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Anbu's Analogy: The Introduction.

Mmhm, it's a group account.

Considering we specialize in collaborations, we decided to group up and post our works generally on a single account, also due to the fact that some of us don't finish stories enough to have our own accounts and really feel prideful over the work done. The work is pretty divided. Sometimes it's a matter of literal collaboration; switching back and forth on chapters, characters, pieces of the story... Other times, someone makes the concepts or perhaps, just a character, and the other uses it in their writing. Then there's always the instances of editting, and playing the beta-writer to the fic.

Teamwork. Right on!

Right now, we stand at five people in the group. Later, it might be more - who knows. Until then though, all are people who have yet to really make a name for themselves on

Besides that though, we're all pretty fresh, so give us a break. We'll probably come up mostly with fan-based works, since we like to hold our originals back (unless it's a short story).

Hopefully you enjoy what we come up with, and if you have any questions, comments?... Drop us an email. We all check it, from time to time.


Anbu's Analogy: Author Profiles.

Just so everyone gets an idea of style, maybe age, and other such... Randomness. On another note, remember to check within each story themselves for who has written them and such... It should say the name of the one who actually wrote it somewhere. Anyway, just remember that not every story within Anbu's Analogy is by the same author, and blah blah. Moving on to the prof's.

Kaisuke: Male. Age; 19. Mostly helps with concepts and beta-reading; doesn't bother to write, because he's lazy. Love a good fight-scene and also can get interested in deeper meanings, though sometimes they can bore him. Likes helping with story concepts and will often come up with random ideas; is a freak when editting and also procrastinates just as much as everyone else. Doesn't write, so the genres and ratings are irrelevant... Though the way he thinks gives him an above T-rating. Helps with concepts for all genres.

Riaki: Female. Age; 17. Mostly gets story concepts and beta-reading for Kaisuke; also gets/helps story concepts with Shiori. Always available to beta-read; sometimes gets randomly inspired and shoves out multiple short stories at once. Prefers deeper meanings but will sometimes lean towards humor; almost always has a tinge of romance in fics. Is willing to do both short stories and longer ones, though she procrastinates a lot. Seems to focus on Romance/Spiritual/Action/Adventure; expect T ratings and above. Focuses on Ragnarok Online, Tenchu, and Dynasty Warriors.

Saru: Male. Age; 17. Expect good fight-scenes and explicit details; accuracy is a given when it comes to his writing along with an Action/Adventure-ridden plot. Seems to enjoy historical fiction; can bring out a large assortment of characters that all stay true to the setting and manage to not bore with duplicated personalities (meaning, yes, each is different, not a clone of one another). Can come up with crazy warfare strategies and random twists. Seems to focus on the Action/Adventure or Sci-Fi genre; expect T ratings and above. Focuses on Tenchu, The Getaway, and Einhander.

The Finisher.

Yeah, we got our different styles and we got our similarities. The genres we focus on can be a lot similar, but really not... Some of us favor certain fandoms a lot more than others, so hopefully, we can get a good enough variety going. If you want a comment to reach a specific author, then... review a story that was written specifically by them or email us at ... Just remember to put in the topic title and/or within the body of the email just who you want the email to get to, and we'll make sure to send it to the right person. Anyway, hopefully you can tolerate our styles that have been smushed together, and enjoy some of the things we come up with. Remember to review our works; we love criticism. Thanks.

The Crew of Anbu's Analogy.

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