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Untitled #1

Trigon wishes to come back. And since Raven is too powerful to be his portal, well, he'll just have to make a new one. Not to mention a new breed of demonic servants. He's not finished with Slade, much to his annoyance, and has set his sights on a Titan again.

Robin walked into the room with a look of extreme annoyance on his face. There was nothing he hated more than being wrong. Well, execept maybe losing. But being wrong was right behind that. Not only did he dislike it because it meant that he was in fact wrong, he disliked it because it meant that what he thought, the opposite came true. Trigon should not still be a problem to them. In truth, they didn't have to do anything about this. But that wasn't how they worked. Especially not when one of their own was involved. Robin was naturally protective over those who could not protect themselves. But when it came to his friends and teammates, he could be downright radical in his actions.

His annoyance became a blank face as he peered into the three inch thick, bulletproof glass in front of him. There he sat, looking less than completely relaxed, but hardly apprehensive. His arch-enemy. His personal pain in the ass with a penchent for destruction and mind games. Misery his favorite pastime with a hobby of pain. There were many things this man deserved, many things that he should have to deal with. But now wasn't the time to delve into them. Someone else's life, body and sanity was on the line. And damned if he was going to let another Titan fall to him.

White lensed eyes turned to his best friend in questioning. Cyborg had a somber look on his face; the same one that had replaced his shocked, then enraged face from earlier. Now he seemed to have a cold cap over all that hot anger. Robin didn't recall ever seeing him that angry. His eyes were focused on the screen in his arm and the one on the wall next to the pane of glass. Neither of them ever thought they would have Slade of all people in their observation rooms like this.

" How is he? "

" Hasn't moved from that spot. Not until you came in, he wasn't even looking over here. "

It was true. With the addition of the Boy Wonder, Slade's single eye had locked onto his position and didn't seem likely that he would just let him go. His form was as still as it ever was, one leg bent up to his chest, the other on its side. His head had been against the wall, but now something had his attention. He made no other moves, had nothing to say, but simply watched Robin unblinkingly.

" Why's he staring like that? You got a problem! Something you want to say to me! You might as well tell us what you know, you're NOT going to get her! "

If it hadn't been for the thickness of the glass to slow him down, and Cyborg's yanking him backwards, Robin probably would be sporting more than a gaping hole in the front of his uniform. In front of him, the three inch thick, bulletproof glass had splintered and bent outwards from the impact. Slade's arm was sticking through it, the black and yellow R impaled on his fingers. Somehow, he had moved from across the room and managed to penetrate the glass faster than Robin had ever seen him move. Slowly, he withdrew his arm, glass shards sprinkling everywhere as he did so; and removed the tattered cloth from his hand. Single black hue continued to regard Robin blankly. Both Cyborg and Robin backed up further, neither wishing to test what else Slade was willing to do. This seemed to satisfy him, as instead of taking up residence near the hole in the glass, he resumed his previous placement near the back of the room on the right side.


Control Freak wasn't the only one with a test for the Titans East. But this one is just for the leader. The initiation for a leader. Facing up your greatest enemy.

" You are not a leader. You're a tainted little girl, playing hero when you want to be the villain."

" Oh yeah? Well you talk too much! "


" Oof! "

"How's that for a tainted little girl? You think you're smart, but who the hell do you think you're talking to? I'm not the little emo Boy Wonder here to crumble under your words and mindfucks. I'm here to kick your ass! So don't act like you know me like that! "

" On the contrary, Karen...I know everything. "

" Then I suggest you start running before I do this! "

Bonds That Hold

Bumblebee has done the unthinkable. She's caught Slade. In the tower. By herself. Without Robin or Titans West. She and her team are quite proud. But seeing as it's just Friday, they've got to hold him until the courthouse opens on Monday. Sending him to jail affords him too much of an opportunity to escape.

But Slade's solitare hue is focused solely on her. And the intensity is starting to become overwhelming. It's pretty bad when you forget that you're a superhero, but also a woman. It's twice as bad when it's a supervillain that reminds you. It's three times as bad when the bonds that hold the woman back, start to fail for said supervillain.

