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To stand divided, we will surely fall

Until our darkest hour

When the light will save us all


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Race/Species: Decepticon

Function: Author; Communicator; Gardener

Special Ability: Unashamed Decepticon Sympathizer

Location: NSW, Australia

Allegiance: Decepticon through-and-through

Aliases: Crystine, CrysDecepticon, Crystine of Cybertron, Megatron, Megatron-SG1

Active Forums/Sites: Ozformers (OCTA), TFW2005, TFArchive, FFN, Lexicon, ZetaBoards (Heroic Decepticons), Deviant Art, Twitter.

Motto: "Create and co-create"


I've decided to move away from LiveJournal, as it's not an ideal platform for the kind of thing I want to do. I've moved all postings there to my ZetaBoards forums, which is where I will archive my non-story writings, and have deleted my LJ account.

Heroes Chapter 14 is a little delayed but should be up by next Sunday. In the meantime, please read and review/fave/follow my latest venture, Before We Were Famous - a light-hearted, ongoing story that delves into the Decepticons' memoirs from their early days at the War Academy. Yes, fun times. Chapter 1, which is only a taste of things to come, has already been posted.

Oh, and by the way I also have a Deviant Art account. I've deleted a lot of my older submissions there so I can begin again with some new stuff. I mainly do pencil/ink traditional drawings. Not much there at the moment, though. It's at megatron-sg1 dot deviantart dot com.

And if you want to follow me on Twitter I have a new account: @CrysDecepticon.

Update: 02-18-2018

Looking for creative persons to help build the Heroic Decepticons AU!

Artists (lineartists/illustrators/color artists for stories)

Graphic designers (banners/posters/web pages)

Video makers (promotional)

Authors for collab fics

RPG players

If there's enough interest we may be able to submit work for competitions, put together a fanzine, etc. and expand our reach... Please message me to let me know your abilities/interests, or join the message boards!

On the fan fic front, I am in the middle of writing up Episode 2: The Nemesis Army Part 2 and am also working on a new story. But before I do that, look out for the next episode of Transformers: Heroes coming up probably early next month.

Update: 01-17-2018

Hi everyone! There are two things I'd like to share with you all.

First thing is I've finally completed a fairly big project which I had been working on and off for many months. Ladies and gentleman, Heroic Decepticon Productions is proud to present...

The Decepticons' Commentary: The Transformers: The Movie (1986)

Similar to an "MST3K", the Decepticons watch TF:TM for the first time, and get to comment on it!

I've posted the links to all 9 parts on the three Transformers forums that I am active on: TFArchive (U/n: Crystine), OCTA (U/n: Megatron) and TFW2005 (U/n: Crystine), visit/join my forums at w11 dot zetaboards dot com forward slash Heroic underscore Decepticons, or alternatively check out the Most Recent entries on Lexicon (edit: story has now been validated). I won't be posting this particular work here on FFN, however, because I don't think the formatting style is allowed (script).

Anyway, I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did transcribing it. ;)

Second, I'm setting up my ZetaBoards message boards after a long break. It was originally called Decepticons Forever but I've renamed it now to Heroic Decepticons. It needs dedicated members, so please sign up if you are interesting in the idea of Heroic Decepticons. You'll be able to chat with other members, share Heroic Decepticon themed fan fiction and fan art and, if when we get big enough, launch an RPG.

Here's the address: w11 dot zetaboards dot com forward slash Heroic underscore Decepticons

I hope to see you over there!

Update: 01-06-2018

I hope you have all had a great start to the new year. I am looking forward to posting a lot more Heroic Decepticons fan fiction this year, beginning with the next instalment of Heroes. In fact, Chapter 13 is almost complete! If you're enjoying this ongoing saga, and I hope you all are, then there are still many more chapters to come filled with many more surprises, so - expect the unexpected! Don't forget to leave a review or let me know what you think!

Update: 11-22-2017

Well, Heroes Chapter 12 is almost complete, one final scene to write followed by the essential editing/proof-reading stage. I'd say one to two more days, at most. Yay! It's already been too long between postings, so I am glad to have it up before the end of this month.

