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Author has written 14 stories for Naruto, and Gokusen.

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needless to say, I haven't been posting... But I've been busy with uni and freedom. Apologies, but I am still alive. I hope to get round to as many of my fics as possible. I plan on completing them, the only question is when.


i'm back! well.. kinda... i am currently uploading the story Abused Sasuke. i say uploading because it has all been written out by hand (bar the last chapter which is in progress), my sister is writing them up onto the computer (because she loves typing and wants to be the first to read it) and then i shall be uploading the chapters weekly to get a chance to get a few reviews and see what you guys think. i must say that i had forgotten how happy nice reviews make me. and i know that everyone says the same thing but it is really true. when you get a review of someone saying how much they enjoy your story and how you got them to feel what the characters are feling, you think, 'i want to write more! i want to do that again!'

anyway. i am so terribly sorry for any readers of my unfinished stories.

- Truth or Dare? only has the smoking hot epilogue to go.

- It Started With a Breakup (ISWAB) i need to get into that frame of mind again and remind myself what i was doing because there are a few peple who want that completed and i won't feel right about myself if i never complete it.

- February 14 is still scheduled to be updated at the regular date although i haven't got very far writing it yet. the story this year should be based on what happens with Naruto and Sasuke 10 years in the future after this event which was written by my friend. I think that there will probably be references to this story so you may need to read that before you read my one.

- Kazama Ren and Ogata Yamato's Story (KMOYS) i started writing this next chapter out aaaaaaaaages ago, and as those of you who read it know, it follows the original storyline with me ading their thoughts and extra scenes that we don't see. This upcoming episode that i am writing for, doesn't follow them the whole way through and so i could either leave it as what we do see of them, or i could add in MORE parts of what we don't see during that time... i suppose adding more of what happens would make it more of an original fic that just using the scenes provided to make them think gay thoughts XD but either way, i need a lot of time to go through the episodes and make sure that i know everything that i can about the characters and not get any loop holes.

- The Pianists oh gosh, i haven't got a CLUE what i'm going to do for this. i have lots of little scene ideas planned and hat i have posted, not much has really happened... i will plan out what will happen throughout the story and then flesh it out and hopefully that will allow it to eventually get completed.

i think i have a few plans for some of the oneshots...but those aren't really a necessity so they can wait.

i have so much work that i am supposed to be doing seeing as it's my last year of 6th corm before i go to University and i actually need to try and get some half decent grades of i want to be able to go where i want or get ANY offers at all... bad times guys, bad times...


i have finally finished Truth or Dare!! it is posted and i feel acomplished, although i would probably feel better if i had, oh i don't know, ONE review? sorry, thir jst reviews, but i jus feel bettr if i know that people enjoyed it and i didn't keep them waiting for nothing. isn't that normal? i hop someone will review :(

anyway, if you want to check out another story, look up, "the cyber world is where i love you" it's a sasunaru story where sasuke is in love with a fanfiction author only to eventually find out that he is the most annoying guy on th university campus, oooo how will he react? and what will naruto think? well read it to find out. it has 2 chapters so far and the writers are working on th next one even if it will take a while to get it done... anyway, i swear no one reads what i write here but oh well, it's a distraction for me!

ja ne!


i think that my lack of ANY activity is a bit of a hint that i am on hiatus. i never thought i would be saying it, but somehow im just not getting any of them done! i am so sorry for that! i will do my best to try and focus on the chapters and fics that i have started. i am so sorry again, i just can't seem to be able to write for a long period of time without getting distracted or confussing myself... apologies again.

peace out...xx


i've written quit alot recently, i think anyway. i hope you've liked it! unfortunetly they haven't been my multichapter fics. i am working on them, but i had so many things in progress it's nice to have a few things checked off. i have finally finished my first narugaara fic. i started that in august last year!! it has taken me 7 months to write that and write it up on the computer. i would write loads in my book and them write some of it up and then today i wrote up the last 14 pages from the book and carried on writing. i hope people are happy with it. it's been up for a few hours now and has 1 fave and 50 views lol anyway... that's it for now.


i suppose i should welcome you to the new year. HAPPY NEW YEAR!! _ may it be full of happiness and opportunities. take care of your loved ones and try your best in all that you do.

