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Buttons!! They has changed the buttons on me! DX

Me: Okay, a little more about ShadowFoxx15...

My Real name is Heather. (Last name not here to prevent angry letters.)



My fav movies are DragonHeart, Memoirs of a Geisha, all of the Underworld movies, all of the Bleach movies, Tekkonkinkreet, Appleseed, My Neighbor Totoro, Van Helsing, P.S. I love you, Definitely Maybe, Little Nicky, FF VII Advent Children, The Phantom of the Opera, Corpse Bride, The Nightmare Before Christmas, See No Evil, (Which, by the way, made me laugh more than scream... Especially the scene with the cell phone... ) and MANY more.

My hobbies include TCG's, TV(I'm a teenager, that's a given.), drawing my own manga characters, and writing fanfictions!(This is also a given. Why else would I be here?) I also enjoy reading big books, going to the library, surfing the net for random icons and pictures, hanging out on Gaia Online, and sleeping in.

I live in California. But, the reason that I am constantly using these huge words, is because I have a big vocabulary. (I learned to read when I was three. My mom didn't teach me, I taught myself.) The reason I decided to clarify, is because when I read over my stories, I think that I sound a bit British... don't ask me why, I just think I do! (Maybe it's because I insist on using proper grammar and big words. XD)

Things you can come to expect of me: Swearing like a sailor, suggestive jokes, random mood swings(All of the time, which range from little swings, like from bubbly and cute to a cute confusion, to big, like bubbly to utter depression.)More later. Lazy now.

My fav manga/anime/game characters!

Katsuya Jonouchi and Marik Ishtar from YGO

Sanoske Sagura from Rouoni Kenshin

Kurama and Yoko Kurama from YuYuHakusho

Vincent Valentine, Rufus ShinRa, Reno, Sepiroth and Genesis from FFVII (I am sensing a recurring theme here. But only because the bad guys are dirty hot.)

Lulu from FFX

Bart Fatima from Xenogears

Alphonse Elric, Roy Mustang and Jean Havoc from FullMetal Alchemist

Alucard and Jan Valentine from HellSing. (Alucard's a total badass, and Jan's so snarky he's cute. =3)

Fran Madaraki from Franken Fran. (Message me for a link to the manga if you're interested.)

Hikaru and Karou Hiitachin and Umehito Nekozawa from Ouran High School Host Club

Shia from Pita-Ten

Kakashi Hatake and Zabuza from Naruto

Byakua Kuchki and Renji Abarai (He's moody. I like moody. Now, leave me to my drooling! Nyaaaa.) from Bleach

Dante and Vergil from the Devil May Cry series

Jack Spicer from Xaiolin Showdown (not anime, I know.)

C.T. Smith from Zombie Powder

L from Death Note

Sven from Black Cat

Night from Absolute Boyfriend

Kaname Kuran from Vampire Knight

Kyo Sohoma from Fruits Basket

Haruka from Tactics

Axel from Kingdom Hearts II

Tres Iques and Abel Nightroad from Trinity Blood

Nicholas D. Wolfwood (He died! DX It makes me a sad authoress that he died in the anime and not in the manga...), Knives, and Legato Bluesommers from Trigun

Albert Wesker and Leon S. Kennedy from Resident Evil

Zero Kiriyu (Sp?) From Vampire Knight

Zell Dincht (sp?) From Final Fantasy VIII

Kyo from Fruits Basket

And Elliot from Mew Mew Power. (A.K.A Ryou from Tokyo Mew Mew.)

(There are other shows that I decided that I didn't have a favorite character in...)

There are many, many more. I seem to find a new guy to crush over with every series. I might put them all up here, but that would take a while, and I don't have that kind of patience.

These are My Quotes of Randomness!

1. Priest:(standing in front of church) Back to the void! Back to hell you creatures of evil! You shall not enter here!

Skeleton: Shhh! Could you quiet down? We're in a church! (other skeletons murmur agreement, and walk into the church.)

-Corpse Bride (Tim Burton is a movie GOD.)

2."But you're married to me! She's the other woman!" -Emily, the Corpse Bride (from the movie, under the same title.)

3. "Roses are red, violets are blue, you're ugly and smell like poo!" -Sticker in my locker.

4. #&!-me at frequent parts of my day.

5. "Sometimes, you can cry until there is nothing wet left in you. You can scream and curse, until your throat rebels and ruptures. You can pray, to whatever god you think will listen, and still it will not matter. It endures, showing no sign as to when it might release you. And, you know that, if it ever did, it would not be because it cared. -Written in blood before every thing went black."
-'Jhonny the Homicidal Maniac' By Jhonen Vasquez.