She could feel his warm breath ghosting through the vents in his mask. It rolled over her skin and rose goosebumps in its wake. He was so close. So very close. The room felt heated, she would swear there was a fire beyond the walls. His arms were bound behind his back, so he couldn't touch her, with his hands that is. Not that she needed the extra stimulation. The material of his suit and her sweater did nothing to hide the feel of his body. Not to mention her bare midriff. He was warm in the steel room, and he smelled really good.

' Cologne? On a bad guy? Damn, he smells good...'

As close as he was, he moved just a bit closer. Now her body was pressed between his own and the wall. Cold steel pressed against her back, also to the side of her face, as he leaned down. How long had it been since she'd felt like this with a man? Never. Her past threatened to come to the surface, and apparently, it was obvious as he did something with his pelvis and shoved her up against the wall. Her legs found purchase around his waist; further chilled by the protective metal he wore over his midsection. The weight of his utility belt around her own waist was there no more. But on the ground where she had been standing. He'd removed it...somehow. She didn't couldn't even think of how, nor could she bring herself to care. Her skin burned where they touched, and her hands were having the absolute hardest time not taking hold of his shoulders.

" You want this..." His voice whispered against her skin. She knew he could feel her form shiver against his own. There was no use trying to hide his effect on her this time.

" N-no..." But there was always denying it.

All that got her was another hitch of his hips; elicting a squeak from her. This time her hands did grab onto his shoulders. The man could lift her entire body weight with just his pelvis. She figured she'd better hang onto something. " Liar..."

" You're...making me want this...Want you..."

" You're a woman, Karen. You've got wants, dreams, fantasies...You deny them for this city. Your duty. As honorable as that is, your duty can't satisfy you. " A grunt, and she was moved against the wall again. His voice changed, a low growl underlying his tone, " But I can..."

Untitled #2

It all started with a simple battle. A battle that got out of hand. Science and stubborn-ness do not mix. So now, an enemy, a rogue, a thief and a half-blood are stuck in Alterworld with no feasible way back. And nothing but each other to depend on. Two can't stop arguing, the other two can't start talking. Not to mention there might be a time limit on how long they have to return home.

" Those two won't stop arguing even to defend themselves. "

" Yeah...but they're still doing pretty good at both. "


" Aah! "

" ...She's not supposed to hit him too. "

" I bet you'll hold a tree branch back next time! Asshole..."

Untitled #3

Trion Roth killed Arella Roth. Right in front of their child. A few years went by. Raven, the child, hear voices. When the voice in her head tells her to, Raven Roth kills Trion Roth. Found guilty, but with circumstances, Raven is sentenced to spend most of her adult life in an asylum. In the asylum, she meets an odd, and somewhat non-existant depending on who you ask, group of people.

Dick " Red Robin " Grayson -- Split Personality Disorder/Pyromania.

Garfield " Beastie Boy " Logan -- Schizotypal Personality Disorder.

Roy " Speedy " Harper -- Antisocial Personality Disorder/Pyromania.

" Slade Wilson " -- Robin's alternate personality. Sociopath/Pyromaniac.

" Karen " -- Raven's alternate personality. Sociopath/Paranoid.

Terra Markov -- Histrionic Personality Disorder.

Nathaniel Blood - Lead Psychiatrist/Therapist.

Raven Roth -- Split Personality Disorder/Avoidant Disorder.

While Raven herself is no one to judge, there's something going on here, that isn't quite standard. Diagnosis' are close, but not everyone is what they seem. People can change. Just because you're broken doesn't mean you can't be fixed. This especially becomes clear when she captures the attention of the others by being the " new girl ".

Over there in the corner, they tell me that guy's Red Robin. He's your typical teenage type. He looks like he could be cute, if I were one of those girl-types. Black hair mussed up, lazy blue eyes not deeming anything worthy enough for attention. They call him Red Robin because when the police found him he was covered in blood. Some guys broke into his house, high off their asses, and ended up killing everyone but him. He tracked them down and made them pay. Only he doesn't remember it. And if he did, he didn't care. They broke into his home and violated his sanctity. Such things could never be tolerated. His family was at fault for dying. Three of them, two of the guys. He has no feelings of the event. I hear Karen say he's a lazy sociopath.

