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Name: None ya business

Age: Old enough to write and read naughty and dirty fics, and now old enough to buy an alcoholic beverage.

Sex: Female

Currently Living in: Philadelphia, PA. I finally came to respect and like my town. "How?", you ask? Easy, I discovered the Ninth Circle of Hell when I went away to college. This hellish realm is known in the English language as 'Lynchburg, VA.'

Likes: I'm separating what I like into categories.

People: Open-minded people, people with intelligence or at least with common sense, my friends, my family, nice people, the city.

Movies: Pirates of the Carribean trilogy (Yes, that also includes the supposed 'awful' AWE), Avatar, Van Helsing, Princess and the Frog, The Mummy Movies, Gladiator, the Harry Potter movies (I also love the books), The Covenant, The Producers (the new version), Four Brothers, Dogma, The Lion King, Borat, The Italian Job, Independence Day, Enemy of the State, Constantine, Shrek 1 and 2, Signs, Kill Bill 1 and 2, Arabian Nights, Enchanted (What? I can like cute, comedy romance movies.) 10,000 B.C. (Gasp! I dare like an 'awful' movie? Yes, I sure damn do), Troy (What can I say I love the idea of men in skirts and the romance between Achilles and Hector. Oh wait, you telling there wasn't any romance between the two? I guessed I spaced out and imagined it while watching two idiotic cheaters responsible for a city's destruction 'go at it'), Batman Begins, The Dark Knight (RIP Heath Ledger), Star Trek (2009), Toy Story 2 & 3.

TV Shows: Heroes, Criminal Minds, (late newcomer), NCIS (discovered this show late, but nonetheless, I'm hooked!), Supernatural, Dancing with the Stars, Jerry Springer (just kidding) Law and Order: SVU, 10th Kingdom, Big Love, Avatar the Last Airbender, and Danny Phantom.

Anime (I'm not really that much of an otaku and unfortunately for fans of obscure or "virtually unknown" animes, my choice of animes are pretty mainstream): Inuyasha, Fullmetal Alchemist (discovered this one late, but nonetheless, I'm liking it) Naruto (rewatched Naruto, so now I admit it: I'm a Narutard as much as a Bleachtard) Bleach (why do I keep discovering great animes so late?) Dragonball Z, Junjo Romantica, Yu Yu Hakusho, Gravitation, Yami no Mastuei.

Video Games: Jak 2 and 3, Kingdom Hearts 1 and 2, Jade Empire, God of War, Crash Bandicoot 2 and 3, Mortal Kombat (Hey, I need to take my frustrations out on something).

Hobbies/other things I like: Reading, slash, drawing, watching movies, hanging out with friends, surfing the Web, telling jokes or making people laugh, laughing, listening to music( rap, hip-hop, rock, Latin, pop, and occasionally J-pop. NEVER country! Bleh!), shopping, animals, writing poems and stories, playing video games, shopping.

Things I can't stand:

People: Close-minded people, snobs, intelligent people with no common sense, mean people, bullies, arrogant people, people with no sense of humor, hypocrites, religious zealots, racists, homophobes, sexists, spoiled kids, ignorant people, bad fanfics, majority of fanfics having a shitload of grammar and spelling mistakes and were written by teenagers in English-speaking (English as a first language) countries who should know better.

Other things: Iraq War, rats and mice, and anything involved with Bush, arguments, and yelling. Really people, I can act hyper but I do like peace wherever I go, not chaos and confusion.

Favorite Pairings:


Oh yeah, by the way, when it comes to yaoi/malexmale pairings, I prefer to follow the seme/uke rule in which the SEME or TOP goes first. Anyway, onto my favorite gay couples!

Jak and Daxter

1. Torn/Jak (One of my OTPs)

2. Jinx/Jak

3. Erol/Jak (slightly)

Final Fantasy

1. Seifer/Squall (That is one hot ass pairing! I know they dislike each other, but I don't care!)

2. Irvine/Squall

3. Wakka/Tidus

4. Gippal/Baralai

5. Cid/Vincent (yeah, I'm a late convert)

Btw, one of the funny things is that I never played ANY of the Final Fantasy games and never will, but I know enough about them and the characters. Weird, ain't it?

