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Um...I'm not the best at these but I should give you people a little bit of info about me.

I'm twenty-two years old.

I really love Harry Potter. My favorite character is Draco Malfoy though. Most of the time when I write fics based on Harry potter I mainly write DracoXGinny pairings.I do write a little bit of HarryXHermione but it's never my main focus.

I also really like the DracoXHermione and DracoXHarry pairings too. I'm not as good at writng those ones so I don't useally use them. I also like HarryXSeverus and sometimes even HarryXLucius as well. The HarryXLucius is harder for me to actually write since I have a major love-hate relationship with Lucius' character so I'm not always able to write him in a good light.

I sometimes go through stages of little writing and then there are times when I can write like five chapters in one day. I'll update my story as offten as I get the chapters.

Right now I'm working on two stories but I'm not going to post the second one until I get more of it writen. I am mainly working on Draco's Last Offence and will be updateing it as offten as the chapters come to me.

Well that's all I guess.

Update: 07/27/07 ~

I totally fried my computer three months ago and I haven't been able to get it fixed yet. I lost most of my story documents and am currently working on restoring them. It'll be a while before I'll have a computer again but I am still working on my stories. Please have some patience with me while I work on replacing my computer.

Update: 03/26/08 ~

I took down Draco's Last Offence a few weeks ago and am working on fixing some minor mistakes and having the story beta read as well. I hopefully will get it back on the site in another two or three weeks. I've got another week and a half of school and am busy studying for my finals so I won't really get to the story until after finals.

Update: 11/6/08 ~

All stories are on hold while I prepare to move. I will try once I'm done packing to at least get the rest of Draco's Last Offence back up. The editing isn't done yet but If I take a couple days and sit down with it I can get it done.

Update: 12/29/08~

Draco's Last Offence is on hold even tho the editing is done. I am not sure if I will finish re-posting what I have written or not. It may just get taken down completely until I actually have the interest, time and motivation to actually work on it again.

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