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I have cleaned up my profile page. I know it was hard to read before.

Also, I have a livejournal located at

Name: Samuel Lemoine. (Sam, Sammy, or Dilbert. Whichever you prefer.)

Gender: Male

Age: Fifteen. (15)

Height: 5'3'' (Five feet, Two inches)

Weight: 115

Hair: Brown with hardly noticeable red streaks. (Very natural, no doubt.) Of course, shagged.

Teeth: White and straight. (After ten months of braces and a year with retainers. Urgh.)

Eyes: Green. (With glasses that are similar to Jack Osbourne's. Not on purpose, it just happened that way.)

Favorite Manga and characters:

1) Fruits Basket: (Tohru and Kyo.)

2) Lament of the Lamb: (Kazuna-Kun)

3) Sailor Moon: (Sailor Venus, Sailor Mercury, and Sailor Neptune.)

Those are my favorites worth mentioning. If you have a manga that you think I should read, e-mail me and tell me so. I am always in search of good manga to read.

Favorite Books:

1) Anna Karenina

2) Harry Potter (Books One, Four, and Five are my favorites. I didn't like the third one or the sixth one. But, I did enjoy the second one. It just isn't one of my favorites.

3) A Series of Unfortunate Events: (Books One, Two, Three, Six, Eight, and Eleven are my favorites. I didn't like Four or Nine.)

4) Time Stops for No Mouse.

5) The Chronicles of Narnia: (I will not say the order of them because the order has changed on me. My favorites are: The Lion , the Witch, and the Wardrobe, The Magician's Nephew, The Silver Chair, and The Last Battle. I didn't enjoy The Horse and His Boy or Prince Caspian).

6) Leven Thumps and the Gateway to Foo. (I'm still reading it. I keep forgetting about it. It's pretty good, though.)

7) The Worst Witch (The First One was my favorite. I haven't read the third and fourth one.

8) The Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul books are good.

9) I couldn't live without the Dictionary.

10) Little Women

11) The Giver

12) Gathering Blue

13) To Kill A Mockingbird

14) Something Wicked This Way Comes

There's a whole lot more, I just figured I should stop there because I might be boring you.

Favorite Random Things:

1) Movie: The Craft

2) Actress: Fairuza Balk (hence, the movie above.) And of course, Roseanne

3) Actor: John Ritter

4) TV shows: Rosanne, Three's Company, and O-Grady

5) Animal: Cats, Koalas, Kangaroos, and Wallabies. I want one.

Favorite Video Games:

1) The Legend of Zelda

2) The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

3) TLoZ: The WindWaker

4) TLoZ: Majora's Mask

5) TLoZ: The Minish Cap

6) Super Mario Bros. (One and Three. I wasn't wild about Two.)

7) Super Mario Sunshine

8) Mario Party.

9) Super Smash Bros. (Original and Melee)

10) Mario Kart: Double Dash

11) Tetris

12) Sonic Adventure

13) Sonic Adventure 2

14) Sonic R

I am not a big fan of shooters or stuff like that. I like RPGs and Action games, as you can see. I'm sorry, Halo fans, but I find that game incredibly boring and the story puts me to sleep. The graphics, however, are phenominal, and when my friends make me play it, I don't mind half the time. Also, the controls on the Xbox are confusing and I forget what I'm doing half the time. I'll just join the Revolution and stick to Nintendo.


1) I play the piano. Nothing fancy, just David Lanz and Norah Jones stuff. A litlle Bach and Beethoven here and there is expected from me, though.

2) I also am in marching band and Concert Band. I play saxophone. Nothing much to say, huh?

3) Acting. I love to act in plays and I will be starting again, with Drama Club. I wasn't able to do it last year because no one would teach it.

Original Characters:

I write Zelda fanfiction and I'm currently working on others, as well. Anyway, these are some of the characters to expect in my story, Link and the Source of the Storm. Which, by the way, is not supposed to sound like Harry Potter at all. Kristen pointed this out to me.

1) Celeste:

Based off of one of my best frineds, Kristen. She's a Sheikah who moves out from the underworld, back into the light of day. She may not seem important now, but she plays a major role in the story. She and Sheik are in love with one another. I needed to add some romantic parts to my story.

2) Nicholas:

A Skull Kid who helps Link and Navi through the forest. He is the holder of the Storm Crest of Pages.

3) Melindi:

Another Skull Kid who kidnaps poor Nicholas. During a fierce battle with Link, she turns into a giant fire-breathing dragon.

4) Hidalgo:

An Octorock who wishes to become a horse . . .?

5) Cowzilla:

Not really a major character, but is added to the story, anyway, for comedic value. Link gives the name to this rogue beast. Although, it's name is really . . . (Sorry. Can't tell. Spoiler.)

6) The Source of the Storm:

No one really knows who or what this creature is. Suspicions are, it is a figure cloaked in black.

7) Pvalpine:

Actually, this is an alternate universe where Link was born. He had to be born here because the prophecies in Hyrule state that . . . oh, just read the story, will ya?

There are more, mostly bosses, but if you stick around, I just might continue posting them. Actually, I will HAVE to do that.

Also, if you would like to use any of my original characters, please e-mail or something, and I will be more than happy to give you my permission. Just as long as you state in your story that the charater doesn't belong to you.

Q and A

Finally, I think you should all know that if you have any questions that you are dying to ask, please email them to me, and I will be more than happy to answer them. I will, also, post them with your penname or name next to it. If you do not wish for your name to show, please say you would like to remain anonymous in your e-mail. Also, your question could be anything. I answer personal, non-personal, whatever. Oh dear, what am I setting myself up for?

1) Obscure Shadow asks: Is the Storm Crest really only a key?

Answer: No, although collecting all of them does permit entry to the Source of the Storm's castle, they each have their own special powers. For example, The Storm Crest of Pages shoots ice out of its crystal tip. (Chapter Four).

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