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OK! I know on top it says that i'll update my the end of the year... I'm so sorry... I'm attempting to complete typing this chapter by today! so it will be up by the time it is New Year at your side of the world since in south east asia, our time is like at least 12 hrs faster than yours.. ah so yeah! sorry! HAPPY NEW YEAR anyway! -1/1/2007

I"M SO SORRY!!! to those who read my fic and actually liked it! i'm really really trying to update! but... i have a major problem with it see! I'll try to get the next chapter out by the end of this year the lastest though...

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An innocent fifteen year old who just is simply misunderstood. I mean how many fifteen years old can battle demons, purify jewels (jewel shards) and handle the truth that she is some reincarnation of a extremely powerful miko and realised that she has fallen in love with hanyou? Being Kagome is not easy at all, people may say that she whines a lot or whatever shit but if you were Kagome can you even manage to continue a life like the one she has? Don't forget that she is just a fifteen year old raised up the way we were raised. For people who say that Kagome is ugly, should be the people tha likes Kikyou...Aren't they supposed to look alike?

Suitable pairing: InuKag


A beautiful, tragic,powerful, sublimemiko. I admit, i'm a weird person thatlikes bothKikyou and Kagome. I generally like Kikyou except when she goes all ' Inuyasha must go to hell with me!' Honestly, Kikyou led a very tragic life. She lived to help others, to save people's lives, couldn't fall in love (even though she did in the end)and even given the choice to live but followed the love of her life in death. How sweet is that? Yet strangely, i'm not much of a InuKik person, i'm more of a SessKik person. Some say that pairing is eew but i like it! Kikyou is a kind person that will always be there to help people, to save people after and before she died. For people who say that Kikyou should stay dead, i don't want to accuse you or anything but if one day your lover suddenly turned against you and gave you a fatal injury over something trivial wouldn't you feel hurt, betrayed, heart broken even? Then suddenly fifty years your being ressurected from the dead but only to find the same lover which you found out eventually wasn't the one who mortally injure you, wouldn't you want to make sure that that guy is dead unless how can you die peacefully? NOT to mention, your lover also fell in love with your reincarnation and vice versa? Ok, so in the end... Kikyou died, i know that, her death was tragic but MUCH more peaceful than her first...

For those who didn't read the manga following the series... Kikyou died. All because of naraku's twisted plan. She told Kagome that if Kagome wants to save her she have to find this bow and shoot her wound(the one Naraku gave her had re-opened). Kagome can't purify the wound because she touched one of Naraku's spider web which tainted her, taking away her ability of purifying Kikyou's wound. Kagome went through a lot to get that bow. It was mentally testing her if she really wanted to save Kikyou. In the end, Kagome passed and made her way to the dying miko. When she returned(understanding Kikyou much more now) the gang were having a fight with Naraku. A lot of things happen and the tainted jewel ended up in Kikyou's body. Recalling what Kikyou said, Kagome shoot the arrow.

With that power, Kikyou struggled to purify the jewel, she couldn't coz she was really weak and the jewel returned back into Naraku's hands with only a speck of purity in it. The gang went to a quiet place and Inuyasha carried Kikyou to a corner and they talked. Eventually, Inuyasha broke down and cried( YES. He cried. Not like the few tears that were in his eyes when he though Kagome had died but real tears streaming down his cheeks.) At the back, Kagome was crying too. She felt so helpless... She thinks that if she had more strength, had been faster then Kikyou wouldn't be dying. And so Kikyou died, the gang mourn for her death. Even Sango, who thought that Kikyou was going to use Kohaku's shard and practically hated her until she saw how she tried to save Kouga and realised that Kikyou would have done the same for Kohaku and didn't really want to kill him. Miroku too as Kikyou had saved him from Naraku's jyaki as he wanted to suck Naraku into his wind tunnel but due to all the poisonous gas, he almost died. And WOULD have died if Kikyou hadn't spent three days and three nights purifying it. When she died (she sorta vanished ), the remainder of her soul went back into Kagome and quoting Kagome, It is warm. And the soul collectors all flew up to the sky circling a pile(?) of light which I think is Kikyou's spirit. Then Inuyasha said it, Kikyou last words. Don't mourn... I'll always protect you.

So sweet, isn't it? She had two chapter dedicated to her death. This url is the only that is really on her death. Go spare a minute and read it yeah?

Suitable pairing: SessKik

ok, i will stop here for now coz this is the two characters that has the most to clarify about but i'll write about the others soon! I promise!

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Inuyasha - Rated: M - English - Romance/Fantasy - Chapters: 22 - Words: 46,484 - Reviews: 274 - Favs: 124 - Follows: 103 - Updated: 5/14/2011 - Published: 3/27/2005 - [Kikyō, Sesshōmaru]
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ginny and lily had switched bodies,resigning that they will be stuck in there for a while they now have to use their own communication to be each other finding out things they should never find out.in midst of editing chapters. rated T just in case.
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