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Hum I go by the nick name Little Chicken
I'm 5'1 very short but i like that. Don't want to be any taller
I'm an obsessed reader. I enjoy buying books and reading them.
I love the rain and snow
I've come to enjoy the ocean and sunflowers more and more
My favorite animal would have to be sheep's hands down
My favorite place in he whole world would have to be my room and the Cayman Island beach
Colors colors hum...red, black, white, dark blue and green, and pink
I like hearing stories and reading them. The adventure and romance makes me all giddy inside and so happy
stories make my day when i'm glum and the world just seems to sad.

Lets see favorite pairings would have to be:
Yami Bakura/Bakura

Sigh there's more but i can't think of any right now. It'll come to me

Oh to anyone who cares hum i don't know if you care send me a note saying hello


Can you feel it that coldness
That darkness taking you
No matter how hard you fight
Caressing your mind
Freezing your soul
Making a dead shiver pass up your spine

You lie in bed
Sweat dripping down from your neck
Heavy pants coming in quick breaths from your mouth
Your mind reeling
Your chest aching
A cold wind passes by your body
Trying to cool you down
The fan filling up the silent noise

It flits through your mind
Bits and pieces
Not much but it helps you remember
Cursing your dreams and mind
You indulge for a moment in the past
That face appears
Those dull eyes making your skin crawl
You can hear her asking “I need you to watch me”
Just hearing those words make you think
Think about what….. You don’t know

You pass a hand over your forehead
You can already feel the head ache forming
The bile in your throat
The aches of your body
That damn memory won’t leave you
There in the bathroom
She comes out the stall
Blood dripping from her upper arm
Scares already littered everywhere
Fresh ones taking their place

You can feel yourself shivering
The coldness seeping in
You try to move
But sweat makes you stick to the mattress
You remove your shirt and pants
Trying to keep cool
You light a cake scented candle
The smell instantly calming you
You press your eyes close
Putting pressure on them with your finger tips

She’s there looking tired
The scissors in her hand
They’re streaked with blood
No thought passes through your mind
You move on instinct
Gathering some paper towels
Wetting them with hot water
You go to her applying pressure
The blood soaks right through

You open your eyes hazy for a moment
The colors burst and you forget for a moment
Passing a hand through wild sweat filled locks
You think what was I doing
The question without an answer

The blood has stopped
She’s looking normal again
A small smile on her lips
You step away from her
She pulls down her sleeve
Covering up what just happened
She says she’s okay now
You only look at her

A strange emotion you can’t quite define wells inside you
She leaves
You hear the rusty door slam
Knowing it had seen better years

The rays of light flash through the window
Setting a warm glow
On the room that began to smell of death
You get up
A slight groan leaves your lips
A new day was starting
The dreams are fading back into the darkness
And old memories are being locked up in secret places
Where they belong

The suns’ rays land on you
As you stand before the window
You think
I will rise
Everyday I will get up
Taking with me my burdens
But I will rise
So that I can feel the sun on my skin
Feel the cold that brushes by
I will rise

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