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SO! New year, new bio is my way of thinking. Remove all that boringness/seriousness that was here before. Just to summarise what was here originally: I think it's a shame so many awesome writers are leaving the CATS fandom, sob, because of unoriginalness (not a word) and rubbishness (also not a word) from new writers though that's the fault of neither party. I don't want to be one of those new writers that annoys the older members and sends them packing so please send me topics that you want me to write about, that way I know I'm writing stuff people will like. Give me time though, I'm studying hard.

I love reading fanfiction and discovering possible alternative storylines for material I enjoy. The only thing I've written for so far, however, is about the musical 'CATS' :D gotta love it, though I'm starting to branch out into other categories. Anyhoo! I like to write about unusual pairings and relationships which in turn lead (I hope) to more original situations (even if it's a 'same-old' with a slight twist). This often means that I write about stuff I don't actually believe happens though (whether I want it to or not, e.g. a Vic x Misto fiction may be in the pipeline (not because I think it's original but because I've never done one before and I think I should try it)) but hey, who doesn't like an experiment?! Haha and I will reward anyone who can understand the previous sentence.

I LOVE the stuff that's on this website especially what's in the CATS and South Park sections (though I do love the other fandoms too). It really puts a smile on my face to read everyone's work even with all the stress I'm under at the mo :D . You guys ROCK! I take my hat off to you; it is a pleasure to be in the cyber-presence of such amazing writers.

One final note before I go: Victoria x Misto? NO! Absolutely, fundamentally, completely, entirely, totally not!!! She blatantly mates with Plato in the show and she's too innocent to be a two-timer/feline adulteress/whatever you wanna call her... Sorry. Pigheadedness coming through there, I know it's personal interpretation :p Maybe I just like the idea of Misto being an elligible bachelor...Maybe I'm just jealous...who knows... ;)

Also, I just want to thank the wonderful katgirl13605, Brittany (sorry, I don't know your pen name), littleskittle100, gman2006 and Holly (again, apologies for the lack of a pen name) for providing me with a mountain of information on the American school system which has enabled me to start writing fanfiction on American material which I didn't feel I could previously for lack of knowledge. You guys are amazing :D !

EM xxx

P.S. For anyone that was wondering/cares: I'm 18, female and live in England. Woot :D Oh yeah and my name's Emily.


MUSICALS!!!!!!! All the way people :D CATS is a particular favourite of course but then I love anything by the legend that is Andrew Lloyd Webber.

Anything to do with the theatre and the performing arts whether it's dancing, acting, singing or simply helping out backstage.


South Park


Being with friends.


Music (pretty much anything).



Day dreaming.

Being in love.

Male ballet dancers (phwoar! I don't know why I find them so attractive but I do!)

Brandy butter.

And many more things that could go on forever.


The dentist.


Falling out with people.

Being bad at things.

Orlando Bloom (don't even get me started).


Missed opportunities (something I hate more than anything else in the world).

Rude people.

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