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Hi! Um...I guess that I'm suposed to write something about myself. Hmmm... I love reading and writing. I read at a college level and I'm 15. I own 45 manga, 46 if one of my friends hadn't lost it. I have 1-4 of Wish, 1-8 of Fruits Basket, 1-2 of Hands Off, 1-2 of Legal Drug, 1-3 of Eternity, 1-9 of King of Hell, and 2 and 4-13 of Rebirth. And those are just the ones that I'm collecting now. Others I own are Sorcerer Hunters book 1, Saint Seiya (Knights of the Zodiac)1, Pet Shop of Horrors 1, Dragon Hunters 3, Vampire Game 1, and Gravitation 9. Of course, once I finish up with the series' that I'm collecting now, I'm going to expand on those that I'm not really working on now. I don't like just having those random books sitting there. Oh, and the one that's missing is Demon Diary book 1. I kinda miss it, it was pretty good. And Raeneff (spelling?) is soooo cute!

I just bought new manga the other day. I now own 51 manga, though I'm getting 5 more soon. I bought Imortal Rain 1-2, Sorcerer Hunters 2, Hands Off! 3, Rebirth 1, and Kizuna: Bonds of Love 1. The other's I'm getting are coming from an exfriend who I bought manga for, since we desided I'd coown her collection. Now that we don't like each other any more, I'm getting 5 of the 7 manga I bought for her back. I'm getting DNAngel 5, Angel Sanctuary 4, and 1-3 of Magic Knights Rayearth. 56 manga! Wh00t! I am part of a manga circle in our school. The minimum amount of manga required to join is 20, though if you have anime, it's less. Some people have 200 or more manga.

What I look like...Hmm... I'm 5'6" with curly brown hair. I have blue eyes that are creapy and change colors, but recently have settled on a light blue with a dark blue ring and little gold and white flecks that looks really cool. I have somepictures of me on my myspace thing; my user name is Queen Eternity (what else?).

For hobbies, I collect rocks, read, write, and take tae kwon do. I love tae kwon do because I get to beat up on my mom because she's the same rank as me. We are both brown belts now, just one more level of brown and we're recomended black belts!

I love animals and my house can sometimes be a zoo. The most animals I've ever had was 56 or so from when I was breeding mice. Baby mice are soooo cute! Right now, I have one dog, Cleo, two koneko (kittens), Loki and Ami, a beta fish, Bob, and two frogs, Phriggu and Prince. We're planning on getting either more mice again or a rat. If I get a rat, I'm going to name it Yuki, after my favorite rat from Furuba.

What else to write about? I'm just writing random stuff...moo. Uh...Read my stories, please! And review! Yes, read and review! Then I'll love you forever!


Update thing here! I'm not going to be updating any of my stories for a long time. I have lots of homework and not enough time. I'm also trying to write an article for a manga newsletter and planning a party. For the next month, expect no new updates from me. I'm almost done with What if 2, though I have writers block on how to end it. I have a slight idea for What If 3, but I might not make one. I have two new Legal Drug fan fictions that I wrote recently. I'll put them up as soon as I have time. I'm going to try to update as much as posible and write as much as posible, but it will be hard. Sorry!


I know, I've been slow. I'll try to finish What If 2, but I'm then taking another break. The good news? I'm starting a huge progect. People who like my work should check it out. I'm making an online manga with the help of two of my friends. If you're interested, I'll put up more later. Until then, read and review my cool new stories. And I have an idea for a third What If! It has to do with Kei this time!

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