6. You are what you eat... so how does stupid taste anyway? -yet another sticker in my locker...

7.(Somehow we were talking about pet monkeys in P.E.)"Steven Hawkings(or whoever we were talking about) could've had a pet monkey, but instead he had a wife!" -My friend Carla, it was on accident, but it still was LOL!

8."In Texas, we have the death penalty, and we use it! That's right. If you come to Texas and kill somebody, we will kill you back. That's our policy! Right now, they're trying to pass a bill through the Texas legislature that'll speed up the process of execution in heinous crimes that more than three accredible eyewitnesses. If more than three people saw you do what you did, you don't sit on death row for 15 years, jack, you go straight to the front of the line. Other states are trying to abolish the death penalty, my state's puttin' in an express lane!" -Ron White, "Blue Collar Comedy Tour"

9."Better crazy than boring!" -My friend Raven(A.K.A. DrowningSiren)

10.“So it’s not fake then.. Well that solves that mystery. So why is your hair like that? Did you get struck by lighting? Did your hair catch on fire so it turned like that?
Edward shot out questions at Yugi making the poor King of Games slightly nervous.

“Uh..” Yugi trailed off, embarrassed at Edward’s sudden actions. Could you blame him really? Edward was acting like a immature 2 year old who just discovered fire!

….NO wait, that’s what Roy Mustang was like when he discovered fire! Let’s just say, no one was safe after when Roy Mustang had the power to control fire. Oh the burning papers and muffins! Oh the horror!

-panmotto(author of "Cold Alchemy")

11.(puppy pees on wall) Kain: Sorry, I guess that he's just happy to have an owner!

Hawkeye: (pulls out gun, fires it 6 times)

Puppy: (paws are up in the air(like a stickup)and whimpering)

Hawkeye: There, you won't do that again, will you, Black Hayate? You have a strict mommy now.

Kain: 0.o..What's wrong with you people?

-FullMetal Alchemist "Flame VS. FullMetal"

12.Sanity is overrated. (I got this from surfing the stories in YGO section, and this came up...LOL...)

13."On Friday the thirteenth, I'd be chasin' black cats, not the other way around!"-Me in yet another random discussion in P.E.

14."Who's driving this crazy train?" Yazani asked, still fustrated with the whole situation. Kitsune, on the other hand, was in a much better mood, at least, until Yazani had slapped her in the back of the head for raising her hand in response to her question.

"That was a retorical question." Yazani snapped at her friend.

"You forget, i'ma stupid ditz. You have to tell me these things." Kitsune responded, rubbing the sore spot.

-My ygo fic "Telltale twins".

15.“Why Seto, I’m hurt,” Laria said, her words lined with false sorrow, “Maybe I won’t make you host.”

“You were going to make me host?”

“Yup,” Laria said, “But only if your nice.”

“Ok I’ll be nice,” Seto folded.

“Kaiba? Nice?” Bakura asked in disbelief, “Marik, why didn’t you tell me the world was ending.”

-"Whose line is it anyway?" by LariaKaiba

16. “Hey we have another girl on the show,” said Atemu.

“Maybe Seto will stop kissing guys,” said Yugi.

“That didn’t stop him last time,” Malik muttered.

“Drop it!” Seto yelled, “All of you!”

-"Whose line is it anyway?" by LariaKaiba

17.“You will only get your soul, I mean voice if Prince Eric kisses you.”

“How’d you know about Eric?”

“My dear I know all.

“Really? Then what was in your lunch today?”


“NO! Human!”

“Bakura!” Erin yelled, “Did you really put human flesh in that Pea and Ham soup?”

“Yep!” he replied, obviously proud of himself.

“YOU IDIOT! I ATE THAT! Who was it by the way?”

“That’s for me to know and for you to find out.”

“Ewww…” muttered everyone who had eaten Bakura’s soup.

-"Crazed Yu-Gi-Oh! Fairytales" by Princess of cheese

18.“Excuse me, miss, but who are you?” Joey asked.

“I’m Bakura! All powerful and mighty thief king of the world!”

A random sandbag came down and hit Bakura on the head. “You idiot!” Erin yelled, “You can’t talk! Your voice was taken!”

“Oh, yeah…”


-"Crazed Yu-Gi-Oh! Fairytales" by Princess of cheese

19.Aww...SHMOO! -Me after getting a bad grade or discovering just how bad I screwed up.

