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After several months ofbeing a member and author, I have fianlly found time and the inclination to do a proper profile. Please forgive me for not doing so sooner.

I guess I'll start with a little bit about me. I am 27 with a lovely wife, Jewel, and two adorable little munchkins, Will and Sammi. I currently live in San Diego, Ca as a member of the US Navy. I never thought I would ever say this but there is actually an advantage to a six month deployment on a ship: I have plenty of time to write. When I'm not suffering from writer's block, that is.

I am a big anime fan though still somewhat of a newbie, my exposure being mainly to the shows rather than the Mangas. The main exception to that is Ranma and Tenchi. Thanks to various crossover stories, I have found an interest in Sailor Moon, Magical Knight Rayearth, and Ah My Goddess.

My Favorite animes/mangas are:



Love HIna


Ah My Goddess

Animes I can't stand:



As my writing suggests Ranma is my all time favorite. I guess there is just something about unlimited chaos that attracts me. Might be a good explanation as to why I'm married. J/K, honey. Please put the rolling pin away.

As you can tell below, I have several projects underway that I am working on. Ranma Unplugged is on hold for a while as I have lost a good amount of my inspiration and joy in writing it, but I will eventually start it up again. Dark Descent is NOT on hold. This story I intend to make my masterpiece work. As such it will be very drawn out and each chapter will be carefully planned out and written. While this makes the story better, it also makes for long lapses of time between chapter updates.

Trials Of Love is back on track after a brief amount of writer's block. Expect the next chapter in a few weeks time. Hogwarts 1/2 is also moving right along. Expect many surprises and hijinks with chaos to follow.

My main focus right now, though, is on You'll Never Be Forgotten. As I mentioned in the Author's Notes of the first chapter, I am writing this as part of a letting go process. My stubborn pride kept me from attempting to reconcile with my father for ten long years. Just when we had finally begun to set our past behind us, I lost him to a heart attack last year. For a year I carried the guilt of everything I ever wanted to say to him not being said. My ultimate goal is to finish this story and take my first complete and printed copy to his grave. In that way, I can finally release all I have held inside. Dad, I miss you and I love you. I'm sorry and I hope I am making you proud.

I only have one future project in mind. A songfic story based on the song "What If I Said." I don't know yet whether it will be a R/N matchup or a R/K matchup, but I do know it will be one of those two.

I hope you enjoy my works and invite all forms of C&C. In some ways, I also hope me writings will help you to stop and think about life a little more. It's too short as it is to waste with regrets.

Remember if you spend all your time looking back, you'll trip over what lies in front of you.

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