Kingdom Hearts

1. Cloud/Leon (with Cloud being on top or being the seme. Sorry for being biased, but that's how I see it and prefer it that way)

2. AkuRoku or Axel/Roxas

3. Riku/Sora (I find it cute)

4. Demyx/Zexion (this one is growing on me)


1. Dean/Sam (What? It's not my fault! Blame Eric Kripke for choosing two handsome actors, that have great chemistry together, to play as the main roles and make them play as brothers as well. He shouldn't have done that; I mean not make them brothers, that is, if he didn't want people to think they're cute as a couple, regardless of the incest. Also, by the way, I refuse to acknowledge that Seasons 3 and 4, because I hate the whole Apocalypse storyline and the fact the Winchesters' brotherly bond is shot to hell.)

Pirates of the Caribbean

1. Jack/Will (well, duh, haven't you seen the movie? They should have left the trollop with Barbossa and have a grand gay ol' time in Tortuga and have gay little adventures)

2. Norrington/Will (slightly like it. I certainly like it better than Norrington/Jack. Sorry Sparrington fans!)

Van Helsing

1. Dracula/Van Helsing (again, don't get mad at me! Get mad at the director and the actors for making them so slashicious and adding non-intentional sexual tension!)

2. Carl/Van Helsing (find it kinda cute)


1.Pogue/Caleb (not my fault that the director made the two unconditionally loyal to one another and made the loyalty be misinterpreted. Really, not my fault. I'm just a girl who relies on what the slash goggles show her.)

2. Chase/Caleb (blame that kiss scene and the fact Chase kept hanging off the guy and making suggestive remarks)

3. Reid/Caleb (just lock them in a room and let them fuck like rabbits. While you're at it, tape the whole thing and post it on the Web, for all (meaning me) to see.

Danny Phantom:

1. Haunted Past (Dan/Danny Fenton. Need more of these! C'mon people!)

2. Pompous Pep(Vlad/Danny. It's SO wrong! But...I don't care. My God, I don't care!)

3. Pitched Pearl (Danny Phantom/Danny Fenton, if it's done right)


1. Puppyshipping (Seto/Joey)

2. Puzzleshipping (Yami no Yugi/Yugi)

3. Tendershipping (Yami no Bakura/Ryou)

4. Bronzeshipping (Yami no Malik/Malik)

Yep, I'm being conventional when it comes to this fandom. So sue me.


1. SasuNaru (I honestly can't see Naruto as a seme. No matter how hard I try, I. Just. Can't.)

2. KakaIru (I know it's a cracky pairing, but fuck it! I know they only talked one in the anime and appeared once together in a panel, but dammit, I can see some potential in this pairing and they look cute together. Also, same as Naruto, I can't see Iruka as a seme. He's just too adorable!)

3. ShinoKiba (I can't and refuse to see Kiba as a seme. Sure, he may have wild traits, but I think he's just a harmless puppy beneath it all :D)

4. NejiShika (Forget ShikaNeji. Now when I think about it, it makes more sense for Neji to be a seme than Shikamaru. And, like KakaIru and KankKiba and KyuuMinato, it's another crack pairing I can't help but like and see potential.)

5. KyuuMinato

6. KankKiba (No words can express the hotness of this couple. Crack pairing? Yes. Do I care? No.)

Fullmetal Alchemist:

1. RoyEd (I prefer...no...LOVE Roy as the seme! Sorry Edo, but you're just too cute and sm--*Ed fillets me with his automail arm blade thingy*)

2. EnvyEd (again, I see Ed as the total uke.)


1. RenIchi (one of my OTPs for Bleach)

2. KenShuu (Kensei/Shuuhei) (Hero worship my ass. Also, this pairing needs more love! C'mon people, write more fics for this pairing!)

3. HitsuIchi (yes, you read that right. Hitsugaya as the seme. Yes, it's a cracky pairing, but I don't give a shit)

4.KenIchi (Kenpachi/Ichigo) (Notice a pattern here? Ichigo ain't no seme, in my book)


1. SessInu (I'd thought I never see the day I will actually like this pairing when I first started in the Inuyasha fandom (which was a long time ago. I was a wee lass/young teen), but after reading a couple SessInu fanfics, this pairing grew on me)


1. Gibbs/DiNozzo (aka Tibbs. The blatant slashy tones between these two is ridiculous. They're such a married couple and it's practically canon. And, I know that I'm appealing to convention, but I cannot--refuse to see Gibbs as a bottom)

2. McGee/DiNozzo (I personally prefer a friendship/surrogate brotherhood between these two, but I also find the romantic pairing between these two kind of cute. I also prefer McGee as the top)

