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Author has written 12 stories for Inuyasha, Naruto, and Bleach.

Sorry for the long wait for some of my stories. My laptop screen is cracked the hell up. I think that could kill anyones inspiration.

Chigirl-Chicago Girl nuff said

I love, love, LOVE LEMONS!

But however, I do HATE HAREM STORIES. One Guy with a ass load of willing and hot females is just not realistic. One guy can barely satisfy one woman let alone 10! And I don't give a damn how much demonic chakra or spiritual pressure he's got!(I'm pointing at YOU NARUTO AND ICHIGO)! I mean come on men, I know its fanfiction but the wishful thinking has to stop! It's different with a woman though. 1) Men aren't that hard to please 2) We don't have to pause if you get my drift! Maybe I should write a female with a harem of men! PLOT BUNNY! PLOT BUNNY!


My favorite anime characters are Yoruichi and Sango, because they are strong, confident, beautiful, and passionate.

In my opinion, there are not enough fanfics about them. I like Sango/Miroku and Kisuke/Yoruichi, but pairing them with demons and other soul reapers is more fun. It abolutely pisses me off that theres thousands of alternate pairing Kagome and Orihime(Her and Taksuki will get it on before Yoruichi and Soi do) and Rukia fics, but Sango and Yoruichi are attached at the hip with Miroku and Kisuke (and the ever hated Soi Fong pairing). IT'S NOT FAIR! (over dramatic moment)

My favorite pairings:

Sango/Kouga ( I've read some real good lemons about those two. Plus she strong enough to handle his gruffness)

Sango/Sesshoumaru ( Thatsma' Dogg :) )

Sango/Bankotsu- Their so cute together!

Sango/Inuyasha (only if Kagome has another guy)


Sango/Hiei (Firey. Angry sex is the best kind)

Sango/Kurama (But its hard, cause Kurama belongs to me not HER! sniff sniff)

Sango/Yusuke (see Inuyasha guidelines)

Sango/Mustang (full metal alchemist) I've never seen one. SO MAKE IT HAPPEN DAMMIT!


Kagome/Inuyasha (Thank goodness she can sit him, cause anyone else would have killed her by now for annoying them to death. Plus its destiny.)



Kagome/Hiei- I just recently started to like this pairing(thank you Vivian for writing such a great story)

Miroku/Kagura- Don't ask!

Miroku/Kikiyo- See above

Kagura/Sesshoumaru- perfectpower couple

Naruto/Ino- They are too perfect for words!

Anko/Iruku- He needs a girl that can make him blush!

Lee/Tenten-(only) Neji's too much a bastard. Lee belongs with Tenten!

Tenten/Sasuke-one of my new favorites.

Tenten/Naruto-See above.

Hinata/Gaara- She can melt his frozen heart.

Hinata/Kiba- You know he loves her!

Hinata/Kiba/Shino- Too HOTT!


Shino/Kurenai-(post Asuma) He's mature enough to handle an older woman.

Shikamaru/Temari (only)

Katara/Zuko- Zutara is the best!

Toph/Sokka-(only) She deserves to get her guy. Suki is okay, but she sucks next to Toph!

Katara/Haru- Its just cute!

Tylee/Jet- see above

Haru/Azula- (shrugs) I don't know!

Rose/Ed-Too bad it can never be.

Riza/Roy- Hook up already!

Ed/Winry- Perfect



Yoruichi/Byakuya- Blue blooded love WOOW YES!!

Yoruichi/Renji- Hot and smexy!

Renji/Rukia (only)- He loves her!

Nemu/Ishida- Her knight in shining armor!

Orihime/Ishida- I liked them first.

Tatsuki/Orihime- The only yuri pairing I like.

Rangiku/Toushiro- I don't know, I JUST DO OKAY!

Angelina Johnson-Anybody, no Fred, George, Lee!

Katie/Marcus Flint!

Pairings I hate

Sango/Naraku (What are you people thinking? ) Good AU's though

Sango/Kohaku (No thanks, I just ate!)

Yukina/Hiei(See above)


Rin/ Sesshoumaru- It's just so wrong, on so many levels!

Kagome/Sesshoumaru- Doesn't fit. And I will not I REPEAT WILL NOT READ THESE STORIES! SHE SUCKS!

Naruto/Sakura- I loathe this pairing! SHES A SUCKY FANGIRL!!

Sakura/With any damned body but Neji or Sasuke!

Any sort of incest fics! Unless its non-con! One sick person is enough in any fic!

Though Kagome still tops my list as the most useless charater, she needs to make room for another!

Thats right! You all know and hate her! Sakura!

She's equally whiny, bitchy, helpless and annoying as Kagome and I don't understand for the life of me why weak girls are so glorified in anime!

Sakura Blossoms was the worst shit I have ever seen!! And here I thought that she was gonna change-She didn't do anything!! If you call gettin your ass

WHOOPED blossoming, then I don't know what to say! It was merely bad luck that Hinata and Tenten got Neji and Temari. If Sakura or Ino(I like Ino) had to go against either,

it would have been over in record time! Hinata would have went straight through em, Tenten would have too!

Oh and I hate Mai from Avatar too, but atleast she's kick ass!

You Know What I Hate...

It make me absolutely sick that even with alot of female authors, the heroine of the story must be chaste and virtuous. Men/Demons can have harems upon harems of women, but the woman must save herself for that one true love. She can fight like the boys, kill like the boys, sleep on the hard cold ground like the boys, but she can't play like the boys? It's not realistic, even for back then. True, women had to keep their relationships a bit more discreet, but still.

The reason for my posting this is becasue, I submited a test fic and though I got rave reviews, some thought it was uncharacteristic for my heroine to have a multitude of physical relationships, i.e. more than one lover before she married. They cheered when she ran men through and slit throats, but having sex was a definate NO NO! It just irritates me is all. Most warriors were to worried about staying alive than fretting over their virtue. How can anyone with a killer body and a pretty face not have recieved their first kiss by the age 18? Theres only been a few authors in my opinion that have gotten it, and you know who you are. I love you all!!

Favorite Authors

Curious George(Where you at??)



Thats just my top three!!

Oh thats right and ME!

And a million others. Sorry I don't know your names, but your writing really keeps me inspired. Please more Sango and Yoruichi fics. And to those writers that insist on making Kagome a demon slayer. STOP THAT SHIT! We all know that she'd cut herself on the bwig bwad blades. (sniff sniff)

I hope you enjoy reading my work as much as I enjoyed writing them. Please review (flames are welcomed)

I'm serious about the female with the all male harem. Anybody want in on the story? Let me know!

Please read a Gentle Breeze by xgoldxlionsx

It is an amazing story with the Kohaku and Kagura pairing( I know what your thinking but its good as hell). Beacuse of this story I now love this pairing.

Sort: Category . Published . Updated . Title . Words . Chapters . Reviews . Status .

Waiting on Fate by Avonnalay-Ariemay reviews
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Five years ago I gave up on our one true chance at happiness, and I'm not about to let you do the same!"
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