i would like to say that this year will be a good year dor writing for me and that you should lookforward to updates and new fantastic stories, but i don't know if i'm going to be able to write much, although i will find the time at some point or another. a Kazama an Ogata chapter quite literally needs a whole day to be written due to the fact that i need to write it while watching the episode and then adding in my own bits and bobs that make it so very (un)appealing.

i hope that you will enjoy what you read and that my time doesn't go to waste lol.

have a good year everone!

oh! and it has become increasingly irritating to notice that FF don't seem to like my name because when it is written they get rid of it! damn you FF, it's a name, not a website! no website starts with mmm. grrrr


omg. it's nearly christmas. im not actualy that excited. i'm staying in cold england. getting hardly any presents and don't particularly enjoy spending time with my family. although i have been more social this holiday than many i can remember ie, last break from school i don't think i did anything with anyone. already i went to a party two days ago and am going out for a mean with friends tonight and then meeting up again with a couple friends two days from now and then watching twilight at some point too an a few family meet ups. but i also have a HUGE tone of revision and school work to do over aswell. so that sucks.

so i guess what i'm really trying to say it that i'm sorry i will probably not be updating any fics for a while even though i supposedly have a 'break' but i can deffinetly garuntee that i am working on a NaruGaara oneshot and i have the next story for Febuary 14 and that will DEFF be out on time. valentines day is on a saturday this year so i will stay up on friday and post it at 12 midnight (england time).

Merry christmas! & Akemashite Omegetou Gozaimasu (happy new year in japanese, although i'm not sure about the 'omegetou')



i have been really really bad and not updated truth or dare or anything other than Gokusen... i am so so sorry to my readers. i have now started 6th form. i dont know what the work load will be like. but i will do my best to write up what i have written in my planning book. i will try try try but i cannot garuntee. i just updated my only gokusen fic and dont know how long it wil be till i update. really sorry for the bad news. its like 1 in the morning and i decided to write this before i couldn't anymore.

ciao for maybe a while...


today i am not in such a morbid tone as my last major post. i am so sorry that i havnt posted a new chapter for such a long time. and i'm sorry to the authors who i have put in my alerts if i havnt read and reviewed ur updates yet. i have got so many to read now because everyone is updating!

the new chapter for Truth or Dare is in progess. the last two weeks i went on holiday and i took my red books with me (that i write my stories in when i can't et to a computer) and i wrote when i had the chance. i also wrote a NaruGaara oneshot which i hope to post soon. the idea just came to me and i couldn't resist. i am also writing the lemon for chapter 13 of Truth or dare. the one with Neji and Sai. so that is kind of like my apology and update on my status at the moment. it's not like i have abandoned you. i swear.

but i have some, i hope, good news. i have made a hotmail account just for my fanfiction friends and readers. feel free to add me. it is it doesnt matter how old i get or what my fascinations are. i will always be mmm.kai.mmm lolss. it just makes this so much less confussing.

a random thing. recently someone asked me for what my real name is. i write lemons and lime and gay relationshpis and rape and all sorts of deviant topics that could make me extremly unpopular in my community. my mum is a homophobe and my friends aren't anime fans let alone yaoi fans. with a few exceptions. but to protect myself i will always remain mmm.kai.mmm. i hope thats alright with you all.

ciao for now m'dears...xx meaow lol so random just felt like doin that.


guys! i just realise that my story is exactly a year old!! last year today i posted my first chapter of Truth or Dare.

happy birthday to Truth or dare!!



i use this like a blog, clearly you can see this by now... i see no other way to rant to my readers without having an AN longer than a chapter...

well, i feel like totaly shit. after posting my last chapter for truth or dare, it seemed that everyone as just picking at one thing after the other, it has come to my understanding that a few, if not more, of the readers thought it was sasunaru rather than narusasu. when i write the couplings i just write who is in the coupling, i dont always put it semeuke. apparently that means i am at fault for misleading you? and this was on my birthday no less, not that it makes a difference and not like they knew, but still.