I hope my readers enjoy this chapter, as I enjoyed writing it. Once again, there's quite a bit that happens in this chapter which helps push the plot further along through its emotional highs and lows, and unexpected turn of events. All in all, I think it all fits together quite well, and is well on its way to leading up to the main climactic ending for this story arc.

Also, a huge thank you to my latest reviewers and readers after publishing Episode 1: The Nemesis Army Part 1 of my Rise of the Decepticons series. Much appreciated! I do look forward to writing up Part 2 in the near future.

Please don't be shy to leave a review and/or message me with your questions, thoughts, comments or suggestions! Do you have a story idea you'd like to see explored in the Heroic Decepticons AU? Want to write a collab? Let me know!

Update: 08-21-2017

Thank you to all my readers for favoriting and/or commenting on my stories. It is truly appreciated, even if it's only a few words. Every bit of feedback counts!

Anyway, just letting you all know that writing has been slow the last few months, mainly because during winter here on the east coast of Aus is when I get a lot of the gardening done before the hot summer months return. So I've been spending a lot of time out in the garden and less on my computer. But I am looking forward to writing up Chapter 12 of Transformers: Heroes, and also posting Episode 1 of the Rise of the Decepticons series. I've also got a few other stories that I want to get around to writing soon, so stay tuned!

Crystine Decepticon's Transformers Fan Fiction and Home of the Heroic Decepticons!

For all extra writings, including opinions, essays, drabbles, short stories, profiles, outtakes, extra scenes, deleted scenes, and other bits and pieces I can think of that don't belong anywhere else, please visit my Heroic Decepticons Message Boards.

Come on over and join the Heroic Decepticons forum, where you can chat with other members, share Heroic Decepticon themed fan fiction and fan art, and participate in a Heroic Decepticons RPG! It still needs members, so go to "w11 dot zetaboards dot com forward slash Heroic underscore Decepticons" to join.


Please Note: ALL of my stories (including series, arcs and one-shots) are set in one of the alternative universes that form part of my Heroic Decepticon multiverse. These continuities contain many G1 (specifically US cartoon Seasons 1 to 3 but not exclusively) elements and most (but not all!) of the character profiles are modified from their basic G1 canon profiles - but this is where the similarities end). The Heroic Decepticon multiverse is not

based upon the Shattered Glass universe. In basic terms, it is like the normal G1 canon universe but the main Decepticons are heroic and not evil. Which is not to say that the Autobots, as a whole, are treated unfairly, but I think that it's high time the Decepticons got a break. While G1 is my preferred canonical 'verse, my stories are in a 'verse of their own and don't follow canon (obviously). While it is possible to tie the Heroic Decepticon Multiverse into G1 canon by filling in the gaps and providing an alternate explanation for some critical canonical events that wouldn't necessarily contradict the established mythos, I am reluctant to explore this avenue because it would be a bit of a stretch and I don't really like the direction the stories would have to take in order to achieve such a tie-in.

Transformers: Heroes

Inspired by, well, the axed Heroes, and also Lost. Not the story lines or characters (it's not a Crossover) but in the way those shows are presented, with particular emphasis on suspense, action, drama, and the inclusion of character secrets/back stories, all while revealing the final plot bit by bit. I really enjoyed those shows so I thought I'd try my hand at a similar writing style/made-for-TV presentation for this Transformers epic.

This is an ongoing saga, aimed at an adult audience. It is in-depth and complex (and long). It aims to explore the motivations and intricacies surrounding the ongoing conflict between the Autobots (and, more recently, the Alliance - a collaboration between Autobots and Neutrals) and the Decepticons.

I may organize it later on into a number of Arcs, to make it easier to read or follow before it gets impossibly long.

