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About me

windflame here with a little about my self.

I love anime and will watch it any chance i get. right now i am watching any random anime that i see. love looking at new one's to help me think up new story's. my top 5 faoute anime would have to be.

1) Dragonballz

2) Shinzo

3) Naruto

4) d. grayman

5) Inuyasha

as well as watching anime i love playing video games and would love to create my own someday. My top 5 favoute games are.

1) Kingdom hearts

2) final fantasy 7

3) Final fantasy crisis core

4) golden sun

5) final fantasy x

what i want to be when i am older is an animator. no matter what job i wanted when i was little i always wanted to be animator since i loved animation and always enjoyed drawing. all my drawing i have posted on Deviant art and fanart-central.



check out my Shinzo guardian character design here

as well as draw and write fanfiction i also make amvs in my spare time on youtube as a chacter name i have in shinzo guardians (cosemist)

youtube amv

right now here are the storys that i am working on.

1) Victim shop kingdom hearts (was going to me a searise but got board think of it as a one of.)

this is meant to be in a sereise going to diffrent animes and games and making thier lives liveing hell, but not many people have revewed it so i don't know if they like it or not so it is on hold.

3) Sonic Heroes meets the freedom fighters. (Canceled all thou i am still coming up with ideas for this)

this i just thought of mixing a load of sonic worlds together. so people now it is a sonic heroes/ sonic satAm/ sonic underground. i have not played shadow the hedgehog or sonic racers so don't expect anything from ether of those two games in this fic.

4) Demons Love. (i am absolutely not writing this one any more sorry)

Ok i came up with this while i was bord and started writing it out first before posting it, but i got so board that i posted the first chapter up. before i even write the secound. right now i have a writers block for this so don't expect a chapter up soon.

5) shinzo guardians (Re-writiting)

this fanfic i am working on hard to complete first as it was the first fanfic i posted up. this fanfic only has a few chapters to go before i am finished.

6) Chibi Mushra (Canceled)

a fanfic i made up when i was board but the story line was really good and no one else from what i know has done it. really unlike my other fanics i update this on randomly and it is just for a laugh. but i am able to update it quicker then my other fanfics.

finshied fanfics.

1) remember one simple thing

i made this one up in collage juring brake its short a sweet. but goku and gohan shout watch what they say.

2) I'm proud of you son.

I have been getting a lot of revews to post the next chapter up on this one, but to tell you the truth i intened to leave it their. it was only meant to be on chapter long sorry. but like remeber one simple thing i only did this one to kill time. but if any one wants to see the next chapter you can write it you're self and post it up on you're acount. just email me when you have because i would love to read what you had written.

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