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Harry Potter
Like many others I wasn't exactly impressed with the HBP and DH. Reasons are similar to a lot of other people who have it up in their profiles, I won't bore you with repetition.

I hate Harry/Ginny, refuse to read squick, and want to dissect the fangirls that are mysteriously enamored with smutty slash-fics in order to puzzle out exactly what they find so attractive about anatomically incorrect male on male sex. And Severus Snape, by the way, is repeatedly described with adjectives that are decidedly unattractive. Fangirls, you make me wonder about your taste in men, if the nasty lump of grease can even be refered to as such.

I don't like Ichigo/Rukia, Ichigo/Inoue, the characters of those vaizard, and don't think that Mister-Green-eyes-with-the-hole-in-his-throat-whose-name-I-won't-bother-trying-to-spell is super awesome. At all. And Aizen is a jerk. 'Nough said there.

“Arrogance is often the undoing of a would-be victor”

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