these reviews and reactions towards my posts are making me more reluctant to write more. i come to the computer and open uo word ready to write the next chapter and just don't feel able to write it because i feel like i am waisting my time thinking up what to happen next and what i can do to make it better. i have 18782 views! people are reading this story! but im losing so many just after the first chapter. i just dont know anymore. im considering just giving up.

so yea, thats it really...


oh! check out my BETA profile, i might be able to help you out =)

okay, so it is 00:24 quite late, but oh well. i was just coming on fanfic to check everything out. i am in the middle of reading two very long and popular stories with many many chapters so they are taking some time to read, but im getting there... gradually.

when i read a story, if i like it, i review it. if im lazy i will only review the latest chapter, if its a new story for me and i read through it all then the writer knows that they have a new fan of the story and from that point on i review every chapter as it is updated, if im really in the mood to comment every chapter, then i will review every chapter. its fair to the reader and makes then feel as if people are not just running thorugh it, they also know how far you have got and if you are still with the story.

i have got a few PM's and review replies saying that im really nice and that they enjoy my reviews, that also makes me feel good because it means and shows that they appreciate the time i spent reading and reviewing their story. i also have helped a few stories along and have provided ideas for them. someone said im their favourite reviewer, and all this made me feel good. its like karma, do a good thing, get a good thing back along with that feeling or making someone happy, sometimes people mention personal things in their AN's and a little reference to those in your reviews shows that you also care about the writer and support them in their times or difficulty or just laughing at something funny they did lol.

but i suppose it is too much to ask for the same in return? it's too much to spend a few minutes letting me know you enjoyed the story when it took me a few hours to write it and post it? everything that i have posted has taken alot of time to create and think through and check. i know that there are still a few mistakes, but they are less that in some stories. even during stressful times or parts where i have struggled with ideas for the story, i have spent time thinking through what i could do and how it would work.

i didnt think it would be so hard to be an FF writer lol. i thought it would be simple enough to write up all the story frist and then post it bit by bit and get reviews saying if someone liked it or hated it or whatever. but then when you write the first chapter, you just have to post it staight away and start on the next one. it isn't so easy to write up the next chapter when you have school and other activities to do. but it is just satisfying when you get lots of reviews and favourites and alerts showing you that it is all worth it and you are not wasting your time.

this turned out into a pretty emotional/speech-like blog, wouldn't you say?

anyway. im shattered. hope you got somthing from this =)

ciao m'darlins ...x


BY THE WAY! it's my birthday on the 23rd of June =) just thought you should know ;)

anyway. i thought that i should explain a few things about me. i know i should be revising or writing, but i have already done both today, i even updated a story, i'll admit it isn't a popular one, but it's updated none the less. anyway.

my name is mmm.kai.mmm yes i know you already know this, but i'm saying why! i had an unhealthy obsession when i first joined in 2005 with Kai Hiwatari from beyblade lols, fave character by FAR, joined FF so that i could read all the Beyblade stories which is why i have many in my favourites =) and i don't have any Beyblade stories of my own because i was unable to produce my own storyline and/or a good plot or writing style of any kind. i was also innocent and had not been opened up to the idea of yaoi...oh no, that started two years after i left fanfiction to get over my obsession (anime and the such is not popular in my area especially having obsessions with them...). i went through many names, some where stupid, some where long and complicated, and so eventually i decided to use mmm.kai.mmm simple, satisfying and memorable =)

that is the story of my name! wow i bet you wanted to know that!

btw, i am in England, so i say 'trousers' not 'pants' and 'got' not 'gotten' i got into a really bad habit of saying 'gotten' and my dad was not happy lol, being the 'gramatically correct' fellow that he is haha anyway. enjoy the profile, read it and discover things of me that have happened in the struggle to update and produce worthy stories...



