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Hey what's up! It's witchlover here! I'm 17 and I live in Texas. I absolutely LOVE to read and write! My favorite series are W.i.t.c.h.,Harry Potter, and Sailor Moon. I also like im with my friends, posting on message boards, and basically doing anything on the computer.(If I'm hooked to the internet I'm happy!) I love sports, especially tennis, swimming, and basketball and hanging out with my friends. I'm very bored right now so I'll just post more of my stories. See ya :P

I'm known mostly through the W.i.t.c.h.y-verse as Witchlover here at youtube, fanfiction, TV.com, and the Comics Forum. I am also an owner of the Unofficial W.i.t.c.h. Website, I play Will and am the admin of the W.i.t.c.h. RPG, and am a W.i.t.c.h. comic scanner and official scanner for the books.

Peace out from Sailor Will!

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Update as of June 30, 2009: I guess I should start by saying the truth. As much as I have loved loved loved writing these fanfictions, it breaks my heart to say that I will not continue. I mean to say this earlier but I forgot that I didn't...I just have a lot going on both in real life and on the W.i.t.c.h. community. I mean I am helping with bringing the comic and book scans to you guys and so much more. But the thing is that writing is truly my passion, but I don't have an extreme amount of time to do it. I have had a story in my head since I was 11 years old and I really really want to finally write it. Some people may hate me but I have to write this book since it is where my heart truly is right now. Maybe someday in the impossible future if it actually gets published then I would think that it was well worth it. I really love my stories, but this book has been a part of me for so long that I feel that I should dedicate my time to finish it. I love you all.

~Love, Amanda

Intro to Bios:
Okay, here are the bios for the characters in P.O.W.E.R., which is the sequel I mentioned for 'Through Different Worlds.' Anyway, P.O.W.E.R. is made up of five girls who are supposed to be from our generation right now. They are Phoebe, Onalia, Wei, Eva, and Rachel- the new Guardians of the Veil!


See which P.o.w.e.r. character you are! Take the quiz to find out!

P is for Phoebe

Name: Phoebe Whitfield

Name Meaning: Bright, shining one; Moon (in the center of the group)

Sign: Aries

Birthday: April 15

Age: 14

Power: The element energy and Keeper of the Heart of Candracar

Look: Mixed; long, wavy, golden brown hair and hazel green eyes

Style: Mostly comfortable in jeans and a shirt with a jean jacket or a light jacket

Personality: Shy, friendly, sporty, brave, and a great leader

Guardian Outfit/Hair: Outfit-A slit long sleeve, shoulder and midriff bearing purple top with the sleeves cut from the shoulder on the inside of the arm, all the way down to the cuff at the wrist so that they hang off the shoulders. Baggy turqoise pants with belt and purple boots kind of like Will's. Hair-Almost the same as regular hair. Smooth with loose, wavy curls, let down; golden brown

Family/Pets: Mom and dad divorced, younger brother-Justin,12; Two cats and a dog- Jasmine, Mia, and Dory

Extras: Ability to talk to electricle appliances(Like Will)

Favorite Sport: Swimming and Tennis

Favorite Subject: English

Hobby: Venturing and writing

Crush: Evan (also Brandon); she's not so sure really...

Best friend: Onalia

History: Has been known since a little girl as a venturer who was a little too curious for her own good. Has ranged emotions (which can seriously get the better of her), and loves to have the feeling that there is an adventure in life just like in the books she reads. Seems to know or understand things that aren't in front of her and is very trusting. Parents divorced when she was 6 and she has moved a lot.

O is for Onalia

Name:Onalia(Ona) Johnson

Name Meaning: Full of grace (that makes her sound like a swan)

Sign: Scorpio

Birthday: November 3

Age: 14

Power: The element water

Look: White/caucasian; short, above shoulder, straight blonde hair and light blue eyes.

Style: Mostly short skirts and shorts with flip flops

Personality: sweet, funny, scaredy cat, doesn't like school too much; clashes often with Wei about knowing everything and Eva for her thinking that she knows eveything

Guardian Outfit/Hair: Outfit-long sleeve midriff bearing turqoise top. Cheerleader-like purple skirt with short boots. Hair-low pigtails with loose hair falling around face; blonde

Family/Pets: Mom, dad, little sister-Katie,7 and older brother-Max,16; an aquarium of too many different types of fish to name, and a turtle-Aqua

Extras: When jumpy, she makes things freeze(never really realizes this though)

Favorite Sport: Talking

Favorite Subject: Reading

Hobby: Talking and telling jokes

Crush: It changes each day

Best Freind: Phoebe

History: Like Phoebe, she loves adventure, but tends to get really scared and jumpy easily while on one.(Don't ask why she likes them then.) Is the blabbermouth of the group and can talk really fast. Loves to float in pools and chat away on the phone while taking long baths.

