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I can't imagine how anyone found my account but for whatever reason your here, make yourself feel welcome, for the what? 10 seconds your here :D

Name: Call me Sooty

Age: 15

Gender: Male

Divergent Faction: Candor

HG District: 10

Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff! :D

I probably won't write anything on fanfiction... Ever, I'll just be a reader. If anyone wants me to Submit a tribute for a SYOT Hunger Games, just shoot me a PM!

- Sooty!

SO, GUESS WHAT! I'm writing an SYOT fanfic for the 25th Annual Hunger Games! What!?

So here's the form:

Name: (Be Creative!)

Age: (12-18)

Gender: (M/F Tributes can be trans, not identiify as a particular gender or anything else - Please include that in a different section - but this is what gender they were reaped as)

District: (1-12)

Backup District/s: (1-12)

Faceclaim: (I'd prefer a name, links are to complicated for this peon's brain)

Blog Quote: (Short and sweet, preferably something that defines the tributes morals, personality or history)

Appearance: (BE CREATIVE! But no natural purple hair... XD)

Personality: (This si the most important part of the form, I care more about this than backstory)

Backstory: (History leading up to the 25th Games)

Family & Friends: (Any relations)

Enemies: (Optional)

Jobs & Hobbies: (Also Optional but this really helps when it comes time to write their introduction chapter)

Reason for being selected: (There are no volunteers but they can be voted in solely because they are a good fighter)

Reaction to being reaped: (Self Explanatory)

Token: (Optional)

Opinion of the Capitol/Hunger Games: (Hate, Love, Indifference)

Visitors in the Justice Building: (This can be anyone: A hate group, consoling families, an apologising peacekeeper, the person who organised them being vote in)

Training Strategy: (What they do during training)

Allies: (How many? What Age? What kind of traits are they looking for)

Weapon of choice: (Their prioritised weapon)

Training Score: (This will be taken into consideration)

What they did in their evaluations: (Self Explanatory)

Strengths: (No less than three)

Weaknesses: (Even out strengths)

Interview Outfit: (Not parade outfit)

Interview Angle: (No sexy twelve-year-olds, XD)

Bloodbath Strategy: (What they do and how/why/when)

Bloodbath Tribute: (Y/N)

Arena Strategy: (Lay traps, betray allies, be creative)

How they interact with Capitolites: (Polite or whatever)

Preferred Death:

Anything Else:


Tribute list:

D1M: One Submission

D1F: One Submission





D4M: One Submission

D4F: One Submission



D6M: One Submission



D7F: One Submission

D8M: Two Submissions

D8F: One Submission

D9M: One Submission

D9F: One Submission

D10M: One Submission


D11M: One Submission

D11F: One Submission

D12M: One Submission

D12F: One Submission

Note: Could people please submit some tributes that genuinely deserve to be in the games. So far everyone has been too nice... :D

Hope you enjoy making some Memories! ;)

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