yes yes, it's been a while since i wrote here, but tbh noone is probably reading this anyway! okay. exams are NEARLY over, but not quite yet. then i have prom and then i SHOULD be able to upload and write to my hearts content! okay. i had this BRILLIANT idea where i put all my oneshots with the same characters in the same story. so each chapter is a different oneshot about that couple. i have a sasunaru one which will be updated anually (14th Feb). a ShikaNaru one, a GaaraSasuke one and am in the process of writing a ShikaChou one. you can request pairings in reviews or PM's if you want. i am working on all of my stories bit by bit. it's good because if i get bored of one i go onto another one =) you can also say what theme you want. it will help me to write it. like if u want it fluffy or rape or character death or marriage, but i wont do Mpreg, i refuse. that is physically impossible and i will not do it, i will do ANYTHING but that. if u want AU or regular, or teenage or adult or you can just leave it completly to me =)

peace out


well, i've done another update for Truth or Dare. i am now up to 14 chapters with that story. i will be waiting to get 10 reviews before i upload the next chapter. i have 2 oneshots and another multichapter story. those are not as popular as the Truth or Dare but i still have recieved positive feedback from them. i am curently preparing for the exam season which is from next week for two months. it is going to be a very stressful time and other than the one chapter that i have already written, do not expect another update until the two months is over. i am working on other stories that i have not published yet, they are: Confessions, Heartbreaker, Missing (a song fic with Evanescence's Missing) and Pianist. (edit: (19/06/08) i will upload summaries for these stories as soon as i can think of them lol XD. you can put me in your author alerts to get a message when these, or any other new stories, are uploaded)

i am also working on a possible sequal to Why Naruto as it was kind of requested but i will have to see how it works out. do not expect these anytime soon, i am planning on writing them all out fully before publishing them every month or every 10 reviews or w/e but anyway. enjoy what i have published, review them and wait patiently for the journey to continue.

peace out


well, i hope you all had a good valentines day. i uploaded a story for the special occasion. i had many ideas for different valentines stories but simply didnt have the time to write them all. i am now on half term so i should be doing a few updates and maybe posting some other stories...but probably not...

anyway. ciao bellas!


man, i am soo sorry that i havnt updated for so long! it's crazy! i've been having trouble writing this next chapter and i've been getting ideas for other stories aswel. but you wont see those until i have finished and checked them thoroughly... which could take a while, but once i finish the story then i can update every month without fail.. i know a month sounds like a long time, but i would like to get reviews and comments on what you think etc. i will at some point create a story with the input of the readers, asking for their favourite pairs and such like... or i could create a poll now and have plenty of time to get votes... i think i'll do that

well i have about 4 stories in process so those are something to look forward to _ ciao bellas!


my new stuff must be crap, i had many views and no reivews lol, oh well, i didnt put particularly much effort in it and the story lines are quite different to my previous one. but enjoy anyway. im working on the next chapter to truth or dare and am working on a new story that has potential to be liked lol.


yea, i havnt updated this in a while but i have got 2 new stories posted that i wrote a while ago and just felt like putting up here. didnt put particularly alot of effort in them and they are not particularly good in my opinion but feel free to review. also im up to chapter 10 in truth or dare and am working on chapter 11. really guys i am.


i haven't written in so long well, for me its so long lol. but now my story has 8 chapters and 26 reviews. so if you haven't read the lastest them!


my story now has 5 chapters and 17 reviews, i no it isn't really that much but i am filled with joy lol


well i've added a third chapter now guys, i really hope that you are enjoing the story and would realy appreciate your feed back. i'm getting alot of views but not alot of REviews hahaha. yea, i no, sad but hey. so let me know wat you think. your opinion is very much appreciated. plus the more revis i get the more i enjoy and feel like writing.

thanks to lLOtus, narutoXsasukelover and Melliejellie for reviewing and the 4 who put me in their favourites three who put me in their alerts.


heya guys, my story hit 100 views today wahay lol but i havn't got many reviews. well actually i have 1... -_-U. come on guys, please let me know what you think or i may have to stop writing if i think that no-one is interested.

so at the moment i love ILoveItachihessohot because thats the only person that left a review lol. but thanks to the 3 who put me in their favourites and the one who put me in alerts. CHEERS GUYS!


I am mmm.kai.mmm i don't usually write stories but my first one is at the moment called truth or dare i actually had a dream that this happened with these characters and just thought that i would write it up.

Please review my story and say what you think about it because it is my first one and i'm not really an experienced writer. If you would like to know anymore then just ask because i don't really have anything else to put here that i can think of.

So enjoy the story, im working on the next chapter at the moment.

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