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Author has written 15 stories for Yu-Gi-Oh, Card Captor Sakura, Danny Phantom, Fullmetal Alchemist, and Naruto.

Update: 15 September 2012- Normally I put these at the bottom of my profile, but this one is actually semi-important. As of today, I am putting all of my WIPs on hiatus. I don't have any sob-story excuses other than my normal every-day troubles. I will still be writing and posting the various one-shots that are bugging me, but I will not be posting anything that is incomplete, because I hate when other authors abandon stories. I will still work on my WIPs, but until I have a complete draft, they will not be updated.

This is mostly due in part to the zillions of plot bunnies I have in my head right now. It's hard to think straight, particularly when I'm planning a large project with a friend of mine that will span a story, a sequel, and several omake (it will be GaaNaruGaa). Until I can settle some of the ideas in my head, I can't concentrate on anything else. Please forgive me for this.

I thank everyone for their continued support, especially those of you who have taken the time to review. If you want to see more from me, I have a link to my Tumblr account in my profile (it's near the top, even). You can request prompts there and, if you have a specific prompt regarding any of my stories (ie: "Naruto and Gaara's first kiss in Hikari no Hades"), you can submit it there and I will write a short scene. I like doing the prompts because they help me with characterizations and I don't have to worry about convoluted plots.

Pen Name: AkizukiSakura
Age: 23
Gender: Female
Occupation: Stay-at-home mom
Music: I think the best way to describe my tastes in music is 'eclectic'. The only genre I adamantly dislike is death metal.
Fandoms written for: Yuugi-ou, Cardcaptor Sakura, Tamora Pierce (in crossover format), Danny Phantom, Fullmetal Alchemist, Harry Potter (in crossover format), Naruto
Various sites that I lurk at:

Tumblr - I take prompts here. They are usually around 600-700 words or so. Just make sure that the pairing you're requesting is on the approved pairing list, okay?

Favorite Pairings

Yuugi-ou: Atem/Yuugi (Puzzleshipping, or Blindshipping), Seto/Yuugi (Rivalshipping), and, if it's good, Seto/Atem/Yuugi (Flareshipping), and Atem/Yami no Yuugi/Yuugi (If it's done right and coherently. This would be Mobiumshipping).

Cardcaptor Sakura: Sakura/Eriol, the occasional Sakura/Syaoran (I say "occasional" because it's canon, and if I want canon I'll watch the series), and even the occasional Tomoyo/Sakura. I do not like Eriol/Tomoyo. This one makes no sense whatsoever. This is the result of Sakura being paired with Syaoran and the writer needing to pair up Tomoyo and Eriol, regardless of the fact that they're rarely in the same scene together, much less conversing. Also, Yukito/Touya, Yue/Touya

Harry Potter: Snape/Harry, Fred/George/Harry (this one is hard for me to find), and the rare Draco/Harry. Ron/Hermione I can do, but not as a main plot-driven pairing. I adore Sirius/Remus, and the occasional Remus/Harry. Not sure why.

Danny Phantom: Vlad/Danny (Pompous Pep all the way. Anything by DinKelion works here), and Phantom/Fenton (Pitchpearl), if it's done right. That one I usually prefer AU, since Fenton and Phantom are not two separate people. It's usually even better to have it Dan (Dark Danny, Dan Phantom, Dark, etc)/Danny. (Narcissism. Go read it.) I've read one really good Dash/Tucker.

Fullmetal Alchemist: Roy/Ed, Al/Winry, Winry/Riza. I don't hate Ed/Winry or Roy/Riza, but I read fanfiction for the "what if?". Like I said, if I want canon, I'll watch the series.

Naruto: Gaara/Naruto. Because Gaara is sexy, and Naruto is sweet. In his own way.

Others: I don't read/write enough of the others to have more than one favorite pairing, but... Usagi/Mamoru (Sailor Moon), Misaki/Ohjiro (Or Oujiro, Angelic Layer. This one is incredibly hard to find), Kohaku/Koryu (WISH), Ayase/Kanou (Okane ga Nai), Kagome/Sesshoumaru (Inuyasha, but only if its done without butchering the characters all to hell), Kazahaya/Rikuo or Kazahaya/Kakei (Lawful Drug), Sanousuke/Kenshin or Kenshin/Kaoru (Rurouni Kenshin), Kurogane/Fai, Syaoran/Sakura (Tsubasa), and I pretty much like all the pairings in Tamora Pierce, though I wish Kel and Dom had been a bit less implied and a bit more canon. I didn't care too much for the whole Cleon/Kel thing, though.

I ship pretty normal pairings. When I say that, of course, this is coming from a fangirl who likes yuri and yaoi, along with het, so I say normal in the sense that there are usually others who ship what I ship. With a few exceptions.

I'm a definite fantasy fan over most other genres (romance comes a close second), but I like a bit of paranormal and the hurt/comfort stuff. I'd say I can read just about anything that isn't horror. I'm not a big fan of horror in any version of media. Yeah, I'm a wimp. So sue me.

I'm a yaoi fangirl. It's what I like to read, and it's what I like to write. I have nothing against people who like the canon pairings. I have nothing against the people who wouldn't touch yaoi with a ten foot pole. I have everything against the people who tell me what I like is wrong, despite the fact that it doesn't affect them in any way. If you agree that everyone should learn a little bit of tolerance, spread the word. Tolerance doesn't cost a thing.

'A Year of Yaoi': A collection of one-shots (some may become real stories, eventually), each centered around one pairing, each set in a specific month of the year. May include more than one pairing per story. Main pairings may include Gaara/Naruto, Atem (or 'Yami')/Yuugi, Seto/Yuugi, and Roy/Ed. Can be either pre-pairing or established pairing.