Het (Baffled Internet surfer: "OMG! She can like HET?" River Child's Obama-like response: "Yes, she can!" ):

Avatar the Last Airbender

1. Zuko/Katara (another OTP of mine. Had so much potential, but NOOO, couldn't happen because it was "dark" and "intriguing")

2. Toph/Aang (adorable!)

3. On Ji/Aang (another adorable pairing!)

4. Suki/Sokka

5. Yue/Sokka


1. IchiRuki (another Bleach OTP. I ain't denying the deep connection and understanding they have for each other)

2. Ishihime (Ishida and Orihime seem to understand each other better than Orihime understands Ichigo. Plus, Ichigo does not look comfortable when he's around her)

3. HitsuKarin (filler be damned! They seem compatible enough), HitsuMatsu or HitsuNanao (yes, you read that last one right. Also, I detest HitsuHina. Honestly, I think Matsumoto, Karin, or Nanao would be better choices for Toshiro than that whiny psycho bitch, Hinamori)


1. Kagome/Inuyasha

2. Kagome/Kouga (sometimes, I thought he was a better choice for her)

Pairings I can't stand:

Jak and Daxter series:

1. Erol/ Torn (Just...no...)

2. Jak/Daxter (doesn't matter if Daxter is in his Ottsel form or human form; hell to the NO)

3. Torn/Vin (...dammmnnnn...nassstttttyyyy)

4. Jak/Keira (No, it's not because I'm a Jak fangirl or a slash fangirl. I think Keira is annoying and a bitch, I think this pairing is just another het canon coupling thrown in the game to make the romantics happy. I didn't see any "deep love"; all I saw was childhood crushes/puppy love and physical attraction)

Final Fantasy:

1. Seifer/Zell (To the fans of this pairing, I apologize, but it's not my cup of tea)

2. Zell/Squall

3. Auron/Tidus

4. Jecht/Auron or Jecht/Braska

5. Tidus/Yuna (just because I think it's a boring pairing)

Kingdom Hearts:

1. Leon/Sora (No ,no,no,no, no, NO!)

2. Cloud/Sora

3. Seifer/Hayner

Pirates of the Caribbean:

1. Jack/Norrington

2. Jack/Barbossa

3. Pintel/Ragetti (Just fucking nasty. No other words)

4. Jack/Elizabeth (I can't see Jack with a woman, plus this romance reminds me of those cheesy pirate romance novels that have the femal protagonist from the upper crust of society knocking boots with the dashing pirate rogue that shows her the freedom on the high seas. Gag me)

5. Will/Elizabeth (Again, reminds me of a cheesy romance novel. Plus, I don't think Elizabeth deserves to be with anyone, and it'll probably be better for her to remain single and independent anyway)

The Covenant:

1. Chase/Tyler

2. Chase/Aaron

3. Chase/Pogue


1. Gaa/Lee (noooooo...brain hurts! Mental image is scarring!)


1. Ichihime (Orihime needs a knight in shining armor, and as much as I love Ichigo, he ain't it. Also, he looks uncomfortable around her, and to me Orihime's feelings are nothing more than an obession/crush. In addition to that, Orihime seems to have a deeper connection with Ishida and they're great fighting partners)

2. HitsuHina (I hate this pairing with the passion of a thousand burning suns. Toshiro can do better than an obsessed fangirl who was willing to kill him without a second thought and was supposed to be a childhood friend, believed her idol over him, and guilt-tripped him into saving the very man who caused so much turmoil and chaos)

3. RenRukia (look, I LOVE Renji, but I can't see him with Rukia, plus as much as he's trying to make amends for what he did in the past and despite the fact Ichigo and Rukia forgive him, I don't want Rukia with someone who attacked her and taunted about her upcoming death and was supposed to be a childhood friend as well. Also, I seem them as having that sibling vibe)

Quotes (or...actually I have no clue what these are, but I like them):

If you have ever tripped over your own feet, copy and paste this into your profile. (God, I am such a klutz)

Stereotyping others is just plain wrong. "Muslims are all terrorists!" WRONG. "Americans are all warmongering assholes!" WRONG. "Black people are all gangsters/drug dealers!" WRONG. "Australians ride around in kangaroo pouches!" Now this is just stupid. If you're sick of people judging others because of their race, religion, nationality, or anything else, copy this onto your profile. (Copied this off of jakdaxluver's profile)

If you hate those obnoxious snobby people, PLEASE copy this into your profile.