Then there's that guy next to Robin. His name is Roy, but everyone calls him Speedy. They call him that because of his mood swings, zero to pissed off in twelve seconds flat. And he's the fastest patient when it comes to getting away from the orderlies. He's real loud most of the time, when he's trying to start something. Or he thinks things are boring. Speedy's got a smoking problem. Him and Robin both smoke in their rooms though we're not really supposed to. I hear Karen say they can't come into our room because they do smoke and she doesn't like it. Smoke is bad for me, and she won't let them ruin our lungs.

Gar's rolling around the floor in the common room, I think he's an armadillo this time. He's not making any noise, so I could be right. He's all curled up. He thinks he's every animal under the sun. His parents dropped him off here one day and never came back. They just pay from a distance and never come see him. He's a nice guy, cute in the child sort of way. Because he never really fully developed mentally. Or that's what Karen tells me. I'm glad Speedy and Robin aren't the types to just pick on him. They don't think he's important enough, or they just find amusement in his antics long enough they don't need to hurt him. Or he isn't around when the urge is there.

From what other people tell me, Red Robin is the one you have to watch out for. Not him specifically, because he isn't really all that dangerous. He dismisses everything, walking through life in a haze of uncaring and mastered carelessness. It's when you get on his bad side that you have to worry about. Then Robin " goes away " , and someone new comes. Slade...Everytime Slade comes out, Robin disappears for weeks at a time; locked away as punishment for actions he may or may not have had a hand in. New orderlies have to be brought in as the old ones aren't very useful anymore. He's the one everyone is careful not to piss off. Even Speedy isn't stupid enough to try anything on him. The way the doctors are careful. The way he has basic free reign, as long as he isn't violent. This isn't the way a normal asylum is supposed to be run. It's like the people here don't care if we get better or not. They just...need this as a place to put us away. One psychiatrist is not enough for all the things we have and disorders.

I know this because Karen knows this.

I would be nervous, but there is no need. I have Karen. I will always have Karen. She's my friend. She's my guardian. She's my sister. She's my shadow. She's my better half. She's everything I wish I could be. Karen says what I can't say without worrying about what will happen. Karen won't ever ignore me. Karen won't reject me. Karen won't say things about me. Karen made Daddy go away. The same way Daddy made Mommy go away. I won't let them take her from me like that. I need Karen. She's different. She's special. She's not just a voice in my head created by my insecurities until she became an entity all her own. She does not wish to take over and move me out. She's never once tried to hurt me. But they don't understand.

They probably will never understand.

I hear Karen snort. She doesn't want me to get too close to Speedy and Robin. If it's absolutely necessary, I'll have to go to sleep. And she will take care of them. I ask if she's worried about Slade, or even afraid of him? From what we know and see, he is not someone to be fucked with. But Karen has no fear. Because she has no fear, I have no fear.

And it's a good thing too. Those lazy blues just locked onto me.

" Hey...New girl... "

Untitled #4

He's never had to ask for help. She's not used to giving it. Both of them are in this together.

" His powers are going out of his control. It's too much, too fast, he can't handle it all! "

The very ground itself was being lifted up, through the tar of the street. Building foundations were cracking and breaking apart, the very bricks holding them together were seperating. All around him, a ring of his power drawing itself in the ground, then shot up straight into the sky. The clouds parted around the beam of light and pure power; swirling along the outside of it. The blue coloring of the sky darkened until it was that same red from their nightmare with her father. The red demonic energy was bleeding through.

He was doubled over in the center of the street, his power ripping itself from his body in its attempt to be free. Red, black and white waves of energy wavered and flicked from his body, licking at the air as they reached outward. His arms crossed over his midsection in an effort to contain the searing pain of the power thrusted itself from his being; reaching out from his soul. They could only watch helplessly as he fell to his knees and a roar of pure power erupted from his body. The energy around him swirled to a head and evacuated his body to the ground in a ring around him. Rotating faster and faster, the light they created shot up behind the original ring of light. Somehow he managed to hold his head up, wide white-coated eyes looking blankly in the direction they happened to be standing at. Another boom of power, and his head was thrown back, light shooting out from his eyes and mouth to tear through his mask.