June: In Pieces (GaaNaru, T)
July: Summer Sonata (GaaNaru, T)
August: In Progress
December: Sugared Snowdrops (planned, Roy/Ed, will probably be rated 'M')

Stories in series: Anything I write that has a sequel, prequel, or both will go here for clarity's sake. All are Roy/Ed unless stated otherwise.

For the Fuhrer's Love: A collection of short fics wherein Roy is Fuhrer, Edward is a colonel, and Alphonse has been restored. May or may not include an actual chapter story at some point. Shown in Title: Summary format. BOLD titles indicate the story is posted. Shown in chronological, not necessarily suggested reading, order.

Lullaby for a Stormy Night: A story set pre-series about Ed and Al and just how Al knew about Ed's hidden talent. No pairings.
Sugared Snowdrops: Roy and Ed's first winter holiday together.
Phone Sex: Because Roy is a sadistic bastard...
Retribution: ...and because Ed doesn't know how to lose.
Drunken Promise: In which Ed learns the repercussions of promising something in the middle of sex.

Chapter stories in series: May or may not be written based on reader interest (which can be indicated via the poll at the top of my profile). Shown in Title: Summary format. Bold titles of individual entries indicate the story is posted and updated on a semi-regular basis. All are Roy/Ed unless stated otherwise.

The Ties of Destiny: A duet that may or may not become a trilogy in which Edward is a female, Roy is still a bastard, and fate attempts to bring them together - with mixed results.

Book 1: Princess Adelaide, commonly known as Ed for her tomboyish nature, is forgotten, but not lost. The kingdom of Amestris is crumbling without its heir. And war is coming to the already-weakened land. A rewrite of Destiny Bond.
Book 2: Rarely do memories of a past life exist, particularly when that life was in a different world, but sometimes the heart knows things the mind does not. In which an assassination attempt on Fuhrer Mustang's life results in the capture of not only him but also his faithful, if volatile, bodyguard. But the bodyguard has a secret: he is really a she. A very loose rewrite of What Else Can Happen?

Guardian Arc: A crossover series where Edward and Roy are Guardians, entrusted to maintain the balance across the universes. A tentative series that may or may not be written based on reader interest.

Untitled: A Fullmetal Alchemist/Harry Potter crossover. Not enough detail has been hashed out for a concrete summary.
Untitled 2: A Fullmetal Alchemist/Avatar: The Last Airbender crossover. The Four Nations are dealing with their worst crisis yet: Not only has the Avatar gone missing but so, too, has the Fire Lord, the Earth King, and the Water Chieftain. Can the Guardians step in and level the scales once more?

Standalone chapter stories: May or may not be written based on reader interest (which can be indicated via the poll at the top of my profile). Shown in Title: Summary format. Bold titles of individual entries indicate the story is posted and updated on a semi-regular basis.

Untitled 3: A Fullmetal Alchemist AU story set in the future dealing with scientifically-advanced humans and the war between them.
Divergent Chance: How different would life be for the Elrics if the transmutation to bring back their mother had not failed? Everything has a price, but not all terms of payment are the same.

Rain: After four years, Ed thought he had seen every motive for killing come and go. A recent string of murders with a disturbing MO, however, suggests that he just might have more to learn about the lengths humans will go to achieve their desires.
Hikari no Hades: Gaara is lonely ruling the Underworld and its denizens, a job he never wanted to begin with. Can a blonde, blue-eyed mortal liven up the Realm of the Dead? Based loosely on the Greek myth of Persephone and Hades. GaaNaru


January 5, 2009: I've been sent off to start basic training so, until further notice, everything I've written should be considered on hiatus. Part of the reason is the obvious - they aren't letting me near a computer during basic training. I should have computer access during "A" School/Nuclear Power School but since the dropout rate is about 50-80 I expect to be very busy with my studies. I'll do what I can. For those that care, please wish me luck!

23 June 2011: I dropped out of the third and final leg of my training (not on purpose!) in December of 2010. The curriculum was just too difficult for me, and I also found out I was pregnant in October of 2010. My lovely daughter Angela was born while I was in a hold status in April of 2011. As you can probably imagine, having a two month old baby makes it hard to sit down and write anything. I do still work on my stories when I can, and I hope to one day finish them.

21 November 2011: I'm now a stay-at-home mom, and while taking care of my little girl is a full time job, I definitely have more time now than I have had since I joined the Navy three years ago. I plan to resume posting on all of my old stories, as well as begin new ones, so please look out for that!

30 December 2011: Having gone back over all of my old stories, I have decided that they are once again on hiatus. I have not updated them in several years and am currently interested in the Fullmetal Alchemist fandom. I hope to one day finish them, but for the time being, all of my WIP stories not in Fullmetal Alchemist fandom are on hiatus.

02 April 2012: At the moment, I'm getting ready to do some traveling to be with my parents and my in-laws. I'm in the process of packing up my house to put everything in storage, and I haven't had any real time to write lately. Also, I've hit a serious writer's block. I've never actually had writer's block before. Usually my updates are so slow because I'm busy being a mom and also 'cause I'm a bit lazy. I have been working on the sixth chapter of 'Rain' for almost a month now, and I simply cannot get the chapter to flow. I hope to avoid abandoning it, because the plot's all there, but for now I just want everyone to know why nothing's coming from me right now. Hopefully when I get settled with my in-laws, I'll be able to focus more and overcome this horrid block.

Please look forward to it!


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Yu-Gi-Oh - Rated: M - English - Fantasy/Romance - Chapters: 18 - Words: 80,811 - Reviews: 155 - Favs: 152 - Follows: 159 - Updated: 12/30/2014 - Published: 12/8/2006 - Yūgi M., Yami Yūgi
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