If you know someone who should be run over by a bus, copy this to your profile Someone? I know some PEOPLE that should be run over by a bus.

If you know (a) video game character(s) or video game weapon(s) that need(s) to exist, copy and paste this into your profile.

If you don't have a problem with homosexuality, copy this into your profile (copied this off of PrecursorQueen's profile)

If you have ever fallen up a flight of stairs, copy this, put it in your profile, and add your name to the list. AnimeKittyCafe, (actually I have) Hyperactivley Bored, Gem W, Bara-Minamino, Tsuyu Mikazuki (I do all the time!), WeaselChick, Celyna ( I fall up the steps to school every time I go up them... sadly...), SSAHC, Koki-chan (Everyday, I think my stairs are cursed), Majickal (over at my mom's friend's house...which was very embarrassing because I almost broke my nose), Neassa (let's not get into it...) Darkecogir (I done it a couple a times) Light-Eco-Freak(All the time!) PrecursorQueen (I never did like stairs. River Child (To hell with stairs. When I find a magic lamp and I'll wish to fly everywhere, EVEN up those stairs.)



As of now, I am still not dead, but working on stories. I PROMISE to update my other fics. Damn writer's block...

Anyway, in other news, River Child has recently seen 10, 000 B.C. and I LOVED it. Yes, believe it or not people, despite what film critics and what other people are saying about it, I still saw it because it is my damn money that I want to spend and actually, unlike the large masses out there, I can think for my self and form my own opinions. Anyway, immmediately after seeing it, I went on the Internet to see if anyone wrote any fics. But, lo and behold, only ONE fic for this movie and on this site. Nowehere else. So, as of now, I plan to write a 10, 000 B.C. fic because I am damn sure there are least a couple of people who liked it and are probably waiting for more fics for it to come.


No, I'm not dead, but I decided to to not do the 10,000 B.C. fanfic. My heart isn't in it. As for other fics, I am trying to upload new chapters, but like that Geico commercial (or is by someone else? I forget) but real life comes at you fast,and gives you little time to sit down and update. So, please be patient.


Yeah, still not dead, but been rather slow on the updates for my fics and I apologize greatly for that. I don't like to appear that I maing constant excuses, but honestly, I have been VERY busy and barely have enough time to work on my fics, dealing with small cases of writer's block, and new plot bunnies coming out the wazoo and bothering me to death. Anyway, I thought I would have time to work on them on Thanksgiving Break, but I didn't, but hopefully, I will during Christmas Break. Until then, please be patient and don't worry, I didn't forget my fics.


I'm still not dead, but still suffering from writer's block and also, now I'm in college and just made the honors' list and plan on keeping it that way, so I will be very busy and very little time for fanfiction, save for reading, faving and commenting on fics. Thankfully, summer break is on its way (I get out between May 12th or 13th) and I promise you more chapters and possibly more fanfcs.

With that said, I want to comment and (possibly) rant about the changes that I've seen Fanfiction.Net underwent. First off, the physical changes astound me and make me feel old. This also goes for looking through the fandoms I am involved in. Now with that aside, let me rant about a few things I noticed in these new fanfics that have been springing up in a couple of fandoms:

1. Which "your (you're)" do I use?

I don't know whatever happened to basic education of grammar, but I guess it's going down the shitter judging by the large number of people who make this mistake, OVER and OVER again! For fuck sakes' people! When it comes "you're" and "your", you use "you're" as another to say "YOU ARE" and "your" is used to denote possession, eg. "Your shoes are over there." It's not that hard to learn and in case that doesn't get ingrained into your cranium, remember this: Apostrophe+two letters usually means the word is a contraction, eg. "don't"="do not". If I'm coming across as a grammar nazi bitch to you, too damn bad, because I would not be bitching about this if this type of mistake wasn't happening on a massive scale and I wasn't constantly seeing stupid fucking mistakes like: "Your going?" or "You're mother".

2. It's vs. its

The same thing as "you're" vs. "your". Many people are getting confused about using the words "its" and "it's". "It's" is a contraction, just like "you're" and it means "it is". "Its", on the other hand, like "your"; it denotes possession. An example of this would be "its style." This is simple grammar, but it's (SEE?! I used "it's" because it is a contraction for "it is"!) fucking pitiful if many people are making this type of mistake.

