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Ack! I have to write down some personal notes? Okaaaay...letsee *scratches head* Ummm... I'm just a really weird person who has the occasional random out burst. I feel one comeing on now: ALL KILTS ARE VERY VERY FASHIONABLE! Yep! Thats right! 782 helpings of pure insanity all wrapped up in a crispy, crusty, tender, flaky, crust! Woah, it seems I'm totally obsessed with Quistis/Seifer from FF8! Oh yeah, Parasite Eve 2 also! ^_^ *dance of happy joy* HUZZAH! I suggest you go to see alllllllllll (and I do mean allllllll) of my favorite storys because most of them are finger - lickin nuggets. We're talkin` choice quality meat here. Yessir. Strait from the BPDD!! (Bayou of Plastic Duck Decoys, a great vacation spot) My alter-ego-ish-kinda-thing is Zayaince! (Look in favorite authors, it's on there) Oh and for those of you who just won't STOP asking me: Yes, I have no bananas.