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Author has written 15 stories for Ninjago, Yandere Simulator, and Hunger Games.

Death of a Star Cast:

Blog link: deathofastar101 . blogspot . com

D1M: Prism Lazuli, 18 (District 9 Tribute)
Lapis Moniker, 28, Victor of the 91st Hunger Games
Vivian Shaw, 18 (66samvr)
Diane Bloom, 23, Victor of the 96th Hunger Games
Desdemona Rise, 64 (LadyCordeliaStuart)

D2M: Arietis Rammestien, 18 (66samvr)
Mentor: Brick Caviar, 20, Victor of the 99th Hunger Games
D2F: Olympia Bronze, 18 (AmericanPi)
Mentor: Lyme Sanchez, 67, Victor of the 51st Hunger Games
Escort: Prometheus Astro, 42 (District 9 Tribute)

D3M: Victor Perdue, 13 (AmericanPi)
Mentor: Bennet Etsaras, 32, Victor of the 87th Hunger Games
D3F: Mila Estedon, 16 (66samvr)
Mentor: Bennet Etsaras, 32, Victor of the 87th Hunger Games
Escort: Amalthea Latifolia, 21 (SilverFlowerxRavenpaw)

D4M: Cyclone Riel, 18 (LadyCordeliaStuart)
Mentor: Colby Dansing, 38, Victor of the 80th Hunger Games
D4F: Avonlea Headden, 18 (66samvr)
Mentor: Concha Shaw, 62, Victor of the 57th Hunger Games
Escort: Lavalleri Pareila, 72 (SilverFlowerxRavenpaw)

D5M: Ganbaatar Tarkhan, 17 (EvanPengu)
Mentor: Aaliyah Anderson, 38, Victor of the 79th Hunger Games
D5F: Loire Lemaire, 16 (66samvr)
Mentor: Alexia Anderson, 29, Victor of the 85th Hunger Games
Escort: Lunaris Stellar, 67 (Platrium

D6M: Walker Jeong, 13 (66samvr)
Mentor: Maxon Fletcher, 34, Victor of the 84th Hunger Games
D6F: Naomi Bishop, 17 (District 9 Tribute)
Mentor: Dolly Minell, 29, Victor of the 89th Hunger Games
Escort: Marcus Sconce, 29 (LadyCordeliaStuart)

D7M: Messier Chitra, 15 (66samvr)
Mentor: Baron LeRuble, 25, Victor of the 94th Hunger Games
D7F: Aisling Trier, 16 (LadyCordeliaStuart)
Mentor: Acacia Bell, 37, Victor of the 81st Hunger Games
Escort: Solana Stellar, 67 (AmericanPi)

D8M: Garnet Ashill, 16 (evanrules8)
Mentor: Tweed Barker, 69, Victor of the 47th Hunger Games
D8F: Ascella Fuhari, 15 (66samvr)
Mentor: Cassidy Tayori, 17, Victor of the 100th Hunger Games
Escort: Chyldryd Xelbis, 66 (SilverFlowerxRavenpaw)

D9M: Cameron Solidago, 12 (66samvr)
Mentor: Desmond Chong, 25, Victor of the 93rd Hunger Games
D9F: Grail Drowen, 18 (Willuna)
Mentor: Addison Warnes, 37, Victor of the 78th Hunger Games
Escort: Leonita Pantera, 47 (Willuna)

D10M: Hunter Appalachie, 17 (66samvr)
Mentor: Chater Lite, 25, Victor of the 90th Hunger Games
D10F: Linh Nguyen, 14 (Willuna)
Mentor: Murdoc Greevok, 36, Victor of the 83rd Hunger Games
Escort: Pazzo Crudele, 32 (Willuna)

D11M: Kerkylas Andros, 16 (SilverFlowerxRavenpaw)
Mentor: Oregano Upple, 31, Victor of the 86th Hunger Games
D11F: Coreopsis “Cora” Buchanan, 15 (66samvr)
Mentor: Paprika Carter, 59, Victor of the 60th Hunger Games
Escort: Verity Circus, 25 (District 9 Tribute)

D12M: Reggie Baxter, 18 (66samvr)
Mentor: Lark Riviere, 37, Victor of the 76th Hunger Games
D12F: Tati Vey, 14 (SilverFlowerxRavenpaw)
Mentor: Lark Riviere, 37, Victor of the 76th Hunger Games
Escort: Donnatricia Marabellium, 26 (Willuna)


Freedom is just another word for nothing left to lose

Well, we all shine on

Flying up through the air alone

Wake up kids, we got the dreamer's disease


I have a Discord server dedicated to my SYOTs, where we talk about them, liveblog, and share jokes and other creations! PM me for a link!

Hunger Games Tributes:

(If I've deleted a tribute, it's because the story is either discontinued, deleted, or abandoned. However, if the author is going on hiatus or does plan to continue the story, then there is an exception. Tributes with an R next to their names have been Resurrected.)

The M or F refers to the slot a tribute has taken up and not necessarily their actual gender.

