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Name: Starts with 'M'

Gender: Male

Height: 6'5"

Hair color: Brown

Eye color: Green

Age: 33

Place of birth: Pennsylvania

Busy with jobs, busy with life, it's been three years pretty much since I've been around.



Blogs: they don't hold my interest.

Status of current stories given a new structural layout to let readers know what's to come, as well as progress indicators to let people know what's happening:

2012: Managed to update Parallels finally, I've been trying to do that for a while.

Coinciding (Stories that mesh together, yet are distinct storylines from the other perspectives)

Parallels - This secondary genderbender Half Prince story takes place in the last chapter of volume 5, but within the time frame that occurs between two pages. It starts with the introduction of an event in World, that produces a new character element to the Half Prince series. Later becoming the girl Angel, the meeting between the two becomes something memorable in Second Life history. But the details behind the events and why they happen are left for its sister story.

Reconnaissance: Eastern Saga - Follow the team Menace through the different lands of Second Life as they undertake missions set by the game Heads. What does this investigation have to do with the Game Creator, and what does Prince have to do with everything? This is the extended sequence of scenes that aren't seen within Parallels. As this story is mainly involving original characters, it will not have much Prince interaction with it, but a lot of theory integrated in.

Singles (Stories that are stand-alone stories, no sequels):

After Voldemort: Death of an Era- Something that will make muggles not seem as weak, and something that incrimidates Harry. 4/9/07 updated

Galbatorix - Hiatus for a very long time. maybe I'll never go back? who knows...

Memories- 3/7/09 - Chapter 4 is up. Story: One that didn't really get much publicity as a magical girl anime because of CCS's popularity at the time. Could do without the two dinosaur things... but I liked the concept enough to work on a continuation fic. (I didn't actually watch every episode... some were rather pointless so I skipped a bunch)

Obscurity: Sins of the Soul - 2/12/08 - updated

Providence: Evolution of a Dream- An extended sequence to the manga that will leave things more solidly concluded. Hopefully. The exact ending I haven't decided upon yet. If it goes how I want it to, there should be about 13 chapters. Recent requests for an update haven't gone unnoticed, I just need the feeling back for it.

Into Fire- I'm going to try my hand at a romantic piece. It isn't published yet, but the basic story outline is being worked on. It's most definitely an AU storyline, where all the ages are different and attitudes are mixed up. Here's its summary: On a job with his Photography Club, University student Li Syaoran sees something through his camera lens that defies reality. Who is the mysterious girl he saw only so briefly, and what destiny will hope to tie them together when he finally finds her?

Switchblade - An alternate retelling of the card captoring about an older Sakura (16) and her rivalry with Li Ming and Li Syaoran. While the two are familiar and carry bladed weapons, they are different in personality and ability... and she only sees one during the day and the other during the night. What secrets could the two have, and will she ever manage to collect the cards with their interference?

Prequels (Stories that are written after a first but chronologically happen first)

Retrosistence- (On Hold) This is actually the prequel that proceeds all my Card Captor Sakura fictions, as most of them are created by a time anomally within the later chapters, but none of that is written yet. I just like to make sure everything is connected in one way or another because I love continuity. This story will be the direct prequel of False Pretense when written.

Firsts (Stories with sequels to follow completion)

Everything You Hate - 2009 - working on it

False Pretense - 7/30/09 - Moved forward on this again, but not that much farther. I hope I can get this done with before I lose interest.

Hollowed Out-

TMM 2: Dark Rising -

Whispering Twilight- (Complete) All about the beginning stages of a prewar prevention program for Angels undertaking so Heaven won't be drawn into the third great war "Twilight" and the destruction it foretells that will come. But while Tomyciel (Tomoyo) tries to prevent it, Sakyriel (Sakura) the Fallen Angel may have other plans entirely. What side will the False Angel Syariel (Syaoran) choose?

Seconds (Obviously none published yet, since most of the firsts are unfinished)

Unto Twilight - With the path towards Twilight defined, preparations are the order of the day. Heaven, Hell, Fallen, False, and undefined ready for the coming of the final conflict, knowing fully that true victory lies with the very souls they wish to rule. First chapter almost ready.

Legacy: Era of the Spirits- Will follow False Pretense... eventually... in my distant future. Might be twice as long as Fasle Pretense. Status - Started, and random pieces throughout.

(something to follow 'Hollowed Out' here) - Status - Started.

(something to follow 'Everything You Hate' here Cross Worlds) - Sakura has survived the menace from before, but will she survive as the distortion creates a frenzy of new challenges and even more foes?

TMM 3: Untitled - Status - Started. 10/1/07 - worked on it a bit. (seems odd to be working on a follow up story when the first isn't even really started... but that's how I work)

Thirds (Follows the Seconds... obviously)

Bloodlines: Trials of the Soul - Follows Legacy. Will probably be shorter than False Pretense. Status - Also started.

No more new stories in the works. Everything is pretty much frozen in time.

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Leading into Vol 5&6 interaction with Prince, a scenario similar to his own unfolds with another gamer who needed to hide his identity. Now as a girl in the East, what fate will await when the two transgendered meet? Especially when they've met before?
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Card Captor Sakura - Rated: T - English - Drama/Supernatural - Chapters: 3 - Words: 3,978 - Reviews: 1 - Follows: 1 - Updated: 4/3/2009 - Published: 3/26/2009 - Syaoran L.
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On the road to the future there are many obstacles, but what we learn to treasure most on the way to the destination are the memories gained. Join 15 yr old MihoLala as she reflects on the past and adventures forward along the course of her choosing.
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