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The split personality of Chiaki Nozomi (94608). She is a character in an original novel called "Silent Jealousy"

She was created to fund the Shadow Hearts: Covenant C2 community, Elysian Embrioderer.


Guidelines for Story Qualification

1. Must follow, include, or allude to Shadow Hearts: Covenant.
2. Must be spell-checked, grammar checked, and have some semblance of an intelligent writer at the helm.
3. If not a one shot, must be updated at least once every six months.
4. Popularity is not a qualifying factor. I do not care if it has a billion reviews - if I think it's written like crap, then I will not include it. Period.

Guidelines for Staff Qualification

1. Follow the guidelines and know them well enough to include stories based on them.


Pairings Preferred:
Kurando.Anastasia - Too cute.
Yuri.Alice - The first game was all about them and their love. To deny thier pairing is to deny the first game, or something like that.

Pairings Abhorred:
Karin.Yuri - They're mother and son for Christ's sakes! While I do read twincest every once in awhile, Mother/Son pairings are just not my cup of tea.
Karin.Nicolai - Can I give a huge 'WTF' to this? There's Karin's identity to be considered and Nicolai's status could hardly be called love. Yes, there was that one scene where he 'confessed' but I see that as a method of attempting to control Karin through the easiest fashion - "love". A woman in love is blind to all but her lover, and thus is the most effective way to control. An abusive relationship, in other words.

All other pairings are on a 'iffy' status. Do note that although I despise Karin.Nicolai fics with a passion, I will not exclude them from the C2 community based on that. Nor will I leave flaming reviews. As a fan of alternate pairings for other series, I will not act as immature as they do.

Manager of:
Community: Elysian Embroiderer
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