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Author has written 3 stories for Harry Potter.

14 January 2007: Some cookies posted to my LJ. Chapter's currently at 9000 words, with a final word count of 12000-14000 expected. As far as when it will be posted, I'm tentatively saying February.

20 May 2006: After a month's setback due to a very un-funillness, the chapter is back on track and gaining steam. We're at 14000 words, with the final chapter count likely to be in the area of 20000. More details, as well as cookies and a short Salazar-Godric ficlet, can be found on my LJ. Stop by, introduce yourself, berate me for taking so long.

10 March 2006: Cleaned up the profile just a tad. Still working on chapter twelve, which looks like it will be closer to chapter ten in length (as in, ~16000 words), though this is an early estimate. I invite anyone with questions or a desire to discuss the stories to stop by my LiveJournal, where I routinely post updates on the chapter progress and occasionally, cookies. It's also the place where I get to share interesting backstories that would choke the story with exposition if I tried to fit it in. Lurkers welcome. ;)

Old news: If I Never Know has been removed, but then, you probably noticed that before you read these notes. It's been over three years since I updated it, and I no longer have any interest in the story. It was nice to be one of the first people (few that there are) to write Harry-in-Ravenclaw, though. I apologize to everyone who was following the story.

Older news: Greetings from the other side! Of the country that is, now that I'm in college. No, it doesn't mean I have any more free time; it just means I have more motivation to find ways to procrastinate, which sometimes translates to writing. Since I'm an editing fiend, some of you might have noticed signs of my renewed existence. Nullifier is being edited chapter by chapter, and once it is edited, I will post the next chapter, which is completely done. It sort of has been done since January, but I worked it and reworked it several times, so it's actually rather different. I won't say anything about posting frequency after the chapter (a long one, which I hope will in a tiny way make up for the ridiculously long wait I've subjected you poor readers to), but you might be pleasantly surprised.

Nullifier is edited to chapter four now, which means I'm halfway done. Though there's about 2/3 of the story left to edit at this halfway point, the more recent chapters are better written. I anticipate that chapters 7 and 8 will need only minor edits. I've been changing a few things, extending scenes, adding some ideas from HBP, clarifying stuff, tightening characterizations, etc. I very highly recommend that you take the time to reread Nullifier before diving into the new chapter when I post it (it's been so long that you might need to reread anyway!). I assure you, it will read much better than before. In fact, I also recommend anyone tempted to read Nullifier wait until I finish editing, because the transition between edited and unedited chapters may not be smooth.

I'll probably be editing my LJ soon to get rid of old posts, and then, um, make excuses for taking so long. And apologizing. And ranting about life at college. And stuff.

Anyway, we now return you to your regularly scheduled profile. :)

About me: Freshman in college, attending MIT. Very tall, long brown hair, grey-green eyes, self-described computer nerd. I aspire to make computer games once I get my CS BS. Aside from staring at my computer screen most of the day, my hobbies include reading (the end-all pastime), writing (chases away motivation faster than anything I know), dabbling with Photoshop (the possibilities...), playing computer games (no, it does NOT count as staring at my computer screen, I assure you that my eyes move from time to time), and baking many desserts (results vary, ranging from the surprisingly good to the cat-barf-dribbled-with-alien-slime).

For fellow science fiction enthusiasts, I highly recommend Lois Bujold's Miles Vorkosigan series. Such books I could die reading, and my only complaint would be that I didn't get to finish them. There are, of course, other wonderful sci-fi books out there (most anything by Asimov, Bear, Weber, did I say Weber, RINGO, etc.), but it would take more text than I'm willing to write to give fully-fleshed recommendations for those giants. I think I'll take the time to recommend some locals, however, whose works you don't have to buy to read. ;)