NOTE (3/2/2022): As of this date, I am officially retired from submitting to SYOTs. I will not be submitting anymore characters to any new stories.

District 1:

Snake Nerd: Serpentine Dravil, 18, D1M, Changes (AmericanPi)

District 4:

The Sailor's Only Daughter: Beth Crissino, 17, D4F, Wandering Souls: The 68th Hunger Games (LadyCordeliaStuart)

Tributes Fighting For Their Lives:

Your Typical D2 Tribute: Vulcan Adamos, 18, D2M, Renegades: The 151st Hunger Games (TheEngineeringGames)
17/24 tributes remaining.

Didn't Win, But Still Alive:

Caused a ton of chaos but I'm not even mad: Junova "June" Parkers, 15, D10F, Mirage of Lies - the 73rd Games (Reader Castellan)
Placed 9/24.

Oyster Kid: Ridley Ostreuck, 18, D4F, Sons of Light: The 128th Hunger Games (CelticGames4)
Currently partaking in a rebellion.

The Graveyard:
If the story was summarized, tributes will only be listed here if they have been introduced in the story before the summary.

I now have all traditional placements!

My Favourite Meme Son II: Reefe Mordecai, 16, D4M, (R) Resurrection Resurrection (LadyCordeliaStuart) Placed 144/150.

Sunny but Sad Street Kid II: Dayley "Day" Harrvis, 13, D12M, (R) Resurrection Resurrection (LadyCordeliaStuart) Placed 46/150.

Annoying Attention Seeker: Nirvana "Vana" Challis, 15, D12F, 34th Hunger Games (EllaRoseEverdeen) Placed 25/25.

Sarcastic Alcoholic: Tony Dongalls, 17, D6M, Distorted: 16th Hunger Games (TheAmazingJAJ) Placed 24/25.

Excited but Brave: Leo "Zene" Dallwoods, 10, D2M, Honor Bound (FreshBreathofAir) Placed 23/48. (story summarized)

Quirky Bookworm: Twixton "Tweak" Delver, 12, D3M, Rising to Victory: The 19th Hunger Games (SilverFlowerxRavenpaw) Placed 23/24.

Lumberjack McLumberjack: Smith Bunyan, 18, D7M, The Noblest of Victories: The 237th Hunger Games (Of Myths and Men) Placed 23/24. (story summarized)

Screw Social Interaction: Dylan Buddard, 12, D9M, Circle of Life: The 51st Hunger Games. (LadyCordeliaStuart) Placed 23/24.

My Favourite Meme Son: Reefe Mordecai, 16 D4M, Survivor: 47th Hunger Games (LadyCordeliaStuart) Placed 22/24.

Abused and Addicted: Drenaline Fisher, 18, D6F, Make Me A Match (goldie031) Placed 21/24.

Complete Confusion: Audhild Olthono, 12, D9F, Bombs and Bullets (Paradigm of Writing) Placed 20/24.

Bitter Af: Trafalgar "Trav" Zaun, 15, D10M, Tempestas: The 189th Hunger Games (LongingForRomeo) Placed 20/24.

Singing Rebel: Fennel Rielman, 15, D7M, Rebellious Fate: the 2nd Hunger Games (66samvr) Placed 19/24.

Sunny but Sad Street Kid: Dayley "Day" Harrvis, 13, D12M, A Night To Remember: The 49th Hunger Games (LadyCordeliaSutart) Placed 19/24.

Clingy Af: Sparrow McKrail, 16, D7M, Running Man: The 20th Hunger Games (SliverFlowerxRavenpaw) Placed 18/24.

Politician Wannabe: Max Solstice, 16, D8M, Circle of Life: The 51st Hunger Games. (LadyCordeliaStuart) Placed 18/24.

Secret Agent Sav (Also, fuck Walden): Savile "Sav" Kigour, 13, D8M. Traveller: The 61st Hunger Games (CelticGames4) Placed 17/24.

Agoraphobic: Atkins Polliarc, 14, D10M, The Noblest of Victories: The 237th Hunger Games (Of Myths and Men) Placed 17/24. (story summarized)

Cute but Quiet Bean: Carol Walcott, 15, D10F, Bloodiness (Jolteon2404) Placed 17/24.

Confused Career: Cassiopeia Palassaqua, 17, D2F, Stores of Skill: The 23rd Hunger Games (SilverFlowerxRavenpaw) Placed 16/24.

Cowardly Magician: Mira Bevoire, 16, D3F, Distorted: 16th Hunger Games (TheAmazingJAJ) Placed 16/25.

Lazy Butt: Cody Ridges, 18, D10M, Caveat Lector: The 17th Hunger Games (TheAmazingJAJ) Placed 16/24.

Stubborn Fish Butcher: Shelldon Flanders, 18, D4M, The 70th Hunger Games (Oli2Fab4U) Placed 15/24.

Oof: Blake Calloun, 17, D4M, Tempestas: The 189th Hunger Games (LongingForRomeo) Placed 15/24.

What is Life? Micah Allsbury, 16, D10M, Ohana: The 100th Hunger Games(santiago.poncini20 and SilverFlowerxRavenpaw) Placed 15/24.