Just as his body started to straighten and lift up off the ground, the energy storm began to wane. Red lightening lessened in its intensity until it ceased altogether. The first light ring in the sky started to come back down, and the secondary ring of color lowered his body back onto his feet. The sky returned to it's normal blue hue, but the destruction leftover betrayed the peace the color expressed. The signs of power from his face dimmed until he was no longer glowing. He stood shakily, wavering until his eyes opened half-way. Raven doubted he could see clearly or even was looking at anything. They all proceeded to rush over once it became apparent, he was about to pass out.

" Help me..."

Girl Talk

These types of things wouldn't happen if boys weren't so curious and girls got to have a little privacy.

" Thank God for tight material..."

" I second that. "

" We should get behind him one day and take a good long look..."

" You're horrible. "

" You'd so do it with me. "

Untitled #5

There was a prophecy, their world would fall to the anger of a single being. A woman scorned. A single element her rage, taking over and burying all things in her path. The only chance of stopping her, the three super powers of another world. Connected at their base to stand together against her tyranny and free their world from her destructive grasp.

" I don't think you're her type. "

" Excuse me? "

" You keep looking at her. I don't think she's interested in someone like you. You don't exactly have the best track records with females. "

" I'm sure you think that's very funny. Unlike you, I manage to think beyond my horomones and emotions. How do you even know she can be trusted? "

He blinked. How did he know? It was second nature. If she was something dangerous, she would have shown herself to be as such much sooner than now. What was the point in waiting? She didn't have anything she couldn't get by acting on them sooner. What would be the point? " Are you trying to play with my mind? She's not like you. "

" So quick you are to forget our first encounter. Those men around her weren't unconscious. We nearly joined them. How many of your friends would so easily use fatal manuvers? There's still the matter of those powers she inherited. "

" What exactly are you trying to say? "

" Simply put. I can trust you. You can't trust me. But neither of us can trust her. "


She didn't even have to turn around to know that he was there. It wasn't hard to feel his presence at her back. His mask prevented her from confirmation, but she was positive his eyes were bearing into her back with determination. Her arms rubbed at each other; her wings fluttering with each rise and fall of her breast. Her bravery couldn't protect her from him. Her abilities wouldn't be enough to erase his knowledge. There wasn't much she could do to him that would leave her with nothing hanging over her head. Not that he was going that far, daring to expose her. Both of them knew that would be the erroneous thing to do; and would lead him to a great deal of pain.

He was crouched on the rail of the balcony, his tattered cape swaying in the wind. Bleach white skull mask facing her direction with little emotion showing through. His hands hung in front of him; but by no means left him helpless. His arms rested over his knees, hidden pressure points in his gloves always battle ready should someone decide to intrude on his conversation.

" You belong to me, " His distorted voice didn't hide the true meaning behind the words, " I won't let you go so easily. "

" I'm not a possession. Not anymore. " Her hand balled into a fist; conscious shoving back the memories that fought to come to the surface. Maybe she owed him, maybe she didn't. He wasn't the most pressing problem in her mind. There were more damaging things she had to think of, " There's nothing you can do about this anyway. You're part is long over. "

" He won't get you again. You were their jewel. I stole you. You're mine now. No one's taking you away from me. "

" Don't sound so sure of yourself. "

" Queenie, I don't have a choice. I'm a thief. All I have are my stolen goods and my confidence. "

" Stolen goods, am I? "

" Absotively posolutely. You're stolen and you're good. I don't go for cheap stuff you know. I like priceless things, hard to come by, one in a million and shit like that. One of a kind. "

" And what kind am I? "

" Mine. "

The Speed of Love/Heart Miles Per Hour

It was a hard decision to enforce. But it had to be done. It wasn't her idea in the first place, and she was the leader, so it was her responsibility no matter what. Mas y Menos had to go. Suspension until they were older and had more training. The superhero gig was hard enough for the adults, unbelievable on teenagers, she would not have it on her shoulders what happened to those kids. But with that empty space, another member is needed. Hence her recruiting Kid Flash. Wally has no problem, after all a beautiful boss babe wants him on her team, AND she can kick his ass? Sounds like a match made in heaven. But...Speedy has a real big problem with this?