W is for Wei

Name: Wei(pronounced 'Way') Tran

Name Meaning: Valuable-brilliant(very true)

Sign: Virgo

Birthday: September 19

Age: 14

Power: The element fire

Look: Asian American;long, waist length black hair(usually kept up) and dark eyes

Style: Long shirts and jeans or pants.

Personality: Heated, organized, confident, smart; clashes often with Onalia(Ona)

Guardian Outfit/Hair: Outfit-purple shoulder bearing tank top with spaghetti straps. Turqoise mini skirt with boots like Irma's. Hair-long braid with turqoise ribbon twined in the braid; black

Family/Pets: Dad, stepmom, baby brother-Fai,2; no pets

Extras: Telepathy(Like Taranee)

Favorite Sport: Basketball and Volleyball

Favorite Subject: All of them

Hobby: Reading(Always remembers everything)

Crush: To busy to think of boys(Father wouldn't allow it)

Best Friend: Eva

History: She is very hot headed(go figure) and always has backed up her opinions by all of the stuff she knows. She becomes a little more timid after becoming a Guardian and sort of accepts it more than Eva. Tries hard to improve herself and would try anything to do what she knew needed to be done. Doesn't like to be cold at all. Her father won't aprove of many things since it would interfere with her studying.

E is for Eva

Name: Eva(Pronounced 'Eve+a') Carie

Name Meaning: Giver of life(giver of earth?)

Sign: Taurus

Birthday: May 8

Age: 14

Power: The element earth

Look: Black/African American; long, below shoulderdark brown hair that is normally either braided, tight curled, straight, or loose curled and brown eyes

Style: Everything, as long as it's cool and matches her mood; new and expensive clothes

Personality: Cool, independent, stubborn, popular

Guardian Outfit/Hair: Outfit-Long sleeve, off shoulder midriff bearing purple top. Turqoise skirt that is short in front and long in the back with it curling around the feet a little with boots like Cornelia's. Hair- Layered with highlights, let down; dark brown w/ brown highlights

Family/Pets: Mom, older sister-Tiffany, 15, younger twin sisters-Jess and Jamie,5; a puppy-Kenny

Extras: Sees very short glimpses of past or future

Favorite Sport: Gymnastics

Favorite Subject: History

Hobby: Singing(and she's very good at it)

Crush: Jordan

Best Friend: Wei

History: Is (usually) level headed and discusses things in a calm and rational manner, but, like Phoebe, her temper can sometimes get the best of her. Always stands up for herself and for her friends. She is casual and cool and very popular while she gets stubborn when things get different or messed up. Her dad left his family before the twins were born, when Eva was 7 going on 8 and Tiffany was 10, leaving her mom to take care of all four of them.

R is for Rachel

Name: Rachel Lewis

Name meaning: Innocent lamb(no, she isn't a lamb)

Sign: Gemini/Cancer; cuspis

Birthday: June 21

Age: 13

Power: The element air

Look: White/caucasian; medium length, curly red hair and turquiose eyes

Style: Long skirts and jeans with sweaters

Personality: Shy(not as much while the air Guardian), spirited, artsy, helpful

Guardian Outfit/Hair: Outfit-Turqoise shoulder and midriff bearing top with straps that cross over the neck and tie in the back. Knee length, flaring out purple skirt w/ the stockings and shoes like Hay Lin's. Hair-High ponytail that is straight and flipped out at the end, some hair is pulled out on each side of the face and filpped out at the end also; red

Family/Pets: Mom, dad, no siblings; basically a zoo with two birds, three dogs, five cats, and a hamster(don't really feel like naming them all)

Extras: Has super speed(Really! She's fast!)

Favorite Sport: Running

Favorite Subject: Science

Hobby: Drawing and rollerblading

Crush: None at the moment

Best Friend: Erika

History: Doesn't have any siblings, so takes care of a zoo of pets, for she really loves animals. Likes being in action where she can feel the wind like when she runs or rollerblades. Her best friend becomes Erica who is trying to watch and help the girls. She is usually shy except when she has an air of excitement while being the air Guardian. Always is the one who is caring and helpful and tries to calm down fights.

(Erika is not part of the Guardians, but she is one of their best friends and important to both stories.)

Name: Erika Anders

Name Meaning: Ever-powerful

Sign: Leo

Birthday: August 16

Age: 14

Look: White; long, straight, dirty blonde hair and brown eyes

Style: Jeans or kaprees and sweatshirts or t-shirts; skirts

Personality: Sometimes shy, carefree, happy, sarcastic, stubborn

Family/Pets: Mom and dad divorced, Mom's boyfriend, no siblings; a betta fish-Angel

Favorite Sport: Tennis

Favorite Subject: Band

Hobby: Reading and playing flute

Crush: None

Best Friend: Rachel

I will continue to update my profile if anyone ever cares to look. I'll give short sneek peeks of upcoming chapters! Bye!


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