Here's a summary of each chapter so far:

Chapter 1: In this introductory chapter, the stage is set and some major players are introduced, as well as some important locations. Elita One is fed up with her current mission and returns to Cybertron. Megatron boldly confronts Optimus Prime about the Autobot-Neutral Alliance, but the latter is determined to abide by High Council directives. Sideswipe and Arcee unexpectedly cross paths, while Red Alert asks Ratchet some difficult questions regarding events surrounding the Dark Plague. Optimus does some soul searching and reassesses current events before making an unusual request of one of his most trusted officers.

Chapter 2: On Alternity City, five Decepticon jets infiltrate the Subterranean Base to deliver a message, and avoid capture thanks to unexpected help. On Cybertron, Optimus informs his team of the High Council's new directive, while Elita requests a new mission. Jazz begins his investigation, while Ratchet surprises Red Alert with a promotion. The mini-bots are introduced, and a fun night out helps bring out some resentments.

Chapter 3: In a bold move, Elita One takes matters into her own hands and defies authority. Prowl discovers the horrific assault of an Autobot, which leads to an arrest, and a friendly femme returns to Iacon Central.

Chapter 4: An Autobot femme finds her calling, whilst the life of an Autobot is left in Red Alert's care. Jazz interrogates a prisoner and begins to suspect his innocence, but when the High Council interferes with an expedited conviction, he takes extreme action in a desperate attempt to save the prisoner's life. Meanwhile on Alternity City, Jhiaxus' assistant is forced to leave the Base against his will, and Elita One is faced with a crisis.

Chapter 5: Jazz pulls off an incredible feat with some unlikely help. Rook is forced to confront some long buried truths, and must make a decision that will change his life forever.

Chapter 6: Ratchet is tormented by past memories and the loss of his best friend, while Jazz must face the consequences of his actions. Optimus Prime leads a new mission to secure Darkmount. Elita and her crew set up a temporary base, and Thunderblast meets up with a troubled seeker.

Chapter 7: On Alternity City, a bounty hunter corners his prey, whilst an unlikely ally helps Elita and her best friend acquire some much needed energy. Thunderblast has a run in with a mysterious mech and his companion. On Cybertron, the team of Autobots led by Optimus Prime find themselves in a most unexpected situation, while an estranged Autobot warrior discovers some disturbing truths about the Alliance.

Chapter 8: A certain Autobot is hanging on to life by a thread. Sideswipe returns to Iacon Central only to be met with resistance, but is given a message which will change the course of his life. Optimus must make a difficult decision. An old enemy shows up in Binaltech, but the resulting skirmish helps resolve a matter of trust.

Chapter 9: The strange experiences of two Autobots provides further clues to the Alliance's secret past, in a race against time to stop the imminent Neutral takeover, as Optimus Prime begins to question some long-held beliefs. On Alternity City, the misfortune of another Autobot may help bring about the beginnings of reconciliation between Cybertron's two warring factions.

Chapter 10: Optimus Prime confides in his former mentor about his doubts, while Sideswipe demands some answers in a confrontation with the leader of the Neutrals. Ratchet's cryptic vision leads him to make an unexpected discovery. Jazz ventures into Decepticon territory, but his mission is jeopardized when a vengeful Streetwise interferes. On Alternity City, an Autobot and a Decepticon exchange truths as an unlikely friendship begins to develop, while Thunderblast is up to her usual tricks again.

Chapter 11: A critical discovery could save a life, but it doesn't come without a price as the rift between Jazz and the Autobots widens. Sideswipe must confront the consequences of his recent actions, while Ratchet reveals some startling evidence that could change recorded history. On Alternity City, a lone Autobot learns more about his unlikely ally, as the femmes indulge in a taste of city life.

Chapter 12: In this chapter, the Autobots celebrate an important victory, and Jazz learns of the Decepticons' plan to save their fallen comrades. Does Sentinel Prime come a little closer to achieving his goal? Meanwhile on Alternity City, a flirtatious femme experiences a rude awakening, while Elita One and her crew run across some bad luck.