20."Then a strange voice came out of nowhere, in response to Kairi's question. 'True, he would revert back to his human form if we killed the vampire that bit him, but I think that this has more to do with the fact that this "Martin Mystery" is the greatest agent of their rival, CENTER." Sam, Clover, Alex, and Jerry began to look around for the source of the voice. 'What on Earth...' Jerry began. 'Let's just say,' Kairi said with a laugh, 'when my brother says "Talk to the hand", he means it.' D just groaned at his sisters comment, while the hand itself found it to be quite funny." -My big crossover story: "Romeo's a Mystery, and Julliet's a...DAMPHIR!"

21.Malik, on the other hand, stayed behind. He squinted his eyes, gazing at the toilet water, as eerie music began to play... “You just wait, you bastards. I'll make sure that I destroy that wall. Then I'll be able to destroy the world! Mwa hah hah hah hah hah hah! Mwua hah hah hah hah!” He quickly turned to run downstairs, but instead, ran smack into the door, “Crap!”, and began to sob.

-A Chibi Story by Shashomiru-Hack

22.Ryou looked at Hack. "So. Why have you come here?"

"I have come to forge the secrets of my personal quest. The search to find the key of everlasting hope and understanding of my meaning in this world. For power in myself cannot be explained without the key to my past. I'm searching to understand why I have not already discovered my point of life and strange, unique abilities to understand and break the laws of nature and life. A core of pain, darkness and misery that lays upon my soul, breaking the barrier of love I never had. My hatred is strong and so is the darkness in my heart--I seek to discover if I really had a past and find the key to open the locks and chains on my wrists and neck to break myself loose from the bloody bondage of my pain from hell."

They all grew silent for a moment.

Ryou briefly broke it."You're lost aren't you."

"Bite me."

-A Chibi Story by Shashomiru-Hack

23.This was an "Are You Evil?" test. These are my results.

good evil

Well, you're kinda evil. They haven't reserved a place for you in Hell yet, but the leasing agents are starting their calls. (Sorry, no air conditioning.) We're guessing you find others' pain funny, your backstabbing knife is probably pretty sharp, and your sexual wiles have likely brought you enjoyment at the expense of your bunk-mates a time or two. If more than one of those three things rings true, consider yourself a card-carrying evil person. If you're interested in recanting the evil thing, sensitivity counseling isn't a bad idea. Or else find a more sadistic career, like a bouncer or a meter-maid. But hey, to each his own, and if your evilness fits, wear it. Keep reading for more evil details!

sexually evil

We're all slaves to our urges — some just more than others. Sure, you probably shake it a little to get your way, but you don't beat yourself up over it (unless you're into that, of course). For your own sake, realize that getting hurt sexually generally stings more than being burnt with your clothes on. So even if your pillow pal has a mean set of love handles, keep it to yourself. Just listen to that little voice in your head (no, not that one), and the evil sex thing will stop.

not passive aggressive

Okay, admit it — sometimes you'd rather avoid face-to-face conflict. Now, was telling us that to our face so hard? No. Being up front about any concerns as soon as you have them, rather than letting them build up and turn into, say, a tire-slashing incident, is a good thing. And it sure beats getting a reputation as someone with a taste for revenge. Sure, you probably wouldn't make a very good bouncer, but that's okay. Take comfort from the fact that, overall, we think you're just swell.

black hearted

Ooo hoo — you're one evil muther. Your heart is blacker than Darth Vader's helmet. For goodness' sake, next time think about that old lady's feelings before you push her down the escalator. And, really — you know as well as anyone that dropping kitties out the window to see if they can land on their feet is just an excuse to act evil. Yes, it's all part of being a free spirit who doesn't answer to anyone. Right or wrong, it's a fun way to live. But be careful — it all comes full-circle in the end.

My friends and I have found that this seems to be a bit of an oxy-moron. How can I be a black-hearted person who hates conflict? Simple. I become a mob boss! Everyone takes care of everything for me! Test at

24.After Kaiba and Roland finished eating at Wendy’s, yes, Kaiba chose Wendy’s, he had Roland dropped off, and decided to go home. He figured home would be the best place. “No crazy fan chicks,” he thought staring out the window again. They arrived back at the Kaiba Mansion in a matter of minutes. Kaiba gave his thanks, for like the first time ever, to Jerry, and walked to his big, oak door. Opening it, he called, “Lucy! I’m home!”

Mokuba walked out of the kitchen. He had got back from his breakfast thing with Marnie a few minutes earlier. Standing in the doorway of it, he replied, “Sorry, Ricky. Lucy’s dead.”

“Oh, God! Eh, she was kinda homely anyway.”

