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Hey this is Jay one of the four users of this particular account we will be adding some stories under this name very soon. Hopefully most of them will have been written by the three of us together but there is also likely to be some written by just one of us.

On ff.net I'm under the author name of Serpent Blade. My three friends are known as Zeta (Amanda Halliwell) Amber (StArFiRe GrAySoN) and Flaire (Flaire Delacour with Faith) Links to our pages can be found in the Favourite Authors list.

Ships I support:

Ships I hate:
Harry/Ginny - I just don't like it
Harry/Hermione - Hermione should be with Ron

Hey this is Flaire...Gawd Jay has a sick mind when it comes to harry...but then again I have a sick mind when it comes to romance in General looks at Jay and Zeta OK I admit it! I have a problem...a bad sick problem! what else do want from me!

Well here are my top shippers:

Wesley/Faith OTP




Doyle/Cordelia (RIP Glenn Quinn) tear steaks down cheek

Xander/Willow...Xander/Cordelia...Xander/Anya...-gawd I just can't make my mind up!


Ron/Hermione and some other couples I'm not going to get into right about now...

Spinelli//TJ and Vince/Gretchen from Recess

Robin/Starfire from Teen titans

Bruce/Selina Kyle AKA Catwoman/Batman from batman the series

terry/Oc...anyone as long as its not Dana from Batman Beyond.

Sakura/Li from Cardcaptor Sakura.

And I think that's all the ones I can think of at the moment...I'd best be off...need to ready myself for the next Episode of Angel i'm about to watch!

Oh hi! People haven't mentioned me, but I am a newbie here! (well.. not literally) Im jst new in evil incorperated! I have my own account called StArFiRe GrAySoN but I try to write more stories that arent Teen Titans. My real name is amber (I prefer amby)

Pairings I support
RobXStar - Robin and Starfire off teen titans! Yea man!
BBXRAE - Beastboy and Raven I kinda like them!
CyXBee - I suppose...

AngelXCordy - I suppose
SpikeXBuffy - You have no idea... lolz

RonXLavendar - Only cuz da book! hang on... was it her?

RyuXKasumi- Off DOA... THEY RULE!
HitomiXHayate - Lyk yea man!
Jann LeeXLei Fang - Well! rivals suit!

Zelphie - Final Fantasy 8 time! yea! these ppl rule! Zell and Selphie lolz
Sefitis - Quistis and Seifer... I like them together!
Squinoa - Squall and Rinoa, I h8 Rinoa but like them two? Too weird

Ash/Misty: Like yea man! surely u lyk them!

So thats me! Amby going out!

HI THIS IS ZETA! I am the evillest one in the group. ((the one they dare not speak the name of)) MUWAHAHAHAHA!

Anywayz, I'm not really a romantic person. Most apocalyptic fanfictions shalt be done by moi, and moi alone... unless of course these three get a head transplant which I find very unlikely. I AM THE DARKEST OF THE DARK ART WRITERS!

I think I just overdid it there... gah.

I hate romance. There. I absolutely think its the worst possible thing people could have come up with. It scares me. Seriously. Hmm, well apart from the me never doing any romance fics, I do however do humour. Which I am good at. Just ask Jay, she helps sometimes. Oh and often used is Jay's character, who is often portrayed as an idiot. Which is fine by me. We tend to overuse characters ... I AM SO BORED! I AM REPEATING MYSELF! I REALLY NEED A HOBBY! SERIOUSLY!

Zeta signing off reluctantly as she has nothing left to say, and of course, has nothing left to babble about. Unless you count taking over the world, and seriously, once you start thinkig about it its hard to get rid of...

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