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This, instead of being used as a profile about myself, is going to be used as a sort of...story profile for each of my fanfictions. There's going to be a section about the Sennen Items and their owners (Yuugiou) and a miscellaneous section about me at the end.

With that in mind, let's proceed, shall we?

--As of July 21, 2006--

Yuugiou - More Than Life Itself (Part I)
Status -
Fiction Rated - T
Genre - Romance/Tragedy
Words -Twenty-eight thousand three hundred forty-two (28,342)
Chapters - Six (6)
Reviews - Fifty-eight (58)
Hits - Nine hundred forty-eight (948)
Updated - June 6, 2006
Published - June 20, 2005
Characters - The entire Pharaoh's Court (Atemu Atem/Yami no Yuugi/Yami Yuugi, Seth Set/Seto, Isis Aishizu/Aishisu, Akunadin Aknadin/Akhenaden, Mahaado Mahaad/Mahad/Mahado, Shaada Shada/Shaadah/Shadah, Karim Kalim, and Siamun Shimon) Akifa (Thief Bakura), Mana, Kisara, and Akunumkanon.
Pairing - High Priest Seth/High Priestess Isis (Logicshipping)
Warnings - Character death, spoilers (if you haven't read the manga or seen the anime), slight out of characterness.

Yuugiou- A Second Chance To Say Goodbye (Part II)
On hold until prequel is finished.

Yuugiou- For Your Sake (Previously known as An Encounter Unforeseen)
Status - Complete (Rewritten)
Fiction Rated - K+
Genre - Angst/Drama
Words - Three thousand three hundred fifteen (3,315)
Chapters - One (1) (One Shot)
Reviews - Four (4)
Hits - Forty-nine
Updated - July 5, 2006
Published - July 5, 2006
Characters - Well, you decide for yourself.
Pairing - Paringless
Warnings - Dramatic plot change, slight out of characterness.

Yuugiou- Only Time Will Tell - Deleted (I hated what I did with the story so I deleted it. Sorry to those of you that reviewed and added the story to your favorite's list. I hope I can post it up again, but well..only time well tell. Heh.)

Proposed Stories

Yuugiou (Not Necessarily In This Order) -

A Thorn Through Your Heart

The Complications of Commitment

The Present Past

Vows of Implicit Love

For all of you that don't know much about Yuugiou in Ancient Egypt, here's the basics:

Sennen/Millenium Item Owners (In the Present and Past):

Sennen Puzzle:
Ancient Egyptian Owner - Pharaoh Atemu
Current Owner - Mutou Yuugi
Reincarnation of Ancient Egyptian Owner - MutouYuugi (The Pharaoh dwells inside of the Sennen Puzzle)

Sennen Rod:
Ancient Egyptian Owner - High Priest Seth
Current Owner - Malik/Marik (Yami no Malik/Marik as well) Ishtar (The Sennen Rod is in the Pharaoh's possession now)
Reincarnation of Ancient Egyptian Owner - Kaiba Seto

Sennen Tauk:
Ancient Egyptian Owner - High Priestess Isis
Current Owner - Ishizu/Isis Ishtar/Ishtahl (The Sennen Tauk is in the Pharaoh's possession now)
Reincarnation of Ancient Egyptian Owner - Ishizu Ishtar

Sennen Ring:
Ancient Egyptian Owner - Priest Mahaado
Current Owner - Bakura Ryou(Akifa dwells inside of the Sennen Ring)
Reincarnation of Ancient Egyptian Owner - The Dark/Black Magician

Sennen Ankh:
Ancient Egyptian Owner - Priest Shaada
Current Owner - Shadi
Reincarnation of Ancient Egyptian Owner - Shadi

Sennen Scale:
Ancient Egyptian Owner - Priest Karim
Current Owner - Unknown (Most likely Shadi)
Reincarnation of Ancient Egyptian Owner - Unknown

Sennen Eye:
Ancient Egyptian Owner - Priest Akunadin
Current Owner - Pegasus J. Crawford (The Sennen Eye is in Yami no Bakura/Akifa's possession now)
Reincarnation of Ancient Egyptian Owner - Malik and Ishizu's deceased father?

Other Loyal Subjects:

Reincarnation of Ancient Egyptian Subject - The Dark/Black Magician Girl

Reincarnation of Ancient Egyptian Subject - Is said to be the present-day Spirit of the Blue Eyes White Dragon. (Ironic although how 4Kids Kaiba always refers to the Blue Eyes as a male.)


Akifa/Tomb-Robber Bakura/Zork (In Manga):
Reincarnation of Ancient Egyptian Villain - Bakura Ryou (Akifa is Ryou's darker half)

--Thus ends this session of Yuugiou Egyptology 411 (from what I know). If you have anymore questions, or if I have a gramatical/misinformed error, feel free to e-mail me.

Miscellaneous: (Warning: Everything posted below is solely my opinion. Please don't take anything offensively. Thank you in advance.)

Yuugiou - I hate the dub. I absolutely despise 4Kids Animation. Nevertheless, I use Ishizu's dubbed name rather than her Japanese one. (Don't ask, it's mainly because I'm partial to calling her past self Isis. And if she was Isis, then well.. things would get confusing.) The Japanese Version of it, and the Manga, are both incredibly awesome. I recommend them both. Now if you're reading this, stop doing so! Go find a Japanese episode of Yuugiou! Go get a Manga issue! Space yourself away from 4Kids Animation!

Favorite Type of Music - Punk Rock/Alternative/Hardcore/Post Hardcore/Metal (You get the idea.)

Hated Type of Music (In all possible ways) - Rap aka RetardsAttemptingPoetry.

For all you stereotypes out there, just come to know that there's a fine line between Punk and Goth, so before you criticize, learn the difference.

One thing I absolutely hate are author's who say they're going to update their stories by a certain date, and never do. Honestly, if you plan on stating something, you might as well not contradict yourself. It really, really makes you look foolish, so spare yourself the embarrassment and ridicule.

Sort: Category . Published . Updated . Title . Words . Chapters . Reviews . Status .

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