Mokuba laughed, like hard. “Oh my gosh! Bro, you’re not high, are you?”

“………Maybe.” Kaiba replied, looking around all paranoid and stuff.

“I knew it. I told you not to eat that brownie.”

“I know. But it was so chocolately…..”

-What the Heck Happened to Kaiba? by: La-Garce-Fille

25.“Okay, Seto. We’ll get a smoothie. Just calm down.”

“What are you talking about? I’m calm.”

“Yeah, as calm as a 5-year-old on a chocolate bar.”

Kaiba stopped. He actually thought about this. “5-year-olds on chocolate bars aren’t very calm, Mokuba.”

Mokuba stopped. Walked back to Kaiba, extended his right hand, and said, “Congratulations. You just had your first blonde moment.”

Kaiba thought about this too, and said, “No way.”

“Yes way. That was a blonde moment, bro. You don’t believe me, ask Marnie. You know how many blonde moments that girl has.”

“Oh my God. I’m blonde!”

“Yep. It’s official.”

“Hm. Oh well. Smoothie time!” With that Kaiba continued to the smoothie place, Mokuba right behind him. Oh, this is going to be good…..

-What the Heck Happened to Kaiba? by: La-Garce-Fille

26.“Good, cause I was about to say…”

“What? That I’m gay and think that Leonardo DiCaprio is hot?”

“I didn’t say anything like that! Man, Seto! What the heck are you on!”

“Good question!”

“Well, whatever it is, you keep it away from me!”

“But Mokuba! It’s good….”

-What the Heck Happened to Kaiba? by: La-Garce-Fille

27.‘A happy ending is never happy. It’s just something they make up to amuse the kids, like you.’ - xIsisx

28.“Did Mokuba give you an uber cool birthday surprise?” Yugi asked, not paying attention to the unhappy replies he was receiving.

Kaiba shifted his eyes and narrowed them towards his bedroom door which was cracked open slightly. He said, loudly, “No. And he’d better not give me any ‘surprise’, or there’ll be cut allowances!”

Outside Kaiba’s bedroom door, Mokuba sighed and walked away; dragging behind him the scary Halloween mask that he’d planned to surprise his big brother with.

“He catches me every year…!”

-Big Ships of the Navy by:Her Sweetness

29.Deep inside of Edward, he too wished that he was that carefree. Or at least had a group of friends he could count on.

No, all he had was the military and that was weird.

A muscle absorbed man, a Pyro Boss who shot fire at him, a family guy, and a woman who could shoot his head off.

Man did he ever attract the strangest people.

-panmotto "Cold Alchemy"

30.(Brother Gilbert shoots an arrow, lands in dummy's head)Hughy:Beginner's luck. Try again.

(Brother Gilbert shoots another arrow; lands in dummy's crotch.)Bowen:Brother Gilbert, (Pats him on the back.) You're a natural.


31.(Brother Gilbert notices a group of pesants being chased by nobility, shoots an arrow to a target, which makes a log come down and knock them off their horses.) Brother Gilbert: Pride goeth before the fall.


32.(Brother Gilbert notices another noble chasing down a pesant. Shoots another arrow, lands in noble's butt.)Brother Gilbert:Turn the other cheek, brother."


33.(Brother Gilbert mumbles about something.)Brother Gilbert:Oh, Avalon, do not think me a fool, for my quest is not for vanity, but is purely "spiri-tual". Spiri-tual! (His donkey(He's riding a donkey named Merlin.)fusses and bucks him off.)Everyone's a critic!


34."We all have problems, mine are just more important than yours!" -Sticker! Whee!

35.(I love Jeff Foxworthy's 'You might be a Redneck if...' jokes. And I managed to find ones that described my mom and little brother. (Little Sis later))


You might be a Redneck if you have a complete set of salad bowls and they all say "Cool Whip" on the side.(Mom's denied this one, but I wash the dishes in the house. I know better.)

You might be a Redneck if your mother can tell a State Trooper to "Kiss her ass" w/o taking the Marlbro out of her mouth.(This is Grandma Dorthy in a nutshell. My mom and Aunt too! But mom would have a pen 'cause she works in a local casino(She's a slot manager you pervs!)