3. Blonde vs. Blond, Brunette vs. Brunet

I don't understand how people get confused when it comes to this, but, generally, when you are describing a MAN with blond hair, you call him a "BLOND"! That's "blond" without an "e" because 'blonde" with an "e" means that the owner of said colored hair is a FEMALE! The same goes for "brunet". "Brunet"=man with dark hair, "brunnette"=WOMAN with dark hair. By the way people, little language tidbit to help you remember this: in French, when an "e" or "ette" is added to a word, it usually means the object or person...Is. A. Female! Just like "blonde" and "brunette"! Do you fucking get it?!

4. Dialogue

Maybe I'm being too picky, but this problem is just like the whole "your're vs. your" dilemma: happening on a massive scale. When you are doing dialogue, DO NOT put the words of two or more characters in the same paragraph! And if there is a change in conversation, make a NEW line! Don't leave it in the same line! This gets confusing for the reader and irritates the writers/readers who know better. Don't understand what I am talking about? Let me give you an example:

eg. Sophie raised one thin eyebrow and said, " Really? You don't like her?" "Yeah, I don't like her," said Stephen. "Why don't you like her?" Sophie interrogated.

Okay, that's as far as I'm willing to go for this example, because I'm already getting a headache typing this out and I want to injure someone. Anyway, I know it's crappy example, but I'm sure you get the point.

5. Textspeak.

I don't know what happened to the standards of good writing, but apparently they were thrown out the window. Now, there's a new wave of writers that simply refuse to use spellcheck, a thesaurus and a dictionary, and decide to show their "mad ritin' skillz" by writing their summary or worse, ENTIRE story in textspeak. This is sad and it's even more sad that these writers actually believe using textspeak displays a talent in writing, when, in reality, it does not. The use of textspeak in the story just makes you come across to the readers as an illiterate teen who failed in English. If you want to be taken seriously as a writer, make an effort to use correct spelling and grammar and don't write like you are telling a story to your friends via texting and cellphone.

6. Lack of fandom knowledge:

People, I know that fanfiction is, in its own way, serves as an alternate universe to the canon of the fandom, however, at the same time, please research before you write or at least be very positive that you're well-acquainted with the universe, the traits of the characters, and so on and so forth. Do not, I mean, do not, just type up the fic and make the characters so fucking OOC, unless you did on purpose, and if so, then put up some type of warning so people who know better don't get aggravated. Also, if you consider yourself a fan of the show, cartoon, book, or anime, then don't misspell the names of the characters! How can you claim you're a fan, if you don't know how to spell the names of the characters right?! So many times I've seen people make this type of mistake along with not capitalizing the titles and epithets of characters. People, there's this thing called an "official guide" in which contains all types of information (including the NAMES, nicknames, and EPITHETS of characters) for your show, anime, anime and book. You can look up the information and use it when you're writing your fanfiction. Seriously I'm getting sick of people writing "the flame alchemist (FMA)" or "former marine (NCIS)".

7. "Where's the spellcheck?"

Use spellcheck, goddammit. And don't use the excuse the "But, I don't have a spellcheck!" Unless you have a computer from the Stone Age, then that's a bunch of bullshit, because most computers in this day and age have some form of spellcheck. Also, there are PLENTY of dictionaries and thesauruses on the 'net. So, really, there are NO excuses. I understand if you're from a country where English isn't your native tongue, but if you're a U.S. citizen, from the U.K., Australia, any country with English as the first language, received some education in grammar, and at least older than 12 years old, then you should fucking know better than to write like you're still in kindergarten. I mean, Jesus H. Christ, I feel like 7-year olds are taking over fandoms and are producing a majority of horribly-written fics. Oh God, get me some Tylenol, I feel like throwing up at this thought.

8. "To use "defiantly" or "definitely"? That is the question!"

I don't know how people get mixed up in regards to these two words, but never underestimate the boundaries of human stupidity, my friends. For the poor stupid fuckers who make this type of mistake, let me educate you on this matter, so that way, I won't feel like coming to your home and butchering you in your sleep because you failed to grasp when to correctly use these adverbs. (Puts on glasses and dons a scholarly outfit. Clears throat) "Defiantly" is derived from the the word "defiant" which means: "Characterized by defiance; boldly resistant or challenging." Thus "defiantly' is synonym for "boldly", "challengingly", and means an action performed out of disobedience or boldness. Example: "She defiantly glared at him." "Definitely," on the other hand, is derived from the word "definite" which means: "Clearly defined or determined; not vague or general; fixed; precise," or "Positive; certain; sure." Soooo...when using "definitely", most likely you're implying certainty or that you are positive about something. Example: "Oh, she's definitely gonna kick his ass!" See? The sentence implies that the speaker knows, without a shadow of a doubt, that the first person is gonna open up a can o' whup ass on the second person. Okay, does all of this make sense to you? Good, so don't make this mistake again, and multiple times in a fic, because I'm reaching to the breaking point of hunting down numerous fanfic writers who make this mistake, countless times.

