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I grew tired of being a lurker or anonymous commentor on here, so decided to open an account.

Most (actually, at the moment, all) my fic is MASH. I write almost only slash. For those of you who don't know, slash is homosexual pairings, usually ones that aren't canon. My slash OTP for MASH is Hawpper (Hawkeye/Trapper). There are two het pairings I can see working: Chargret (Charles/Margaret) and Tringer (Trapper/Ginger). I'll try to label my slash fics, but it's safe to assume they're all slash.

I'll write almost any pairing. When someone suggests something to me, I might write it. There's an interesting one I'm working on that resulted from an odd conversation.

So, a few terms I hope you know. If you don't, here are the accepted "definitions".
Slash: a male/male or female/female pairing, usually not canon. Female/female pairings are often called "femmeslash."
Canon: True to the book, series, or movie the fic is based on. Pairings may or may not be canon, but I try to keep to details and basics from the series.
AU: Alternate universe. If a character's gender, for instance, is changed, it's AU.
Het: Heterosexual.
A/N: Author's notes.
Hawpper: Hawkeye/Trapper.
Chargret: Charles/Margaret.
HM: Hawkeye/Margaret. I do not write this. In fact, I mostly despise it.
Hawkney: Hawkeye/Sidney.
B-eye: BJ/Hakweye.
Tringer: Trapper/Ginger.
Chawkeye: Charles/Hawkeye.
Klingles: Klinger/Charles.
Hawkcahy: Hawkeye/Mulcahy. It makes me a bit uneasy, but I may write it.
Hawdar: Hawkeye/Radar. Another one I don't write.
Haydar: Henry/Radar. Also not my cup of tea.
Hawkry: Hawkeye/Henry. There is one author who can pull this off, in my opinion, and I'm not her.

If there are any other terms or abbreviations I use, I'll try to define them in my A/N.

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