Little Brother's:

You might be a Redneck if your last words before losing counsiness(sp?) have ever been: "Hey, Y'all! Watch this!"(Let's just say, my little brother is so dumb, he tried to do a Tony Hawk(Who rides a skateboard) trick on my little sister's scooter(And chipped his tooth :)

36. Ten Commandments Of Yu-Gi-Oh! -By: LynnieTHM

1. Thou shall not acknowledge “Duel Masters” and “Yu-Gi-Oh!” as the same show.

2. Thou shalt duel on each Sabbath/Spandex Day. (Aka Saturday)

3. Thou shalt respect their elders.

4. Thou shalt worship and pray to Our Pharaoh, The High Priest and The Hikari… Aboy.

5. Thou who worships Satan (Thief King Bakura) shall be considered a Thief (Like a Judas)

6. Thou shalt not glomp The Pharaoh or The Hikari more than ten times a day.

7. Thou must lick the bishee of thou's choice at least once a day.

8. Thou shalt not mention Yaoi at the dinner table.

9. Thou MUST mention Yaoi at every other table. (Preferably Puzzleshipping)

10. Thou who sins must be punished. Thy naughty offenders must feel the slash of the whip and the wrath of the handcuffs.

(Me:I luv the pink, fuzzy ones!XD!)

37.“Well.. Since you have been body guarding me for quite some time.. I decided too ask Seto to give you some money” Mokuba explained smiling brightly.

But for Edward, it was like walking into a lions den dressed like a giant piece of ham. And even if he wanted to ask Kaiba for something, his conscious would remind of what Kaiba has done for the Elric brothers.

Took them both out of the streets and gave them a place to stay, didn’t kick them out even after all Edward did to him. It was like Kaiba had an inner voice as well that told him not to do that, or a heart that felt guilty at the thought.

…………….Or maybe the only reason the Elric brothers are still in the Kaiba Mansion is because of Mokuba puppy-eyed look.

"All I want for Christmas" -panmotto

38.Pegasus wondered for a moment why everyone seemed to be staring at him before the knowledge hit him head on. “Oh, right. We need a topic, don’t we?”

Everyone fell backwards in shock that the man before them managed to forget another important aspect to the game. Mokuba was the first to recover this time. “Stop doing that, Pegasus!”

“Mokuba!” Pegasus shouted in response. “That’s not a very nice thing to say to me!”

“Yeah Mokuba,” Kaiba stated in a bored tone of voice. “It’s not Pegasus’ fault that he’s an eccentric old coot.”

“That ‘a boy, Kaiba-boy…” Pegasus said, shocking the taller teen. “You teach your brother some manners for me!”

The Kaiba brothers both exchanged puzzled expressions before Mokuba shrugged in response. Kaiba, not knowing what else to do, allowed his head to fall forward, but yelped in pain as it came into contact with the piano keys. Cursing loudly, he fell off the bench he was seated on and landed on his rear end on the ground.

The room echoed with Joey’s laughter at the misfortune of the aloof teenager. “Damn, where’s a video camera when you need one?”

-"Pegasus' Revenge: First Edition" by: Queen000

39. "...I won't help you."(turns and walks away)'That was dramatic.' (slips on ketchup)"That was pathetic!"

-Ash "Pokemon"

40. Misty: "It must be nice to have big brothers..." Ash: "You could pass for my big brother!" Misty slaps him Brock: imitating a sensei"Grssshopper had little sense, but a big mouth." Pikachu:(imitating Brock) "Pika, Pika."


41. "Thou shalt not meddle in the affairs of dragons, for thou art crunchy and good with ketchup."-Random bumpersticker.

42. "I'm mature and you're not. Nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah." -Yet another random sticker. I really need to stop spending my tips at the sticker machine...

My friends and I have discovered that many phrases can be taken the "wrong" way. I decided(along with my friend DrowningSiren) that maybe I need to warn the world about it.

Quotes That Can be Taken the "Wrong" way

1. "Carla! I have your pants!" -Me on Twin Day at my school. (The thing is, I was lending my friend Carla(A.K.A Yazani) some pants (That were really mine), so, to get her attention, I shouted this in the hallway, and got some really strange stares from all the people in said hallway. Plus, she wanted to kick my ass. :)

2."Hey, Kaiba, Yugi put the moves on you again!" -Joey during Kaiba's rematch w/ Yugi at Duelist Kingdom. (American Dub. Go figure.)

3."Hey, their ball's smaller than our ball's"- My friend Carla while playing ping-pong.(she kinda slurred 'ball' and 'is' together, and I thought it was funny. She didn't though.)

4.This next one is a general term. Whenever you say something and add "If you know what I mean" in a suggestive tone on the end, people are generally going to take it the wrong way!

5.If you take any fourtune out of a fourtune cookie, and add the words "in bed" to the end of it, it not only 1. makes sense but 2. gives it a WHOLE other meaning. XD

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