" How can you do this? They are a part of our team! "

" That's exactly why. This team. They can't be on this team anymore. You don't like it, you can leave with them. No one is forcing anyone else to stay. "

" But we can force someone to go? " Speedy pipped from his sulking position on the couch. He wasn't too happy with it, he was used to Mas y Menos, whoever this could be next or not be threatened team mechanics. And the boys liked to follow him around and imitate him. It was critical to his ego that people flatter him. Now what was he supposed to do in the Tower? Bumblebee wouldn't let him bring girls there.

" Yes, -I- -can-. I'm the leader. I'm making the decision. You don't have to like it, it's not your call. You don't like my decision, leave. Go with them and watch over them. But we don't have time to get them out of the line of fire. "

" The danger's still gonna be there. It always will. "

" Exactly. The danger will always be here. They won't miss anything. It will still be here when they're older. They. Can. Wait. "

Aqualad sighed, " I just don't like it. "

" You'll get over it. We're getting a replacement. This is just safer. "

" How?! We're short two speedsters. "

" This is why I've gotten the replacement, " Turning her form to face the door, Bumblebee stalked over to stick her head around the corner. She spoke to someone outside, then the next thing Aqualad knew, there was a yellow flash and Bumblebee was in the arms a blue-eyed red-head. The boy shamelessly had the leader of Titans East leaned over his arm and in the perfect position for a heroic kiss. Which was blocked by the electronic clipboard in her hands. But the boy wasn't deterred in the least, merely suffering interference.

" Thought you'd never get to me, babe. So are these the new digs? Wicked. Where's our room? "

Bumblebee's slight embarrassment and more than slight annoyance, but generous amusement kept her from belting the boy. Aqualad just blinked a few times and tried to make sense of what just happened before his eyes. Speedy on the other hand was past his sulking mood and more in a mood for glaring at the redhead who would dare handle his boss like that. " What the hell is that? "

" This, " There was a note that Bumblebee caught his choice of words for what it was, " is our newest member. Wally West. " Her hands shoved at his shoulders and chest to gain her freedom. Now she stood upright and dusted herself off. The impish redhead just threw an arm over her shoulders. Speedy twitched and snorted. He could understand why she made the decision she did about Mas y Menos, he didn't want anything to happen to the boys. And given the superhero business, there were bound to be things that would scar them. There were just things you are and aren't ready for.

But this guy, this guy was just trouble. Speedy could tell he obviously had some ability, otherwise Bumblebee would have killed him already for putting his hands on her like that. " What does a Wally West do? "

Flash flashed a proud smirk at Aqualad and Speedy; lingering at the latter given his general and obvious annoyance. " That's Kid Flash to you, Slowpoke. And I make you look bad."


" You don't understand! None of you understand! Valerie is my responsibility! She was part of the community I protected. And it's my fault she's outted. Her rage is my fault. I accept full blame, in doing so, I'm going to make it up to her. I know what I'm doing. If I can protect her long enough for her to reach full potential, I might not even have to be Danny Phantom anymore. Do you know what that could mean? No more Box Ghost, no more Skulker, no more Ember, no more Spectra. Valerie's good already. In a year or so...she'll be a master. "

" And you don't see anything wrong with it? How long do you think she'll let you watch her back before she stabs you in yours? Danny, part of the reason she's doing all this is so she can get to you! You're going to give her exactly what she wants. Are you looking to get blasted?! " Tucker made a point, by showing the simulated reaction of the huntress finding him once again.

" If that's what she really wants. But I don't think it is. "

Sam's arms were flailing at this point. " Danny, this is insane! Listen to your friends, we're only- "

" Listen to my friends? Why should I? You're not listening to me! How many times have I told you, she's not that bad a person. She's certainly a better class of person than Vlad is. She wants to destroy me. Because she's angry. When you two are angry at some player or enemy on Doomed, what's the first thing you do to it? If it makes you use or lose your latest upgrade or item, what do you do? "

Both of them, shared a look, then blinked. " But Danny, that's not the same thing- "

" I didn't ask you that. What would you do? You'd destroy it, wouldn't you? She's reacting like a human. Given time, I think she'll be okay. "

Sam could only sigh and press a hand to her forehead. " And if not? "

" If not, then, it will stay like this. I'll continue to look out for her. "

This time, Tucker interjected. " Dude, c'mon. She wouldn't do the same for you. "

" She would if she knew it was me. Sam and you, not so much. But you can't blame her. " The barb was intended, a slight flash of green carrying with it. Tucker and Sam blinked; wondering if he had said that to them or it was their imaginations. Sam shook her head, this was getting out of hand. His behavioral changes, his overprotectiveness, his possessiveness, his temper; it was all getting away from him. Her hand was placed on his shoulder as she tried to get him to look at her.

