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Author has written 11 stories for D N Angel, Fruits Basket, Harry Potter, X-Men, Labyrinth, House, M.D., Shakespeare, and Dog Sees God: Confessions of a Teenage Blockhead.

My my... a profile. Well, I appologize if it isn't the best but... I'm rather shy.

I am an elderly twenty year old (oh woah is me in my old age...) I like Nabe and Okayuu and playing guitar. I graduated from Kita-Senri High School in Osaka...

My favorite anime series are (in no specific order)

Ranma 1/2



Legal Drug

D N Angel


Hikaru's Go

I also like x-men, which... isn't anime, but I like it. I like Harry Potter and all sorts of whimsical fantasies.

I draw... not terribly well but... shrug one does one's best.

Just like Shigure sensei, Jiirosensei can often be found lounging under a kotatsu in a house kimono and avoiding my editor... who, coincidentally, is every bit as suicidal... maybe that isn't funny to everyone else... I just found it ironic.

I like Shonen ai. There. I said it. Berate me if you will... or send me spicey fanfics and drawings. -drool-



Gender: Male

Sexual Prefference: Loving please, and do be gentle... at first -grin-

Favorite Food (American): White Chocolate Moose Frozen Yogurt. Oh my god! It's waffle cone Wednesday! O.O

Y'no what, the last time I was typing on this, I got sort of cut off... 'cause... I love waffle cones, but now I'll finish my profile.

I like MOST yaoi pairings but there are a few where I'm just like 'eew'. And I don't really like non-yaoi pairings. If there's a girl in it, I'm just like "Gross! That's sick. I don't want to see that!" I'm such a freak. ._.' Like, anything Hikaru / Sai or Hikaru / Akira just freaks me out, I mean, they're like, ten... that's just wierd, and I have trouble imagining them older. But I like the idea of Sai in a yaoi pairing, I just don't know with who, so I usually have to resort to crossovers. Normally I won't read crossovers or songfics cause I think they're kind of mindnumbing, but I know I'm just being judgmental about that, 'cause I've actually read some pretty good ones.

Let's see. I have read a LOT of manga. When I lived in Japan, there was a used comic shop down the street that sold comics for like, a dime a piece, I'm talking graphic novels, like the things that cost us fifteen dollars here! My fave animes with fave pairings are as follows.

First off, the straight up yaoi comics like "Beyond My Touch" "Yellow" "Legal Drug" "Fake" "Our Everlasting" "Our Kingdom" "Almost Crying" things like that, I only like the real pairings that the author intended. I believe in Manogomy. -grin-

The rest are (in no particular order)as follows: (the Seeme is written first with the Uke after)

Naruto: Kakashi / Iruka

DNAngel: Dark / Daisuke

Hikaru's Go: Sai / SOMEBODY! (come on! The man is begging to be bedded!)

Fruits Basket: Kyou / Haru or Ayame / Kyou

Rebound: Takao / Kobayashi (please! Somebody write me this fic!)

Demon Diary: Eclipse / Renaef

Dragon Ball Z: Vegitta / Gohan or Gohan / Random made up character

Case Closed: Hattori / Shinichi (I don't know if their names are the same in English...)

Sailor Moon: Nephline / Jedite

Full Metal Panic: Kurz / Sosuke

Fushigi Yugi: Hotohori / Tatsuki

Ranma: Ranma / Rioga

Inuyasha: Sesshomaru / Miroku

Gosh... there's too many, y'no what, I'ma stop there for now.

I read a lot more Manga, but I wouldn't read fanfic on most of it 'cause I just like it the way it is. When the series end though, I'll probably be desperate for more. ((my current fave is BLEACH))

I also love the phantom of the opera and am currently working on the sequel. (._.' -- can anyone say 'obsessed'?)I first got the cd's when I was about 14, and I've been obsessed ever since. It's not my FAVORITE book, but I love the imagery and the humor. My favorite book is probably either Musashi or, yes, I know I'm lame... Harry Potter. ((Siri / Remy forever!)) I am a linguistics major. I speak English, Japanese, Some French, Some Italian, Sign Language, and I am studying Chinese and Korean. I also sing and play guitar and Electric Bass. I have a Fender. -cries- It's the most beautiful guitar in the world. (I just got it.) I'm majorly obsessed with Webcomics. I love "Boy Meets Boy" "Friendly Hostility" and "Jack".I'm currently drawing my own boy/boy webcomic called "Gemini" which I will be posting in probably about a year.

I love Metal and punk and a couple of obscure things, like Opera and Dean Martin, but I hate R&B, Hip Hop, Emo and Pop. My top 5 bands today are probably Nickleback, Nine Inch Nails, Metallica, Shinedown, and Buck Cherry. ((Probably just cause they're the ones I've heard the most recently.) I also love Dresden Dolls, Rooney, Sublime, Avenged 7fold and some other random stuff. Oh GOD! AND NIRVANA! -minigasm-

I just got a puppy. Her name is Katt... wiggy.

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