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Dear Royal Readers/Fan of mine,

Hi everyone, what's up? If you are taking the time to read this, then it means you have probably already read some of my stories! So, thank-you for reading and (hopefully) reviewing!

A little bit about Moi:

Name: Just refer to me as MidnightGriffen, Midnight, or Middy

Age: Old enough, lol

Gender: Female and proud!

Country: Canada (I was born in Taiwan though)

Appearance: Straight, waist-length black hair with some natural brown streaks and brown tips, average size and is still growing!

One Important Thing About the Author: I am a sucker for fluff! I just can't get enough of sweet, warm, happy romance! I just can't live without romance! Romance! Fluff! Sweet, happy endings! -squeals-

Top Ten Favourite Anime/Manga:

Hunter X Hunter (Definitely the best anime I had ever seen! Comics are awesome too!)

Vampire Knight (I absolutely LOVE this Manga! The artwork is just gorgeous. As expected from Hino Matsuri the mangaka of Meru Puri!)

Fruits Basket/Furuba (Simply adorable, cutely drawn, happy moments, sad, painful pasts and one awesome story!)

Ouran High School Host Club (Just got into it recently. It's just so awesome!)

Naruto (I like the manga more acutally, too many filler episodes and draggy fights in the anime.)

Card Captor Sakura (The Japanese verison, thank God.)

Hot Gimmick (I'm a hopeless fan girl who still wishes for Hatsumi and Shinogu to be together...)

Get Backers (A very worthwhile anime!)

Prince of Tennis (I just love Eiji and Fuji!)

Mamotte Shugogetten (It is plain cute and leaves you feeling all warm and fuzzy inside!)

Favourite Pairings:

Hunter X Hunter:

Killua x Gon (I normally don't support these types of pairings...but... they're too cute! But I only like innocent stories about them though!)

Fruits Basket:

Momiji x Tohru (Yes, yes, I'm another hopeless fan girl who really wanted this pairing to happen... They're just so sweet!)

Yuki x Tohru x Kyo (And yet again, a hopeless girl who likes this pairing much more than Yuki x Tohru or Kyo x Tohru)


Naruto x Sakura (I don't know! They're just cute!)

Naruto x Hinata (Ah, innocent love.)

Naruto x Sasuke (Like I said, I don't normally like these types of pairings but...)

Shikamaru x Temari (I love Shikamaru! And Temari is an awesome female shinobi!)

Cardcaptor Sakura:

Syaoroan x Sakura (Waaaaay too cute to not be together!)

Eriol x Tomoyo (Funny how they match so perfectly well, but neither the manga or the anime show any signs of this pairing.)

Hot Gimmick:

Shinogu x Hatsumi (I totally support this pairing all the way!)

Subaru x Akane (Heh, cute, clueless couple.)

Ryoki x Hatsumi (Hey, Ryoki is nice...some of the times...)

Get Backers:

Ginji x Ban (Well, there really isn't much girls to pair the boys to...so most of the pairings I like are slash!)

Kazuki x Juubei (They are so perfect for each other it's scary! If only Kazuki was a girl...)

Haruki x Natsumi (So cute!)

Mamotte Shugogetten:

Tasuke x Shaolin (So cute and sweet!)

Full Moon wo Sagashite:

Takuto x Mitsuki (Sweet and cute!)

Izumi x Meroko (Oh my gosh! I just adore this pairing!)


Inuyasha x Kagome (Heh heh, they're just too cute for words.)

Miroku x Sango (A perverted monk and a strong tajiya. I love the way they express their love for one another!)

Ouran High School Host Club

Hikaru x Haruhi (I adore this pairing! They're so perfect for each other!)

Hikaru x Haruhi x Koaru ("Besides, isn’t it every young girl’s dream to be held simultaneously by tightly bond twins?")

Haruhi x Hunny (Cute, cute, Kawaii!)

Haruhi x Mori (I don't know why I like this pairing, but it's still awesome!)