For Harry Potter:
-- Wishweaver, because "Realisations" is THE book five summer. Y'know, the one that makes the originals look like cheap imitations.
--Bored Beyond Belief, for stunning rendering of every Harry Potter character, drama that will leave you reeling for days, and characters that grow before your eyes.
--E. E.Beck, because if you haven't read her Fall of Childhood, you haven't read Book Five, no matter HOW many times you've read OotP.
--Barb, for her gargantuan trilogy following Harry, Hermione, Ron, Draco, and Ginny through books five, six, and seven. It's Harry Potter written solely for adults.
--Jacquez, for Snape and Harry interaction that in no way does away with the potions master we love to hate.
--Neutral, for Remus-Sirius-Harry stories that make for long nights in front of the computer.
--Fyre, because her rendering of Harry's first year (a spin-off from Neutral's tales) hits a balance between uniqueness and similarity that lets you follow the plot and still be surprised. --Kura Okamiko, the other Harry-in-Ravenclaw author, who does it with a hundred times more style than me. The story, Candidus, is also a hundred times longer than mine...
--There must be a dozen more who've completely slipped my mind, mostly the ones who've trickled away over the years (Thing1 had a singularly wonderful Lily-James story, as I recall). Check the above out, if you haven't already. You won't regret doing so.

Some things I like/think (though in some cases you might think otherwise, reading my stories...)
--I do, in fact, like Dumbledore. Most of the time.
--I actually am fond of Snape in my own way. No, really!
--I could cheerfully kick Sirius sometimes (but then, I suspect most of his friends would, too)
--I don't think Hufflepuff is the House of Dunderheads, but I wouldn't want to be sorted there. Though there is the advantage that no one suspects the Hufflepuffs...
--Mrs. Norris would pwn Crookshanks.

About the stories:

Nullifier-- Probably the closest I've come to a humor fic, though it has action and drama, to be sure. Harry isn't happy with the way his life has turned out, he's tired of meddling old fools like Dumbledore, and he's none too pleased about being the first nullifier since Salazar Slytherin. When he messes up Dumbledore's careful plans for sending him with a full retinue to the earliest days of Hogwarts, it's up to seven Aurors and four founders to see him through this journey alive, because Voldemort might not be as distant as a thousand years should make him, and Harry is too damn good at making enemies. Provided they don't give into temptation and kill the cheeky snot first.
Extrapolation-- Creepy time-travel story, in which Auror Harry Potter travels back in time to defeat the dark lord Grindelwald. He's lost a lot, but he many lose even more if he doesn't tread carefully. Features Harry, Tom Riddle, Grindelwald, (someday, Voldemort), and (someday, Remus). Darkness Rising-- (Rendered AU by OotP, though it was AU anyway, I suppose) A steadily growing MWPP/L(That's right, there's a Wormtail here. He might even get some POV moments of his own). There is very little romance right now, although it is under that as a second category. I think I'll change that. Seventh year will no doubt contain more romance. The story focuses mainly on James, Lily, and Remus. There are a fair amount of Sirius moments, and I've not gotten around to Peter yet. Animagi transformations, shield charms, strange books, a magical artefact that can triple the effects of a spell, Death Eater attacks, Voldemort, dark strongholds, and much more!
If I Never Know-- NOTE: Removed from due to a lack of interest (yeah, I know, if not updating for a year is showing in an interest a story, how long would it take for me to update a story I don't have an interest in?), so if you absolutely cannot live without this fragment of a story, you can ask me for what files I have. I'll even throw in the unfinished and unposted chapter four that I never got around to completing. Don't know why you would, as the writing is painfully primitive. (AU) A few small changes in Harry's growing up years result in him being sorted into Ravenclaw. He has to learn that sometimes there are things more important than being the best and that Gryffindors don't have the monopoly on courage. Add in Hermione and Ron and Draco as friends. A pinch of cunning Slytherin plans a la ScaryConniving!Quirrell. Add one Philosopher's Stone, some bad days, Professor Severus Snape, plenty of pressure, and Ravenclaw Debate Nights. Stir well.

Enjoy the stories.

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