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7) If you would like to contact me via IM at Yahoo! IM look for me by this: yaoiwriter2500@yahoo.com

8) that's all enjoy my stories!


Summary: Before the fight, before what happened happened, there was love. Hope, good times, adventures, passion, pain, misunderstandings...and an accident that all led up to 'Enduring Pain'. This is what happened to cause E/P.

ok so it's revised a lil' bit, i dunno if this is better than the actual summary, but whatever they both work, lol. This is definatly gonna be a long story...


New Found Love: First ever Inuyasha fic and it's better than Enduring Pain. This is a yaoi of inuyasha and kouga (the bestest inu pairing eva!).

Summary:The two get stuck in a cave during a bad storm. Inuyasha is injured and how will he thank Kouga for helping him get better?

Tears and Rain: This is offically my first one shot! SasuNaru and totally killer lemon scene!

Summary: Sasuke returns on Naruto's fifteenth birthday after being gone for two months. But is it too late? Naruto was beaten while Sasuke was away and can't take the pain of loving the Uchiha when he doesn't love him back. Or doesn't he? Lemon at very end but it's really long!

Chocolate Covered Pancakes: This is my first (but NOT last) KibaxNaru. Sadly it's a one-shot. I was gonna make it longer, but am too busy at the present time. Maybe someday if I ever remember, lol.

Summary: Naruto gets out of a bad relationship with Sasuke. One day when coming down to breakfast at Kiba's he decides to play with him. Little did he know that Kiba had planned to tell him his feelings over the blondes second favorite dish. Kiba's infamous chocolate covered pancakes. I should have titled it 'Chocolate Covered Dobe', lol.

Because Of You: Fist BeyBlade Story! KaixRei baby!

Summary: Kai lost Tyson, but gained a record deal thanks to the boy. What happens when Rei-his new crush-gives him a ride home after a day at the studio? I think it's pretty good, aside from the song i put at the beginning. That was just how things turned out...

Enduring Pain: This is my first fanfic ever which kinda explains why it sucks so bad. Lol, i guess it's not all that bad but i don't really like how it's ending up, but my mind works in mysterious ways... Nyways it's the first part in a two part series type thingy (i've already decided on this). BUT THE SECOND PART WILL BE BETTER I SWEAR!

Summary: Naruto follows Sasuke out of Konoha and to another village after Sasuke almost kills him. Seeking revenge on the Uchiha appears to be harder than one thought as Naruto falls back in love. But with both of them already having boyfriends how will things end up?

Time: Second InuYasha fic. Very emotional and I love it.

Summary: Time has always hurt Kouga, when it all comes down to InuYasha in the hospital how will it treat the youkai? Will it betray him once again, or will it cut him a break for once?



This is yet another High School fic! I plan on making it one ofthe best though, right next to KMTA and Battle For Dominance. I don't know when exactly I'm gonna start it but it'll definatly be soon.

Summary: Sasuke never thought that a single day in high school could leave his world in so much drama. On the first day of his freshman year he spots another boy getting beat up and goes over to save him, when he gets beat up to a certain degree. He gets suspended and finds out more about himself while spending more and more time with this boy. What happens when they go back to school as a couple? How can one simple day bring everything down to these two final moments. 'Will you marry me?' and 'How could this have happened?'

Well there's a kinda good preveiw i think.I hope that each and every one of you likes it!

Running Scared

This is gonna start out just like the movie, but by the end it'll be all me. I loved the movie and half way through watching it I thought about a SasuNaru story instantly! The plot is so perfect! BUT I HAVE TO WARN YOU! THERE WILL BE A SHIT LOAD OF LANGUAGE! so if your eyes are sensitive and can only contain so many f-words per story and/or chapter you do NOT wanna read this. There will also be violence and discrimination to a certain degree...

Summary: Naruto's foster parent father abuses him for the last time and he shoots him. The thing is that he shoots him with a gun he stole from his best friends dad. That gun was supposed to be desposed of and now Naruto's set off a chain of events that could ultimatly kill each and every person involved. In the middle somewhere he finds out that he has feelings for his best friend Sasuke. It's definatly a fucked up life after he pulls that trigger...

I can't wait to get started on this story! I'm so stoked already! But like i said earlier, lots of language and violence. And there might be only one lemon! It makes me mad, but i have to follow it accordingly to the plot of the movie otherwise this won't work. And there might only be one cuz everything is so fast paced and ongoing! Lol, but fear not! There will be at least ONE lemon for all you lovely people!


summary: They said it was unsinkable. He thought he was happy. Then they met, causing him to realize that he was wrong. But does he realize this when it's too late?

Ok, now I take it that you all have seen the movie, ne? Well if you have then don't hate me! Because this story will be...my secondKibaxNaruto! And I'm making Iruka-Sensei the bitchy mom. Don't hate me please! So yeah I will be working on this after or inbetween 'Running Scared'.

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Naruto - Rated: T - English - Romance/Adventure - Chapters: 8 - Words: 38,902 - Reviews: 306 - Favs: 191 - Follows: 269 - Updated: 10/1/2010 - Published: 8/30/2005 - Naruto U., Sasuke U.
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Things you find out and go through by MellyPie reviews
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