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I am a 20 year old Japanese gothic chick whose the biggest Alnel (Albel and Nel) fan out there. I make my own doujinshi, draw my own pictures, own my own site that has a chatroom, and design my own outfits when I cosplay. I'm very fluent in Japanese and English. I don't plan on posting any stories simply because I hate Besides, I have my own site that is similar to this place except different and better. I support other couples too but my all time favorite couple is Albel and Nel. I despise yaoi, yuri, and incest; especially -_- Fayt and Albel and Albel and Cliff. I don't like the Fayt and Sophia coupling simply because Sophia annoys the hell out of me, personally I think Fayt is better off with Maria. Yes I live in Japan, I'm married, and I have a beautiful son. I'm here to support StarOcean fans.

I've done 4 doujinshi so far called: Red Moon, Domination, Slave, and Black Roses. They're strictly Albel and Nel, its rated NC-17, and of course it has hentai in it. I'm currently working on two new ones called: "Sapphire Eyes" and "Ruby Kisses." I've cosplayed as: Albel, Uriko, Da Qiao, Bridget, Jam, Testament, Yuffie, Selphie, Sailor Mars, Ayame, Kikyo, Videl, and many others. I like lemons and I grow bored when I come across weak ones. I believe in kind/sincere reviews and constructive criticism; I'm totally against assholic criticism.


(sigh) I added more pictures...

I haven't been at this site for a GREAT while because some SHIT-HEAD who hates on the Alnel couple, (you know who you are bastard...) whose been getting some of my friends SO3 stories deleted, has got my sister's story that had 5372 reviews deleted. Her story WAS NOT breaking the rules and I am VERY pissed. I'm so glad I don't write for this site because its disgusting that the people who run this site allows such unfair things to take place. You can lose your fic or account for total false bullshit at this site and I have a problem with that!

(passes hateful glares at the asshole)

Here's some Alnel pictures for lovely Albel and Nel addicts like me...

(and I do add more pictures to this list)

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