9. "Eww! Mpreg!"

I understand some people don't like it and think it's demeaning to "feminize" male characters by getting them knocked up, or just think mpreg is weird, unrealitistic and stupid, but guess what? The authors know that! They know guys getting "preggers" is as unlikely to happen as Bill O'Reilly becoming an atheist and eloping to Canada with Keith Olbermann (realllllyyyy scary thought...), and that's why they write fanfiction: in the world of fanfiction, anything can happen. You don't like mpreg, that's your opinion and guess what? No one is forcing you to read it.

10. "Stop making the guy characters gay and girly! They're straight, okay?"

I know they're straight, dumbass. Guess what? I. Don't. Give. A. Shit! I know Torn is whipped by Ashelin, I know Dean will forever chase skirts and not have an inkling of a lustful thought about Sam. I know that and other slash/yaoi fanfic writers do, too. Again, in fanfiction, anything goes. Actually, come to to think about, most shows, animes, games don't explicitly state if the characters are gay or straight, so there is the possiblity for them to be gay, bisexual or just have the chance to fall in love with someone of the same sex (you don't have to be gay to fall in love with someone of same sex or be in a same-sex relationship). Also, I don't care for highschool fics or menage a trois fics that much, but do I go around flaming those type of stories? No. So let live, live, and just go on read a story of your tastes. By the way, since when turning a hetereosexual male character gay is synonymous with "feminizing"? It's not.

Okay, I'm done ranting. I apologize if I offended anyone, but these things have been plucking my nerves for a while and I needed to get these off my chest.

Results from Seme/Uke quiz:

Chibi Seme

You are the seme in disguise. Able to fit in and get along with uke and seme alike, you are able to get close to the uke on their level before exerting your dominance. This makes you at times manipulative and able to fool others about your true seme nature. Because of your harmless appearance, it takes the flamboyantly gay Flaming Uke to match wits and really bring out your aggressive side to expose you for the seme that you are.

Most compatible with: Flaming Uke, Badass Uke
Least compatible with: Dramatic Uke

Well, this sort of ties in what with my short height and the fact why people think I'm innocent and sweet, until later I prove them wrong...hehehehe.

A little list to eat up more of my profile's blank space. Oh, and why I rather see Sasuke gettin' some lovin' from Naru-chan than Sakura.

SasuNaru or SasuSaku?

Sasuke is always thinking of Naruto- Sakura always bugs Sasuke

Sasuke always wants to prove himself to Naruto, and vice versa - Sakura is always ignored by Sasuke

Sasuke talks to Naruto the most, out of everyone- He rarely speaks to Sakura

Sasuke and Naruto have saved each other's lives on several occasions - Sasuke saved Sakura- ONCE

When Sasuke was leaving Konoha, Naruto tried to stop him (and very, very almost succeeded)- He listened to Sakura for about three minutes, called her annoying, said thank you for some unfathomable reason (considering all she did was bitch, whine 'Sasuke-kun!', and get in the way of everything), knocked her out... and carried on.

Sasuke and Naruto were friends when they were younger (possibly MORE than friends...They HELD HANDS x3) - Sakura never even spoke to Sasuke

Naruto draws out strong emotions in Sasuke: love, guilt, he just touches him inside - The only emotions Sakura draws out from him is annoyance and a strong urge to kill.

Sasuke and Naruto's relationship is the most developed in the whole show. The whole show FOCUSES on their relationship- Sakura and Sasuke are just.. stuck together. There's no positive relationship. Sakura doesn't even like him in Part II

Lastly, there's an interview somewhere on the web, in which Kishimoto states that Naruto and Sakura are rivals. (For Sasuke's love) Seeing as Sasuke likes Naruto, and HATES Sakura.. I'm pretty sure it's obvious who will win Sasuke's heart.

It's kind of long and pointless, but copy & paste this onto your profile if you agree.

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