Chapter 13: A Decepticon fugitive and his Autobot ally continue their adventures as they revisit a Neutral depot. Meanwhile, the femmes seek help from an unlikely source after the capture of their leader. Back on Cybertron, Ratchet seeks to make amends with a reinstated Sideswipe, and discovers a sinister plot to sabotage an Autobot's memory of his attack. Optimus makes an unexpected announcement, which is met with disapproval.

If I had only a few words to describe each character... the following have appeared in Transformers: Heroes thus far (in no particular order):

Optimus: stubborn; stuck in his ways though tries to do the right thing

Jazz: Too damned cool for words. Also; he pretty much does what he feels needs to be done.

Megatron: strong, determined, takes no crap, do-or-die attitude

Prowl: loyal, also stubborn

Elita-One: passionate, daring, hot-headed

Arcee: friendly, compassionate, level-headed

Ratchet: introverted with his emotions, fixed in his opinions, seeking justice

Hound: easy-going, friendly

Ironhide: loud, brash, loyal

Sideswipe: non-conformist, does things his way

Bumblebee: sensible, forgiving

Brawn: rough, opinionated

Red Alert: mildly nervous and unsure of himself, mainly around superiors

Chromia: sensible, loyal

Rook: predominately a follower, but with leadership potential that he has yet to recognize

Jhiaxus: an evil *hole

Sentinel Prime: another evil *hole

Bludgeon: an evil *hole

Lockdown: another evil *hole

Astro: can you figure out who he is?

Scavenger: very sweet, once you get to know him

Thunderblast: You either love her or hate her. Maybe both?

Comet: can you figure out who he really is?

Astrotrain: easy-going, resourceful

more profiles to add later... Soundwave and cassetticons, possibly Drift, Sunstreaker, Wheeljack?

Transformers: Rise of the Decepticons (Series)

Self-contained episodes, pre-Great War era.

Episode 0: Prequel: Origins

AU retelling, Decepticon-centric. In this pilot episode, we discover how and why the Decepticons came into being. Complete.

Episode 1: The Nemesis Army Part 1

Sentinel Prime takes a promising student under his wing, while Lord Straxus sends his new army to invade Iacon. Complete.

Episode 2: The Nemesis Army Part 2

The Nemesis Army continues to invade Iacon. TBA

Episode 3: The Nemesis Army Part 3


Transformers: Continuum (Series)

The Decepticons' continuing adventures on their journey through the galaxy.


A collection of stories, profiles, narratives and one-shots based upon various Autobots and Decepticons.

On Reviews and Favoriting...

I would like to extend my sincerest thank you to all those who have provided feedback to any of my stories, have favorited them, and/or are interested in following them. Please be assured that every fave and/or review is most appreciated with heartfelt thanks.

RPG-ing - Expressions of Interest

I have administered a few Transformers RPGs before, but would now like to start over. So, if you would like to participate in an online RPG (story-based, forum) based upon the Heroic Decepticons Universe please message me with your interest and the role that you would like to play. The RPG will include official combat scenarios based upon your characters' tech specs and profiles. Some canon characters are reserved. OCs are welcome. Good writing skills are required. Beginners are welcome, so if you have absolutely no experience with RPG-ing in this style but are willing to give it a serious shot, I'll be happy to guide you through the process, step by step. We'll need at least three other players for an official launch. Guaranteed to be a lot of fun, but you must be available to post regularly.


I do consider requests for one-shots, and/or spin offs, Transformers only. PM me with your suggestions and if I can write it, I will credit you in the story notes.

What I will accept:

- Any genre, any audience, any format.

- Heroic Decepticons AU (based mostly on G1, G2).

- Any character/s perspective, Autobot or Decepticon.

- Your OC for a one shot, in a supporting role, if a detailed profile for him/her exists (you will be credited for your OC, of course).

What I won't accept:

- Beast Wars, and anything too far removed from the original G1.

- Pairings based on sex of any kind.

- Strongly antagonistic Decepticon themes


If there's a Transformers story you think I might like to read and/or review, let me know. I am always looking for good stories to add to my Favorites. Cheers!

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