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Author has written 2 stories for Patriot.

"Wenn mitten im Wald ein Baum umfällt und niemand da ist, der es bemerkt, macht es dann trotzdem Krach?"

I recently heard this line in a movie -it says: "If there is a tree falling down in the middle of a forest and nobody is there to take notice of it, will it cause a noise nevertheless?"

I should be glad to make a little noise with my writing that won't just die away unheard.

A big thanks to everyone who already has or will stop by and listen for a while to my "woodcutting". ;)

As English is not my first language, obviously, I've tried to find me some help with the translation. And on this occasion I've not only found wonderful people who share my liking for Jason Isaacs but I've also made some new friends, which is worth more to me than probably the stories themselves.

Tantrum and Tenderness

November, 4th 2007: I am so sorry to say that I've got kind of stuck with this story. So far I always took pleasure in imagining Colonel Tavington as the evil guy, who is just as ruthless as a person can be. But then I've read so beautifully written stories where he's much more endearing and I was lying if I said I didn't like that. What am I to do now? I can't make him kind in this one, but I feel guilty for painting him so black and have a hard time finding myself into the right mood for continuing this piece of work.

March, 11th 2009: The knot is undone. The evil Colonel is back.

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You are the Butcher, aren't you?" Tavington held her gaze, realizing that he had just revealed more than he probably should have. "If you judge people by what others say about them, well, yes, I am."
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