" Danny, you're haunting her! This is your ghost instincts messing with your head. This is not what you want to do. You don't act like this Danny. You've got to stay away from Valerie before someone gets hurt or something bad happens. "

The bright green of his eyes remained this time as his arm whipped out to knock hers from his shoulder. " Never! "

It was true, he probably should have left Valerie there, to wake up on her own and return home. But that just wasn't something he felt secure in doing. The tight material of her ghost suit shined a little less in places where the blast had connected. The pink lines ran a little slower with energy and her mental control. The red smudge on the top of her forehead was still present, and it's existence annoyed Danny to no end. Twitching his lips, his eyes focused on the path he was taking towards her home. Honeslty, he was taking his time. He hadn't gotten a chance to carry her in this suit. How many times had he thought about this? Carrying her home, his home, her home, their home. The thought stung, but it was somewhat comforting to at least pretend...

" I'm sorry I let him get to you, Valerie. When I started doing this, I had no idea anything like this cycle of events would happen. You have to believe, I wasn't trying to destroy your life. I'm glad it happened, because...we had what we had. And still have. If given the second chance, I don't know that wouldn't have done something different. Maybe done it sooner. But you have to know, I would never do anything to hurt you Valerie. I care about you. I know you're a good person. And angry, good person. Which is why I can only tell you this while you're an unconscious, angry, good person. But progress is progress, right? "

The hunter in his arms was no unconscious however. She heard every word. Her initial plan had been to wait for him to fly away, then blast him in the back or the leg. His bridal carry of her was a surprise. But it could prove useful to find out where his lair was. Just finding out now that he wasn't going there, he was taking her home was disappointing, but it didn't have its total setup points. But what was he talking about? They never had anything. He cared! Did the ghost have her confused with someone else? Possibly forgot her name and confused her with Paulina, but then, he hadn't done anything in her life too terrible. It must have been a trick. A test to see if she was really unconscious.

" I was the first one to hurt you like that. And I'll be the last person to hurt you like that again. I'm plenty brave when someone's shooting at you or me. But telling you that I protect you from these things, I'm scared to death. I don't think you'd take too well to that. You're beautiful when you're angry, but you're very dangerous. " A chuckle, and he shifted her weight to hold her closer to himself. The sigh that left his lips was a happy one. After all, he would have to put her down eventually, she would wake up. And all he would have left would be the memory and the tingly feeling of where only their suits seperated them from each other.

What Would Happen If We Kissed?

There's a dance at Amity Park High. Everybody's who's anybody is going to be there. And even some hopefuls. Sam doesn't 'want' to go but she 'hopes' Danny asks her. Tucker wants to ask Star and he 'hopes she says yes. Paulina has turned down all dates, 'hoping' that Inviso-Bill will come and ask her. Danny just 'hopes' he can make it without any ghost bits and goo going everywhere.Valerie just 'hopes' Star quits bugging her about it, and Danny doesn't ask Sam.

Valerie couldn't believe this. The audacity of this ghost! Who the hell did he think he was? Invisio-Bill. Danny Phantom. His name was trouble with a capital G. But what drove her so crazy at the moment, was how close he was and how people were crowded around them. She couldn't risk trying to attack him here, now. Someone would get hurt. And this time it would be her fault. That's all she needed. The other thing that made her crazy, was his chilling arm hooking hers, and his infuriating grin. He was enjoying this.

Damn her father for making her promise no ghost hunting tonight!

At least this night wasn't without it's perks. Although she hated the boy, she had him and Paulina didn't. That was a priceless look on her face when 'Inviso-Bill' floated in, bowed to her and asked for her hand. All with that smug grin on his face. What could she say? If he danced with someone else, he could hurt them. At least this way, she could keep an eye on him. Somewhere in her mind, she knew she should be worried about Danny seeing. But what the hell did she care? He had asked Sam. Not even got a chance to be rejected by Paulina. He had asked Sam.

