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I have decided to completely start from scratch so my stories have been deleted for revision and further planning. They should be back relatively soon.

Basic Information

Name: Kathryne

Age: 13

Appearance: A green-eyed blond with glasses and braces.

Home: Kentucky. However I am not a hillbilly, redneck, or hick and don't appreciate it when people call me things like that.

That's about all I think you need to know about me. I just started this and my stories over. Both needed major revision. On to the things that have to do with my stories!

Fixing the Future

This will hopefully be reposted soon though I won't guarantee anything especially with testing coming up.

A Whole New World

This stories reposting depends on it responding well to editing or me at least getting more ideas. Once agian no guarantees.

A Sapphire in the Ashes

This story is most likely to be reposted and will hopefully be up soon. I have some ideas that are chasing their way around my head so we'll see if they develop.

Pairings I Like


Alanna/Jon It is possible to like both, really it is!




Kel/Roald don't get mad at me for that



Briar/Tris though you don't see as much of that. I know they're siblings but it just seems to fit.

Some femmeslash.

Pairings I Don't Like

If you like these pairings fine. You are entitled to your opinions. But in exchange for that courtesy allow me to keep mine.


Aly/Kyprioth I've seen some okay ones but its not one I really like

Daine/Ozorne, Kaddar, basically anyone except Numair.

Kel/Cleon I used to like this one and I still do in the books, but not on fanfiction.

Briar/Sandry I just like Briar/Tris better

Male slash period.

Others I can't think of.

On the issue of slash. I have nothing against anyone who is gay. They are entitled to there way of life just like the rest of us. I just don't particularly like to read about it. Hints, referring to it, whatever I just don't like details. Once again you are entitled to your opinions just leave mine alone.

That's all I can think of for now. I'll see if I can't get my stories reposted soon. Until then.

Musical Kat

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