Basically Haruhi with everyone in the Host Club... (Sad, yes I know.)

Vampire Night

Yuuki x Zero (Kya~ So cute! They probably would end up together at the end.)

Yuuki x Kaname (I also really like this pairing, so it wouldn't really matter who ends up with who at the end '')

Kaname x Yuuki x Zero (Hey, I'm a girl who likes threesome pairings -shrugs- what can I do about it?)

Favourite Things:

My pets, animals, food, manga, and anime!

Favourite Things to Do:

Horseback-riding, drawing anime/manga, and writing and reading fanfictions!

My Pets:

2 in all: one turtle and my favourite pet horse Griffen.

Published Fanfics : 11

CompletedFanfics: 4

Incomplete Fanfics: 5

On Hold Fanfics: 2

Deleted Fanfics: 2

(I know a lot of people had been hoping for me to continue "The Flirting Game" but... I lost all my inspiration on that story. Sorry for those who liked it! And as well as "Pervert!". Technically, I had just re-written this and post it in my "My Sango, My Houshi" one-shots collection, and deleted the old one.)

Future Fanfics: A LOT more to come, believe me! But I really wanted to finish most of my fanfictions I have now, before I write my many new stories! And trust me, they are more original than the ones I have posted out right now...

Current News:

December 26th, 2006

No updates today, but I just want to announce that we gave both of our dogs away, a husky and a golden retriever. This means that I am feeling extremely sad and it will probably continue for a few days. I'm am not sure when the rest of my stories will be updated, but if I'm feeling ok tomorrow, "Horsing Around" will be next in line (It would be "The Warrior Princess" if I didn't have this stupid writer's block.)

December 25th, 2006

Merry Christmas, everyone! I wrote a new chapter for my one-shots collection: My Sango, My Houshi. Hope you enjoy it! Other updates for my stories should come... soon... .

October 20th, 2006

I just wanted to say that my dog, Minnie, had passed away today--two days after my birthday. Forever in our hearts Minnie.

Stories should come some time in... November or December. Sorry for the delay.

August 3rd, 2006

Ok, I have a confession to make. I was very disappointed and hurt when I found out that not many reviewed my stories I had worked so hard on. I know a lot of you were asking me to update, and when I did so, no one seemed to care enough to leave a little comment behind. So, I'm really depressed right now, and have lost all interest of actually updating my stories.

I started the chapter "The Warrior Princess", but decided to no longer continue it. I will eventually, but only when I see that people actually cared about my updates!

So please. Show me that you care by leaving a review for my two newly updated stories telling me to continue! As well as constructive critisisms to help make my stories better!

And to those who did take the time to write a review, THANK YOU!

August 2nd, 2006

I have created a one-shots collection today! It is called, "My Sango, My Houshi". Oh, and the story "Pervert!" I wrote before is now added in this one-shots collection instead. The story was completely rewritten so I really hope that this version is better and funnier. Hope you will enjoy it!

August 1st, 2006

I have finally updated "The Elf Princess"! So please check it out and review it if you have the chance to! I edited and re-edited and re-upload it so many times! Please review it! Oh, and by the way, "The Warrior Princess" should be next to come then it will be "Eternity Love!"

July 30th, 2006

I entered a dressage horse show today! I got 5th place! Pretty good for my second try don't you think?

July 26th, 2006

I have finally finished a story! "The Angel" is my first fanfiction and it took me a year! I guess I was just too into "Horsing Around", seeing that it already have more than 10 chapters while my other stories have less than 5...

Speaking of "Horsing Around", I updated it a few days ago so please check it out! And leave with a smile and a review!

One important thing though, because of my lack of development in my other stories, I have decided to hold off "Horsing Around" for now... or maybe still update it but making the other stories my top priority! Starting with "The Elf Princess" and "Eternity Love"!

Please feel free to check out my stories when you get the chance! And please leave a review!

Your friend,


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