Even if she didn't like the air he didn't breathe, Valerie pressed a little closer to Phantom. She hoped Danny was watching and felt the same way she did when he walked in with Sam, and she saw. She thought the note had been from him. A cruel trick, she wondered if it had been Sam and Tucker's idea.

" You're thinking. You shouldn't be thinking. Live for the moment Valerie. Take it from a ghost. "

" I take nothing from ghosts, you filthy anomaly. "

The grin on his face just widened.


Always open to talking about ideas or requests done with reciprocation.

Busy Bee Challenge

Bumblebee is an extremely independent person. She helped build HIVE, she tailed Bloody by herself, and she leads a team full of males with little to no problems.

The last thing she wants is help.

Especially not from a villain she doesn't even know.

Post " For Real " Pre " Calling All Titans "


Bumblebee has to accept help from Slade. From there, it's entirely up to you what happens next.


Must include 7 of--

1. " Did you take asshole lessons or were you always this way? "

2. " Just call my name. You'll be okay. "

3. A Dance Dance Revolution machine/Lip-syncing to music. (You heard me.)

4. " Friends help you move. Real friends help you move bodies. "

5. " You're about to become a strange stain on the pavement. "

6. Bumblebee with an injury.

7. " How come even in crime-fighting everyone's a jerk? "

8. " Any part of you that touches me, you're not getting back. "

9. A flirtatious Speedy.

10. " I hate Mondays. "

11. " I told you my Kung Fu is better! "

12. Referrence to her time spent in HIVE/His helping defeat Trigon.

13. " What the hell was that? You're a horrible superhero! "

14. " Why don't you click your heels three times and go to Hell? "

Preggers Project/"Keep Out Of Reach Of Small Children" Challenge

Simple really.

One or all of the Titan females - (Starfire, Raven, Bumblebee, Terra.) - Either pregnant, or having already reared the child of--

I shouldn't even have to tell you this. But I will anyway.


It's no secret, I don't particularly enjoy Starfire or Terra even existing. But the thought of a tiny Slade-child running about and the potential for comedic effect just makes me gigglefit.


The snort that forced itself out was more amused than he probably appreciated. " What's the matter? "

The villain merely narrowed his eye at her. As if the simple action conveyed,"How dare you even ask me that." Arms folded over a massive chest, and she assumed he was making some sort of distasteful face at her under his mask. Because supervillains do not pout. " It keeps making noises at me, every time I get close to it. "

" He, Slade. It's a he. "

" Whatever. It is noisy. "

Her hands rested on her hips, looking over the other with still amusement, but the patience of a mother. " You don't remember, but you may have been just as noisy. He is half your genetic make-up. "

The look on his face shifted to what she guessed was,"Excuse me?" His eye un-narrowed as he regarded her. " My genes are not so noisy. "

" He's happy to see his daddy, he's supposed to make noises at you. "

The snort came from him this time, and his arms dropped to his sides. " Must be from your side of the family. "

The insectoid hybrid bristled somewhat. " Hey! What's that's supposed to mean?! Are you calling my family loud?! "

When he didn't respond, she assumed he had conceded to her accusation and wasn't going to give her an answer as such. Wings stopped buzzing in her irritation and she turned her back to tend to the curious child watching the whole exchange with interest.

" Buzz. Buzz. "

He thought it comical that he could almost see the exclamation point appear over her head." I heard that, Slade! "

" I bet you did. "

Lots of old TT stuff I still carry with me. I don't know what's going to happen to it. If anything'll ever happen to it. Can't bring myself to erase it, you see. But my TT muses are not with me anymore. I seem to have unintentionally given myself Deadpool fever, and in turn, passed that along to Storm, who has become the other half in my apparent creation and new OTP. I don't know who's more nuts, you readin' people for asking for more, or me for coming up with it in the first place and giving it to you.

Oh well.

It'll be a nice ride.

" Today I fell, and felt better. Just knowing this matters, I just feel stronger. And SHI-AR-PER! Found a box of sharp objects, what a beautiful THI~NG! "

--The Used.

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