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Note: This profile is severely out of date, and the works of this account have been placed on hold indefinitely. Do not expect updates any time soon, but thank you for your interest. If you are a fan of "Oh, Christine" and would like to read more of my work, please visit my new profile. -- Chels (The Nightingale's Song)

Hi. We're HollandChels (aka Holly and Chelsey). We've been coauthoring fanfics for about 2 months now; we have quite a bit of fun doing it :). In our fics, Chelsey is always Erik, and Holly is always Christine (the characters reflect somewhat on our own personalities)...we always always always do E/C fics...never R/C...ew...or E/OW...that's even worse (according to Chels). We write our fics over AIM (AOL Instant Messanger), and currently havethree of them finished already, even though we don't have all of our writing up yet.

The Fics Indefinitely On Hold:

The sequel to Regret, (which is somewhat a working title...so if you have any suggestions let us know) which is a couple shades lighter than Regret itself.

The sequel to The Young Widow.

A new phic in which both our Christine and (gasp) Erik are already wed. . . but, of course, they find each other once more.

A new phic in which Raoul has passed on of tuberculosis and Erik seeks her out to comfort her.

Fics that are being planned:

A one shot that we'll be switching roles in (I know...scary.)

A phic in which Christine works in the Moulin Rouge.

A phic in which Erik resumes Christine's music lessons as her angel of music, and she is still very confused.

Fics that are finished and we have started to post:

Regret (once again, working title...give us suggestions if you have them. It's a lot darker than BG and actually has more of a plot...we're quite proud of it.)

A Young Widow (we heart this phic bunches).

Name: Holly

Nicknames: Holl, Hollister,Hal, Hooligan, Hollis

Age: not telling...

Location: Ohio (yeah...I'm cool like that)

Color of eyes: Blue

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skipped school: Oh...I was absent a whole bunch this year..I think it was like 21 days by the end.

Cried during a movie: I cry at a lot of movies...(I cry a lot in general, actually) the most recent one was The Notebook...I tend to cry at POTO as well, and The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants...Nola too..there are many

Been sarcastic: I'm basically sarcastic all the time...so...2 minutes ago?

Favorite Color: PINK! It was yellow for about 12 years but I recently changed it.

Favorite Cartoon Character: I adore the Rugrats...they are just too cool.

Favorite Movie: Hm...it changes often so I can never be sure what I decided on, but as of now it's POTO

Favorite TV Show: LOST!

Favorite Songs: There are so many...music is my life. Right now I love Billy Joel and Elton John...also, Better Than Ezra and Blondie...and of course POTO...I also love Emmy Rossum.

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Least Favorite Noises: I HATE the sound of running water...

Fears: I am afraid of scary movies, being without my glasses/contacts in the dark, and public speaking...or doing anything in front of an audience

Favorite Passtimes: I adore writing our fanfics with Chels...and my life revolves around what's on TV...I also like to take walks, and ride my horses...I play piano and violin as well...making funof Chelsey; I LOVE TO SING!


Name: Chelsey

Nicknames: Chels, Peanut, Potolicious, Golden Girl

Age: Probably not what you are thinking

Location: Ohio (home of the hicks... Not really, it's ok)

Color of eyes: Brown

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skipped school: Never. I mean, I've been absent, but for a reason.

Cried during a movie: Plenty of times... POTO 2004, of course, roughly half of the times I've seen it I've cried... Monsters Inc... Titanic... Beaches... The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants... POTO 1925... Dumbo... Gone with the Wind... Moulin Rouge

Been sarcastic: Plenty, when I'm in a bad mood

Favorite Color: Either purple or black

Favorite Cartoon Character: Lisa Simpson or Bobby Hill

Favorite Movie:"Andrew Lloyd Webber's the Phantom of the Opera" (2004). I also like the 1925 version (even though the ending makes me cry), and The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants.

Favorite TV Show: King of the Hill or The Simpsons

Favorite Songs: POTO songs, in all their forms (Holly)... I enjoy My Chemical Romance, as well... Norah Jones' first CD...and a lot of other very diverse music

Fave subject: Language Arts with Slom!

Favorite clothing: As far as brand names are concerned, I don't really like to shop, so I don't really care. In general, pajamas. And sweatshirts.

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Least Favorite Noises: Holly chewing (it makes me laugh, actually, but ok)

Fears: OK, like Holly, I used to be afraid of the dark... But luckily, Super Erik came and helped me overcome it. So, what's left is horses, motorcycles, suspicious looking people, large insects such as spiders...Singing around others (even though I like to)

Favorite Passtimes: Music (playing insturments, I mean; violin, alto sax, clarinet, flute, guitar, and I'm beginning piano)... Writing/reading fanfiction... Anything POTO related...being mean to Holly (she's such an easy target)

Wants You To: Piss off. No, not really. In fact, please don't. I'd much rather you read our fanfiction and give nice reviews. If you wish, you may also AIM me: screen name= potolicious99

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