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Well I'm a little bored today so I figured I would put something in the blank page that is my profile.

I have a guilty pleasure for anime, fan fiction, pissing people off and manipulating others. The last two are my greatest talents while I am working on my writing and liking anime...well that isn't a talent. My AMAZING writing skills don't tend to show in my fanfiction because A) I am lazy B) I'm not really taking it seriously at all and C) I don't really have any at the moment.

I don't understand it exactly but my writing isn't good unless it's my own original work. Seriously. And If I like any of you guys enough maybe I'll show it to you sometime.

I am the lord of all that is evil and this is not a lie! I swear it! I control the evil that is high school musical and can put it directly on your television set at any time I please, I can have the jonas brothers playing eerily in the background and Infomercials softly giving short intermissions during the movie. BEWARE ME!

I just had to mention that... those are the three things in this world I hate the most. That and several other things you probably wouldnt understand. Like I hate those scooters really old or really fat people ride on. A) I understand why old people use them but they are blind and manage to run me over every time... damn senile drivers and finally B) the fat people need to walk... youre fat because youre overweight and dont exercise. Unless its some health reason then you really piss me off. And seriously stop hitting me! Pick on someone youre own size (though that may be hard to find...)

I dont like those stupid turning arrows at cross walks... I cant remember why but I know I hate them. I hate over advanced cell phones belonging to children ten years younger than me. Like honestly, you are way to young to have the damn thing, not to mention its the latest upgrade. WHY!WHY!WHY! (Yes I know I should be using a question mark... but for some reason its not working, so here and after the exclamation point shall be a fit substitution.)

Actually... this is boring me now... I quit.

Have a Funertainment day and I hope you enjoy my fictions!

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Inuyasha thirsted for her innocence. He was addicted to her. A need so over powering...Kagome just couldn't escape him but secretly it comforted her. All those woman he was with, all the things he did and still it was she he returned to every time.
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The world thought her clinically insane. Inuyasha saved her once. Twice. He just couldn't throw the crazy girl out of his life. Kagome showed him she wasn't crazy. She had a secret that the wrong people wanted and she needed his help in order to live.
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Pan and fun didn't mix well.She enjoyed sitting in the background,watching and observing but Trunks was getting tired of it.She was missing out! Trunks fully determined to spice up her life, uncovered a startling issue... She wasn't a kid anymore.
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