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Author has written 2 stories for Zoids, and Persona Series.

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Title page picture to the fanfiction Fate or Fortune:

Continuation artwork for Fate or fortune's Chapter 8 [Finished](Warning: Mature):

Continuation artwork for Fate or fortune's Chapter 10 [Finished:

A manga omake of the end scene of Chapter 2:

A thank you to the awesome artist Kharta, who not only did those awesome pics but has also agreed to undertake the herculean task of turning this fanfic into a manga!

Kharta's dojinshi adaptation: Fate or Fortune:

Beta reader Jahan's PALGN Persona 4 review:

Let me think, hmmmmmmm who am I ... Well lets get started on the basics. I am an anime otaku who obsesses over things so much that I, well am an otaku (fomaly translated as an obsessive freak).

Can't say who I am but I am refered to through out the internet as Tempest Kiro or Kiro/TK for short.

Nationality- Australian

Hair and eye color- Asian in appearance.

Gender- female

Ambition - To become an Australian manga artist.

Favourite anime

Kidou senshi Gundam Seed ( absolute best war cartoon I've ever seen! It's so real as in PEOPLE DO DIE!)

Gundam Seed Destiny (Though now I'm considering pretending GSD doesn't exist, I refuse to accept AsuMey, I'll fight to the death on the SS.AsuCaga)

Code Geass (That anime was sick! Srsly best lead up to ending EVA!)

Chrno crusade (Manga was much better)

Full metal Alchemist (Manga was much better too, Brotherhood was good... until the last episode... Roy's mustache ruined the whole anime!)


Fruits baskets (only read the manga)


Neon genisis evangaleon

The prince of tennis (Tpot for short, manga was better)

Zoids (I've only watched the American version I wish I watched the jp)

Legend of Phantasia (yes not only a game)

Hetalia (Dunno if its actually classified an anime...)

Yugi-oh (jp version, can't stand American version, they blotch it so badly, don't give me your too violent crap, who's crime rate is higher? Your's or Japans?)

And the list goes on, I've watched over 220 animes but only these few made enough of an impression on me to mention them.

Favourite characters

Zoids- Karl Schwarz (true name, Karl Schubaltz in the American version)

Persona 4 - Naoto Shirogane

Kidou Senshi Gundam Seed- Mwu La Fllaga, Nartarl Buiguillue (Strange but true. Had to get counciling after episode 49),Murrue Lamias, Cagalli Yula Athha

Gundam Seed Destiny- Cagalli Yula Athha, Neo Lornokke, Murrue Lamias

Code Geass - Leleuch

Chrno crusade- Ewan Remington (why isn't he more popular?)

Full metal Alchemist- Roy Mustang, Riza Hawkeye

Naruto- Hatake Kakashi

Bleach- Rukia

Fruits baskets- Hatori Souma

Neon Genisis Evangeleon- Rei

The prince of Tennis- Tezuka Kunimitsu, Fuji Shuusuke

Legend of phantasia- Raizen!(he only appeared for the 1st 2 eps tho... In the game I like Cless better)

Hetalia- Ludwig (aka Germany), Feluciano (aka Italia, aka N.Italy), CANADA-KUN! (And of course Australia, who hasn't even made a debut yet, but I love him all the same)

Yugi-oh- Black magician (Dark magician in the stupid american version, apparently black magic is blastphemous)

This list goes much longer I wish I could add all 600 and something characters all played by my hero Takehito Koyasu (Greatest Voice acter there ever was)

Favourite voice acters- Takehito Koyasu, Hikaru Midokawa

Greatest Acheivement

Working for eminence symphony orchestra, the Australian anime and games orchestra. They're the same guys who did the music for Starcraft 2 and Diablo 3 as well as Romeo x Juliet the anime. (I was working for them when they recorded this)

Favourite quotes

Fukanou o kanou ni dekiru mono ga iruto shitara, ore da!- my version of mwu La Fllaga's famous quote (If anyone can make the impossible possible, it'd be me!)

Anime is not just a form of art, its a way of life (The official trademark of the Anime club, Animeizm)

Imagination is the driving force of all creation - My motto to inspire myself to never give up my dreams.

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