, a bit of Xander. I'm not sure. It was a long time ago. In the time since, I've nearly completely given it up for Angel.

Highlander-crossovers: My first big crossover binge. I read almost any Highlander-influenced story I could get my hands on. As long as there was no actual character from Highlander in it - all I'd seen at that point was the first movie, and I wasn't even aware there was a TV series for the longest time. Ah, well...

Ghostbusters: Mainly due to one author, whose stuff I absolutely adored. Then, she published a "real" novel and took down all her internet fanfiction in one fell swoop. I was inconsolable for a while, then moved on and decided to take her story as an inspiration for all those of us who have professional writing aspirations. GC: Peter

Harry Potter: Fandom I remained longest in to date - namely for almost two years. Became much less lively once the final book was out; but by then, I'd moved on anyway. GC: Percy Weasley ~ducks under desk until the booing recedes; joins into chorus of "He's just misrepresented" with other Percy fans. All five of them.~

Angel: Really loved this one, though I may be biased since I only really went off it in about January. Bought all five DVD-boxes too; then again, I got into it way after it was all finished, so they were already half price. GC: Wesley

Current main fandom: Sherlock Holmes. I loved reading ACD as a child, and dipped into the fandom now and again but it never managed to hold my interest until I went there again because of a uni assignment in early 2008 and got stuck, even if I haven't really got the time to roam around as much as I'd like to at the moment. Not that I regret it - it's one of the nicest fandoms I've been to, and the one that finally got me started on writing my own stories after years of just thinking some up and being too much of a chicken (see above) to actually put them to paper or, well, computer.

Others: Additionally, I'll look into fanfiction on any book/movie/TV series I'm interested in, though few of them hold my interest for more than a few days (or stories, if there isn't much - I've found a total of one fanfiction for The Onedin Line. _One_. That series ran for about, what, ten years? Arrgh! I might be tempted to write one of my own one day, if only to keep the first one company. Incidentally, if you do know any, I'd be grateful if you could point me in the right direction.). Amongst those who have managed to captivate me for at least a few weeks are (in no particular order): The Chronicles of Narnia (GC: Edmund), M.A.S.H. (GC: Hawkeye), LotR (GC: Boromir), Star Wars (GC: Young Obi-Wan) and various crossover-scenarios. Plus, of course, all the fandoms I've forgotten about at the moment. I'm currently also courting Supernatural and Doctor Who. Unfortunately, it seems most writers go for Ten while I prefer Nine.

Phew. This turned out a lot longer than I'd intended!
And I'm sure you really wanted to know all these things ;)

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