Circus Clown: Begonia Gallagher, 17, D11F, Never: The 41st Hunger Games (luka11303) Placed 15/24.

Sad Little Addict: Excel Witijenn, 13, D3M, CTTSAROTH: The 21st Hunger Games (SilverFlowerxRavenpaw) Placed 14/24.

Caring and Responsible: Weave Flasherett, 17, D8F, Make Me a Match (goldie031) Placed 13/24.

Cinnamon Roll Career: Marcus Vippina, 16, D2M, (Reaped) Honor Bound (FreshBreathofAir) Placed 12/48. (story summarized)

Just Wanted to Make Her Family Proud: Faustina Rouvin, 18, D2F, Bloodliness (Jolteon2404) Placed 12/24.

Golden Girl: Ciera Ocussia, 18, D11F, The Last of Us: The 102nd Hunger Games (david12341) Placed 12/24.

Spoiled Brat Everybody Loved to Hate: Graham Viarelli, 12, D1M. Reign (IVolunteerAsAuthor) Placed 11/24.

Sarcastic Ass With the Best/Weirdest Death Ever: Embry Calliston, 15, D8M, 100th Hunger Games (Dreaming of Starry Skies) Placed 11/24.

The Bitch is Back: Donnatella Bronos-Palassaqua, 17, D2F, Descent Into Madness (LadyCordeliaStuart) Placed 10/24.

Overprotective: Barret Walcott, 16, D10M, Bloodliness (Jolteon2404) Placed 10/24.

Survival Nut: Rivera "Vera" Sokanon, 58, D7F, The Victors: The 75th Hunger Games (TheBlaBla245) Placed 9/24.

Just Dang Lucky: Alys Lofric, 16 D12F, The 70th Hunger Games (Oli2Fab4U) Placed 9/24.

Mr. Nice Guy: Jasper Rance, 18, D1M, 34th Hunger Games (EllaRoseEverdeen) Placed 8/25.

Vr's Sad Boi: Gilbert Dongalls, 15, D6M, Caveat Lector: The 17th Hunger Games (TheAmazingJAJ) Placed 8/24.

Kinda Annoying but I Loved Him Anyway: Cyprian Tiber, 18, D2M, Never: The 41st Hunger Games (luka11303) Placed 7/24.

Insecure Career With an Embarrassing Secret: Aeson Humpford, 18, D2M, Hiraeth: The 22nd Hunger Games (TheAmazingJAJ) Placed 6/24.

Lazy Tattoo Artist: Hennessy Guevro, 17, D4M, The Noblest of Victories: The 237th Hunger Games (Of Myths and Men) Placed 6/24. (story summarized)

Gentle Giant: Veyron Maverick, 17, D6M, Chosen Warriors-35th Hunger Games (SexyBonBon) Placed 5/24.

Twisted: Lester Browning, 16, D3M, Swing Vote: The 66th Hunger Games (LadyCordeliaStuart) Placed 4/24.

Good Kid, Bad Choices: Percy Mordecai, 15, D4M, Let the Good Times Roll: The 60th Hunger Games (LadyCordeliaStuart) Placed 4/24.

Detached: Maurie Stafford, 22, D10M, Ohana: The 100th Hunger Games (santiago.poncini20 and SilverFlowerxRavenpaw) Placed 4/24.

The Victim of Fate: Coda Fukai, 14, D8M, Whims of Fate (CelticGames4) Placed 3/24.

Angery Drummer Turned Killer: Whyllis Shears, 17, D10M, Rainbows and Storms (66samvr) Placed 3/24.

Trapped Under a Legacy: Pandora Pontius, 18, D1F, The Hours: The Third Quarter Quell (AmericanPi) Placed 2/24. (story summarized)

Surprising and Sneaky Victor: Duncan Dockley, 37, D5M, The Victors: The 75th Hunger Games (TheBlaBla245) Placed 2/24.

Mama Bear: Iroha Kinoshita, 18, D6F, Legacy: The 137th Hunger Games (TheEngineeringGames) Placed 2/24.

Victors Village:

The Surviving Brother: Fabian Rouvin, 16, D2M, Bloodliness (Jolteon2404)
Kills: 2.

Placed 1/24.

Recovered and Ready: Rodney "Rod" Sanchez, 18, D6M, Running Man: The 20th Hunger Games (SilverFlowerxRavenpaw)
Kills: 3.

Placed 1/24.

My Disastrous Daughter: Isa James, 15, D6F. Distorted: 16th Hunger Games (TheAmazingJAJ)
Kills: 2.

Placed 1/25.

SYOT Victors

I put her through so much lmao: Vera-Ryanna Kingsley, 15, D10F, Rainbows and Storms (66samvr)
Kills: 2

Placed 1/24.

Listed here for archive purposes and simply because I don't know where else to put her lol. Started out as a self-insert to try a brand new SYOT format and ended up developing into her own character.

Sort: Category . Published . Updated . Title . Words . Chapters . Reviews . Status .

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