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Hello! Well ok, something about me...but where should I start...

Age: Well...let's say mentaly I'm much younger, so I treat myself like a child.

Nationality: don't want to know... but I'm not American nor from the UK (English is my second language)

Gender: female (of course)

Height: ...nah...

My appearance: ...quite long, it reaches my waist now, eyes: blue; my skin is quite pale... well... I'm just pretty... simple as that.


#watching cartoons and anime
+ reading fanfiction
+ writing
+ learning languages ('s sick)
+ drawing! (my DA: )
+ listening to music
+ lilies of the valley! (yay! They smell soo nice...)
+ fullmoon (soo beautiful!)
+ sea! (sea is soo romantic, you gotta love sea.)
+ bananas!o0
+ all you people out there!

My Favourites:

Fav. cartoons: C:Kids Next Door (of course), Teen Titans...and many others...
Fav. anime: ( many of them...) Slayers, Card Captor Sakura, Megami Kohosei, Wolf's Rain, Chobits, Fruits Basket, Ouran Host Club...and many other...
Fav. colour: blue (definitely) and pink (but only in shades that don't hurt my eyes)...and white
Fav. food: um...pasta? (don't eat anything else), and ice-cream, and bananas!
Fav. film(s): don't have any really favourite, but as for now...Pirates from the Caribbean, I like Tomb Raider too,...can't really think of anything else now...
Fav. actress: Well... to be honest... I don't know.
Fav. actor: ...I like many actors (yeah, Johny Depp definetely!)
Fav. singer: uh...many...I like J.Lo., Gwen Stephanie, Avril Lavigne I like also many groups like Green Day or other too...
Fav. fanfiction: ...heheh..."Memories Away", "It Takes Two To Tango"," Nothing at all"...but I like many many others too.
Fav. kind of music: ...almost all known; pop, dance, rock, classic...and so on
Fav. song: I have too many.
Fav. animal: ...uh cats and dogs I guess

Dreams to:

# visit Japan (yay!)
# I want to be a writer (heh), but always wanted to be a DJ, and an actress, and a guardian angel to someone
# live on a desert island (what?)
# learn how to play violin (yeah baby...violin)


#when the time is running (yeah, I know I can't stop it, I definitely would if it was possible)
+ clocks and watches (naturaly)
+ when someone reminds me how relentless the world is
+ when my mom tries to teach me how to cook...(:sweatdrops:)
+ the word 'responsible'! (that reminds me how old I am)
+ Conditionals...gosh I hate it!
+ uh dentists!(no, I don't hate them... but I can't find a word that's worse... they're worse than anything! I'm totally paniced when I have to go to the dentist! It's worse than... Aushwitz! Okay end of that topic!)

I'm a bit strange, never can make up my mind (heheh...). I'm a dreamer, rarely come back to reality. I enjoy being a child, though I'm not that young anymore, cause I'm a teenager (heh). I wanted to say to all of you who are still in elementary school or junior high (I don't know exactly how does it look abroad) that you should really enjoy your age and NEVER want to be older, being a child is the best thing that can ever happen to you! Well, anyway moving on. I want to be a help for everyone who needs it. Yeah, I'm a rather boring person.

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